Has the president offered you his bully-pulpit? Gun control is not your issue

When was the last time YOUR issue was given the president’s bully-pulpit? Yeah, the outcry for Gun Control is not yours, and this campaign is not for you. President Obama trotted up a Sandy Hook Mourning Mom TM to rally the nation for action, of the usual so that they will not have died in vain variety, although she said only that the children “deserved a vote”, code for, it doesn’t have to pass, meaning this national conversation about societal violence is more kabuki. And how. Strange too how campus shootings are proliferating like pipeline spills, except the media are allowed to show the gun carnage. Before we’re done, it would not surprise me if Sandy Hook victims are compensated like 911 survivors. MNBC has labeled this issue “Massacre Control” as if school shootings have anything on air strikes. “For the children” only applies to ours.

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3 Responses to Has the president offered you his bully-pulpit? Gun control is not your issue

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    What do you mean ‘gun control is not your issue’? It damn sure is OUR issue and the idea of controlling gun possession more is tied in with controlling the military and militarism more as well.

    ‘When was the last time YOUR issue was given the president’s bully-pulpit? Yeah, the outcry for Gun Control is not yours, and this campaign is not for you.’

    BALONEY in caps. Just because Obama gives some lip service to gun control legislation does not mean that we should be against controlling the proliferation of guns better in the US. Using this style of illogic, you would have us also be against better medical care and access for the people in this country because Obama has broached the medical care issue with his now adopted plan to prop up the country’s pay for service malpractice system with the so-called ‘Obama care’?

  2. Avatar George Lansbury says:

    Zero Comments? Now one.

    Well, Eric, here’s another one:

    You should be commended for your discernment and, I might add, courage. I say discernment because sound political analysis based on recognition of power-relationships is becoming rare now that what passes for politics consists mainly of posturing and sloganizing—“meme”-slinging. And I say courage because I am sure not a few of your readers expected from you the kind of glowing report published by the “greens” of the Independent, and must think what you wrote “deplorable.”

    The Anti-Gun molls hate the ham actor in the White House. So what? Even self-declared fascists hate the creep—perhaps more than anyone else since it must pain them that their superior Nordic brains failed to grasp the impossibility of their National Socialist Revolution being accomplished through a depleted billionaire whose daughter keeps a glatt kosher kitchen. Antipathy to the POTUS or, better said, BLOATUS, is no cause to endorse a silly charade that was, no doubt, from the start orchestrated to serve Imperialist purposes.

    Since your weapon of choice—apart from the Luger— is the blade, you may not perceive why current anti-gun propaganda places so much emphasis on on the .223/5.56mm NATO semi-automatic AR-15. That is because it is the commercial version of the standard selective fire military and police rifles. It is also the weapon in which large numbers of civilian men have been trained. In a revolutionary situation, one does well to use firearms of the same calibre as those of the oppressor. Until the drastic legislation of 1919, gun control in Great Britain was kept to a sensible minimum. What prompted the trampling of a traditional right of Englishmen was—as the parliamentary debates show—the ruling-class’ fear of Bolshevism, not gun-related crime. A special concern was the possession of military weapons by civilians. In 1940, most Britons realized this legislation had been a big mistake. In Italy, and, so far as I know, other continental countries a civilian is not allowed to possess a weapon of military calibre.

    Any sensible person should know that disarming the people down to the very last hat pin, as in Britain—and that is the ultimate purpose of this ballyhoo—will not prevent things like the shoot-up at the yeshiva in Florida.

    I’ve heard these people say that arms dealers ought to be held liable for the misuse of their products by spree-killers. (Not by military and police, of course. “They protect us.”) “What the NRA needs are some lawsuits!” But what about the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the “psychotherapeutic” drugs commonly found in autopsies of the carcasses of the defunct gunmen? What about the splatter-film manufacturers of Hollywood? The gore-game boys of Silicon Valley?

    The Imperialists, frantic because little brown men armed with stuff you can get at any gun show have delayed the establishment of Legree Plantations International, Inc., are increasing their effort to round up, pen, brand, and geld everybody within their immediate reach. Part of that is an emotive campaign against civil liberties. It has affected the thinking of both Left and Right, exactly as intended.

    Although Bush & Co. ran the Bill of Rights through the paper shredder, a few scraps personal freedom remain in the form of the 1st and 2nd Amendments. They must be defended. Is it too “Tea Party” to say that the ballot of last resort is the bullet? Or that Free Speech for Peter Brimelow is Free Speech for Eric Verlo?

    Let’s face it. The smug pussy hats who emerged from their gated communities to shriek inane slogans, dragging along their hapless offspring, value neither freedom nor social justice. The values of their class are peace, comfort, conformity, and “safety.”

    As for “safety,” I’ll take a hat-pin over a cell phone any day. But a gun is best.

    „Waffen in den Händen der herschenden Klasse sind Waffen gegen das werktätige Volk!“
    –Ernst Thälmann

    (“Weapons in the hands of the ruling-class are weapons aimed at the working class!)

  3. Avatar Dr. Hans F.K. Günther says:

    Reading over what I just wrote, I noticed the reference to “Nordic Brains.” No slur intended. R e a l Nordics are pretty smart cookies, especially Norskies. Or course Danes are not only smart, but also s l y. No matter, we Mediterraneans are the real geniuses.

    Once again, Blademan—touché!

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