Occupy Congress? Who is that really keeping occupied? You.

A number of my friends want to OCCUPY CONGRESS. Jan 17 Opening Day. I suppose every day might be appropriate to read our representatives the riot act, but doesn’t such an action perpetuate the delusion that our legislators ever listen? Proponents, Dems typically, argue “well, it’s the only system we got.” They say that about elections, about incumbents, and about Capitalism. Well, ours are the only lives we have too. Why piss them away on old assumptions, which have delivered us from absolutely nothing? A corporate-trust, inherited-wealth hierarchy is designed to outpace ordinary lifespans. Occupy Congress? Who is that really keeping occupied?

16 thoughts on “Occupy Congress? Who is that really keeping occupied? You.

  1. What you say is absolutely right on. And true to form, at the latest Occupy meeting that’s about all that half the group actually seemed to want to do, which was to march themselves into ‘their’ ‘representatives’ offices and LOBBY LOBBY LOBBY, as if these corporate crooks in political office would ever listen to them even just a wee bit???? STUPID.

    Gosh we have a lot of delusional folk out there still! And in Occupy, at that…. At least some of the Right Wingers that had taken over the local group previously, have now taken themselves away to cheer on Ayn Rand cheerleader, Ron Paul in hist campaign. But they’ll be back when he decides to stay a loyal Republican Party hack and back Mitt, the Mormon derivatives. vampire

  2. OCCUPY COLORADO SPRINGS is out there doing something! We are not just sitting around on the computer bashing ideas. Tony Logan you should try shutting your mouth and using that energy to take action!

  3. Yes, well I do take action and you try to shout it down when I do, don’t you, Raven? So what’s your beef with me? That I exercise that Free Speech you supposedly want defended?

  4. Tony, my beef with you is that you have nothing to bring to the table. You show up at a General Assembly only to say that you dislike Occupy and how it does absolutely nothing for you and your family. Therefore, why did you come??? Then the next GA you come to, again you have only negative things to say and you start attacking people. You are damn right that I am gonna shut you up, I refuse to sit idly by as you completely disrespect innocent people and attack others. I actually stand up for what I believe in, and I believe in respecting the flag, I believe in supporting the troops/ not the war, I believe in taking action to defend not only myself but others as well!!!!

  5. Tony, You are the reason that only 6 people are showing up at protests. In Denver I couldn’t even how many people were in that march. You constantly show up at rallies or other functions and deliberately try to pick fights with people. If this were my blog you would be permanently blocked. Why Eric let you back on here I will never know. You don’t like Occupy then stay away. Go to Mexico and talk crap to the police there or better yet go to some other country and talk smack to the soldiers there, I am sure you will get alot farther if you go to North Korea if you want to stand on a street corner there there and talk shit to a soldier there

  6. @ Raven, Don’t be upset with Tony, He is picking on you because he needs to feel big because he is compensating for something. Right Tony?

  7. Raven, both you and Ed show your basic true politics with all your personal nastiness and threats to ‘shut (me) up’ for my antiwar views, etc..

    Sorry, Ed, I simply am not headed out of America for you and little Ms. ‘Respect the Flag’ Raven. Instead of trying to protest with others against the starting up by the Republicrats of yet another war of aggression with yet another country, Iran, you two fools are on this blog trying to smear me up with your own personal venom because you two only seem to know how to be small small and very nasty, Rush Limbaugh-Glen Beck-Michelle Malkan type trolls. Both of you are discrediting the tiny local Occupy Movement big time by your behaviors now.

  8. I am not going to continue to waste my time with your ignorance Tony. I know exactly what is going on politically just the same as I know exactly what you are trying to pull. The things you say or argue are NOT anti-war views, even the anti-war protesters hate you! Your only goal is to try to start stuff. Tony I have watched you start fights with disabled veterans, with active duty soldiers, with American citizens who demand respect for the flag, with anti-war protesters, hell you even attacked Eric (whose blog you are currently writing on).

  9. Good, Raven. If you don’t want to discuss political issues with me that is your right to not do so. All I would ask of you and Ed is to simply cease with your ad hominem personal attacks on me. That’s not really too much to ask.

