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NATO, Puppet Afghans ask why would Taliban publish plans if they’re real?

I don’t know more than they do but here’s a really good guess…
Maybe it’s because they are in negotiations and showing their ability to infiltrate even NATO ranks is a major card in their hand? The Karzhai Puppet Government and their NATO Overlords “liberators” say, predictably, that the document published on the Taliban’s Web Site detailing the plans for security at the loya jinga (congress, parliament) meeting is “forged”. Why WOULD they show one card out of many in their hand, one that says “Ha ha, we’ve got our people everywhere, including the NATO command structure”? Yes, why would they demonstrate their strength in a subtle way like that rather than acting like the crazed barbarians that NATO propaganda paints them to be?
Oh, and in case the point was missed… on a Web Site the Taliban maintains
But we’re supposed to think of them as subhuman inferior savages who are incapable of civil behavior. Suddenly it’s not very easy to look down on them.
Like the “Civilized” NATO StormTrooper Thugs who shoot babies and launch Terror-drones against people without even knowing exactly who they’ll kill. Real Ubermenschen, they are.
Part of the NATO propaganda is the Karzhai Terror Government is superior to the Taliban because he was educated abroad, meaning, “Taught how to behave like a White Person”. Of course, nothing racist about that.

Or the idea that the White NATO Liberato Overlord Massa Boss-Mans have to stay there because even their puppet Karzhai is “too savage”.
Perhaps the British puppet Raj was really to protect Afghanistan against the Turks, as claimed. Or, in an alternate and entirely believable scenario, the Afghans had stopped the Turks, and their social and ethnic predecessors the Byzantine Empire. And the Romans. Also the Persians, and even Alexander, conqueror of just anybody you could think of… wouldn’t even try to conquer them. Toss in Peter the Great of Russia. But of course even with all the attempts to break in and rob the country blind, and then come back later for the white cane and seeing-eye dog, they were “isolated” throughout their entire non-centralized society and absolutely NOBODY could have possibly learned how to deal with the “Civilized” conquerors on equal terms.
And, imagine that, they defeated all the previous empires while the British were still living in mud huts.

Mayberry R.F.D.

Spin off of Andy Griffith Show, with Gomer PyleSome of y’all might not remember what the RFD part means. It’s Rural Free Delivery, an incentive to keep the constitutionally mandated (ratified by congress) postal service available to the people who really need it the most. The “Heartland” the Wreligious Wrong like to pander, butter up, and basically abuse their name image and philosophies every election cycle. The ones their Corporate Masters have just abandoned by closing their local post offices as “not cost effective” and their Privatized “Texas Miracle” alternatives like UPS and FedEx aren’t going to serve. They say it’s “Socialism” to provide a service based on need rather than greed, and you know what? It IS.
And it’s one of the reasons Oklahoma was a “Red” state in the truest sense of the word, as in Communist, in the ’32, ’36, and ’40 elections. Henry Fonda, often criticized by the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe like Bachmann, Beck, Palin… for his role in the movie adaptation of Grapes of Wrath, an almost realistic portrayal of what the Corporate Theft which led to the Dust Bowl and the Depression were about, was unlike the current crop of Right Wing presidential or gubernatorial or senatorial or congressional candidates or the Propaganda Pulpit that defends their actions, was a war hero. So was Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. And, according the House Un-American Activities Committee, so were thousands of decorated World War Two veterans. Wouldn’t know it to hear pimple-in-the-asshole Rush Limbaugh tell it. Or anybody directly or ideologically connected to Fox News.

But, yeah, the idea of financing something simply because it’s Needed, that IS a left wing thing. So is recognition of the fact that the phrase “Am I my brothers keeper?” was the really lame defense of the very first fratricide.

So, let’s see the Right WingNutz go without something THEY need, which really benefits only the Wealthy? Socialism v. Socialite-ism, head to head in a Russian Cage Match (rasslin’). Cut off their Military expenditures and their police and courts which they and only they own. If they want to have protection of their stolen hoards, or to have other countries looted for their benefit, let the sorry lazy Rich Bastards and their Mommas do it themselves.

We don’t need Government services? Well, God-damn it, neither do they, then.

If they don’t like the idea of actually paying THEIR way, or me pointing it out, then they can all just line up and take turns helping themselves to a Texas sized all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass.