I’ll see your Staff Sgt Robert Bales and raise you 15 death squad members

Everyone from the US Department of Defense to the School of the Americas knows it takes a village to raze a death squad, or vice versa. According to the manual, if you want to storm houses in the middle of the night, gather the male family members for execution, shoot everyone in the head, gather stray bodies into a pile, pour gasoline over them and burn them, then repeat the operation in a neighboring village, you need a death squad, possibly two, especially if everyone’s drunk. US forces have pulled off so many of these massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan, that it’s a wonder military analysts don’t recognize the Panjwayi raid as a textbook operation. If the official US spin is to be believed, and one drunken staff sergeant can do the work of 15-20, I’m thinking our entire NATO force in Afghanistan could be reduced by the same factor without jeopardizing US kill goals.

2 thoughts on “I’ll see your Staff Sgt Robert Bales and raise you 15 death squad members

  1. You are a little kuhnt. You could never imagine putting anything as a higher priority over yourself than seeing how many koks you can fit in your azz every Sat. night. He is a hero. You are a zero.

    The conflicted half-breed in the oval office should not have our troops there unarmed. You destroy your enemy completely as fast as possible and you go. Four tours of duty is three too many. Go phuck yourself.

  2. Well, Patriot, we agree that 3 tours of duty are too much, although I find that all 4 tours were too much. I fault the promoters of this tragic, unnecessary war. Bring the troops home. It is too late for some of them, they are broken beyond repair, case-in-point, Staff Sgt Robert Bales. Some have paid with their lives a price that was unjustified. Let’s try to save the ones we can.

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