Wisconsin election close, but no cigar, if there was a cigar

The recall defeat in Wisconsin brings to mind Emma Goldman’s famous adage: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”
Now we’ll never know if a Democrat majority in Madison would have behaved any different than a herd of Republicans. I doubt it. Activists are patting themselves on the back for their partial success, saying the effort was worth it, which is the usual consolation for losers, and ignores the fact that many of Wisconsin’s present Democratic Party legislators already betray their constituents. Here’s another quote, by a Japanese engineering professor I had in college who used to say in broken English: “You build bridge. It fall down. No partial credit.” Imagine what he’d have thought of a bridge to nowhere.

1 thought on “Wisconsin election close, but no cigar, if there was a cigar

  1. Well, there is a concerted move to reinstate Jim Crow type restrictions on voting.

    Also public education, health care and other necessities for a society to survive.
    I wonder if the Ayn Rand activists actually learned anything about post-holocaust survival besides reading The Book. (and now movie)

    I mean, are they prepared to eat something that’s been laying around a day or so without any hint of refrigeration and is therefore not “prime cuts”? Slugs, worms, ants, maggots?
    I keep seeing references to harvesting mostly mammals, “Ah’m gonna take mah AK-47 and slaughter me a deer or two.” Bet they ain’t and thus, once they’ve destroyed Capitalism by implementing it to its fullest degree, they won’t even try to join forces with any “persons of Better Sense” like socialist communes, and actually try to make it without any collective actions.

    There’s a reason some of the best all-time survivalists in American history were members of tribes.

    Oh, and if voting with the pocketbook is any indication, the Atlas movie kinda “shrugged” and died at the box office. There must not be as many of them as they delude themselves into believing.

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