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One thought on “If President Obama is not reelected, the US empire’s happy face is screwed

  1. If it is a serious question then I would answer that Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton can, along with the likes of other DP hacks like Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano, Madeleine Albright, etc. American ‘liberals’ simply are not that liberal and will accept all manner of Right-centrist con games.

    The US public is still lodged away very far to the political Right to ever be obtaining any meaningful political reform coming about through collective action. Apparently the general public still must get knocked much harder in their collective heads before they will wake themselves up from their own collective hypnotic sleep. When they eventually do though, the picture will not be very pretty. Too much sleep (like Americans have had) can lead to sociopathic brain damage and sociopathic behaviors.

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