    Also, contrary to what you accuse me of, I actually have the highest respect for all US folk in the military who simply tell the truth about what that military is really about, rather than wrapping themselves in the flag as I feel that you are now certainly engaging in once again. I am turning 60 in a few months, and neither Ed, you, or any other bullies are going to be ‘shutting me up’, as you said previously was what you want to do with me. I simply am appalled at how others want to censor views they disagree with from being expressed. I thought that Occupy was to be a political movement against that sort of mindset, and I still do.

  10. This is rich – Ed and Raven censoring Tony.

    Be careful Tony, or your flawed socialist-progressive rants will be blocked – oh wait, only your pal Eric does that. This could get confusing.

    Please continue to attend GA – it makes the rest of us happy to know how effective your monkey-wrenching is at neutralizing OCS.

  11. Oh, what bs is now being spouted by you , Pubilious! The thought that Tony Logan has somehow supposedly neutered or neutralized OCS in some wild manner and kept it from growing is really rich comedy.

    Occupy has been from the very start a rather confused TEMPORARY alliance of many different tendencies with many confused and often opposing opinions, and the idea that little ol’ Tony Logan has some how played even a small part in encouraging the multiple and needless police confrontations that alienated many more mainstream people from joining and participating in Occupy is ludicrous.

  12. Tony,The thing that is Lucirious is that Eric let you back on his blog…..That was a Big Mistake………I wouldn’t call you a Socialist….I would call you an idiot instead

  13. Call me what you will, Ed. Some people call you names, too. It would actually be nice if you had a little bit more to say when you post than merely to say that you are so full of hate.

  14. wow- i’m kinda glad i didn’t get involved in this little waste of time earlier. as it is i was just here looking to find the ‘anti soldier’ blog that eric has been accused of writing that has apparently driven some folks off only to find the above little diatribe. lovely way to represent us guys- or for that matter yourselves. regardless- i would really like to thank you eric because even though i knew that you felt occupy congress was a waste of time, once we had decided to do it you were there in support and never said anything else about it. i appreciate that some of us can express our disagreements and yet still support each other. imo thats what will save not only this movement but our country.

  15. Some people always like to repeatedly personally pretend that being anti US government militarism is somehow being also anti ALL US soldiers, but that is merely a vulgar lie composed by Right Winger supporters of US government militarism, who simply see themselves as always always always being the strongest supporters of the US Right or Wrong militarism that pervades US society.

    These people simply refuse to come to any grips with their own personal roles in carrying out the destruction and murder that US troops collectively carry out in multiple foreign countries for the Big Business government they sign up to be GOVERNMENT armed thugs for. The US military and government does not defend Liberty and Freedom for ordinary Americans, anymore than it defends Liberty and Freedom for Iraqis and Afghans.

    Sure, there are some decent people who are soldiers in the US military, but that does not change anything about the role they personally play in creating a nasty killing machine of US Empire killers who have created a constant mayhem throughout the world against subject populations.

  16. calling people baby killers and rapists isn’t exactly the best way to get them to ‘come to any grips’ as you put it with their own personal roles in the military tony. in fact that just drives them away- and HAS driven them away. remember how you were a little upset with us about boycotting walmart because you have no choice but to go there? remember that you got angry at us? well imagine now that you are a soldier and you are risking the only way you have of making a living right now in this country by being a part of occupy and other people in the group start calling soldiers names and saying they are baby killers and white trash? what if when you brought up you were upset about us boycotting walmart instead of addressing your concerns about it i told you most of the ppl who shop at walmart are trailer trash and on welfare and they are a ignorant racist child beaters? how would YOU have taken that? did i do that tony? no i didn’t- instead i explained to you that we don’t want you to HAVE to go to walmart. that we are trying to change the system so that you have a better choice. how about you use the same kindness i used with YOU at that meeting t hat night towards our soldiers? have you tried that? instead of being abrasive and insulting and creating even more problems in occupy how about you treat others how you would like to be treated. just a thought.

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