American caesars who want to cross the Rubicon with a Rubicon need a map

I just came across one of these in a parking lot yesterday, apparently the Jeep Rubicon has been out for a few years. This uber-alles thrillcraft sort of defines America’s sorry state of cultural illiteracy, wouldn’t you say? Julius Caesar didn’t violate Rome’s Posse Comitatus prohibition riding IN A Rubicon. Bad-ass as you wanna be, if your Rubicon is like the average off-road vehicle, it will never leave the pavement. Your Rubicon logo is just to remind one and all that you could cross it, if you knew where it was. The sorrier irony is that Caesar’s defiant act militarized the empire’s civil society and curtailed its democracy.

1 thought on “American caesars who want to cross the Rubicon with a Rubicon need a map

  1. They’re tying in the marketing of the Rubicon with marketing the “Call to Duty” fantasy video game where the object is to murder people. Many of the gamers modify the game to where they get extra points for war crimes like deliberately targeting civilians, places of worship, hospitals and schools… and shooting POWs.
    That was the one that came out just in time for Christmas presents last year. Wonderful way to celebrate the (not Bibical) birthday of the Prince of Peace.

    The “Home Front” edition was in testing at the time. That’s the one where they’re allowed to slaughter American citizens in America.
    With certain conditions of course, they have to “look” like they’re not “real” Americans. Black, “mex”, Homeless PEOPLE…
    The first time I read about it was somebody selling it (the game) on Amazon and making huge jokes about his tiny di… umm about using a flamethrower to “light up a hobo”.

    Way to GO, Corporate Amerika! Advertise your intentions to commit massive crimes beforehand.

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