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Congress protests public right to guns. No checks & balances for constituents.

I do like to see rule-breaking protest normalized, but that's as far as I'll go as an endorsement. These US Representatives won't call an official sit-in to stop war, nor to defend Social Security or heathcare or to end torture or war crimes, but they'll do it to abridge your rights. Until these MoFos sit-in to rein in the banks and the corporatocracy, I'll be damned if I'm going to applaud them for wanting to curb the people's right to bear arms. Take assault rifles from cops and private cops and the bank eviction posses before you deem it insupportable that your victimized constituents weren't granted the second amendment for a reason. What utter dumbass charlatans! Who needs assault rifles? The Native Americans could have used them. The Puerto Ricans needed them. Hawaiians. Central America. Our slaves. Every African American male. You privileged shills!

Mass shootings prompt calls for gun control, government massacres less so.

Does it downplay the tragedy in Orlando to point out that America's worst mass shooting, as many have called it, falls well short of the headcounts of shooting massacres which the US perpetrated upon Native Americans? Is it critical to differentiate lone gunmen from state sanctioned crimes against humanity? The first describes renegade racist lunacy, the second systemic. I find the conflation entirely useful. The atrocities of solo shooters spark petition drives to promote gun control. The tyrannical acts of our government against its subjects are reminders why the people fought for and won the right to bear arms.

Has the president offered you his bully-pulpit? Gun control is not your issue

When was the last time YOUR issue was given the president's bully-pulpit? Yeah, the outcry for Gun Control is not yours, and this campaign is not for you. President Obama trotted up a Sandy Hook Mourning Mom TM to rally the nation for action, of the usual so that they will not have died in vain variety, although she said only that the children "deserved a vote", code for, it doesn't have to pass, meaning this national conversation about societal violence is more kabuki. And how. Strange too how campus shootings are proliferating like pipeline spills, except the media are allowed to show the gun carnage. Before we're done, it would not surprise me if Sandy Hook victims are compensated like 911 survivors. MNBC has labeled this issue "Massacre Control" as if school shootings have anything on air strikes. "For the children" only applies to ours.

Time Mag trio wants to stop violence. Whose? Lone psychos not sociopaths

OMG YES. OF COURSE. STOP THE VIOLENCE. Wait. By whose pinheaded definition? "Too many children are dying" exclaims Gabrielle Giffords! But looking into the eyes of these posterchild sociopaths, you know they're only talking about domestic gun deaths, the collateral damage of our Western culture of violence. Time Magazine isn't taking us yahoos to task on football, rape, enslavement and WAR. These three neo law-enforcers are not talking about American systemic acts of aggression, one Sandy Hook after the next behind the curtain of this theatrical "OUR children!" frenzy, the genocidal capitalist global war on people.

Gun Control for weapons makers not users, for war mongers not hillbillies

I'm really not big on this call for gun control, mostly because it means to further restrict individual liberties, and especially because the outcry is a media induced hysteria of disreputable provenance, aimed at America's violence junkies instead of its dealers. Really? Is Going Postal the result of a citizenry not having laws enough to control itself? US prisons reflect a conflicting diagnosis. 37980

We need better gun control in the US

I just read that about 6 out of 10 Colorado residents are actually worried that guns might become better regulated than they are at present in a poll taken after the Aurora theater shootings! Are these people crazy just like the parents in the following news story certainly are? See Woman shot in back of head by 11-year-old son charged with child abuse -( ...don't answer that question PLEASE. We already know what the answer is anyway.)

Gun Fu vs Kung Fu, Martial Arts v Martial Law

And why Kung Fu or any other martial art comes out ahead. If you pick any one thing that's external to you, something that's not built into your body and mind as your means of self defense, you set up a cycle of dependence. With knives, staves, swords, and such it's the same story, only not as quick. With those you have to be trained to get enough proficiency to kill somebody. And the training actually makes you more proficient at fighting without reliance on the object. The Gun gives you a feeling of helplessness under a veneer of a power rush, you start to consider how it gives you one simple power, to kill. Not to defend, to kill. You begin to think of it as your only means of resolving great conflicts, then, quickly, as you descend into the mental Hell of slavery to an object, as your only means of resolving ANY conflicts. The Gun does your thinking for you, only, it's stupid. Literally without intellect. And why did you buy the Gun in the first place? Because you felt so afraid and inferior. "Self Defense" is the number one claim for "Why do you keep or carry a

Knowing that I’m somewhat of a fan of stupid ideas.

Hyundai has this commercial about how they're wanting the people to "shoot straight" to them. Ummm... given that the people who manufacture firearms, advertize on Fox News with fear tactics that if their loyal (but kind of dumb) audience don't buy lots of military grade weapons for the express purpose of shooting Americans, then the Negroes will run rampant in their suburbs, play loud rap music and seduce the daughters of privilege. Sons too. And bring forth the specter of foreigners, such as the Korean manufacturing concern which makes Hyundai cars. They also deny that making large numbers of guns available and using fear tactics to get people to buy them could have anything at all to do with the ongoing slaughter spree involving guns. Guns don't kill, stupid frightened people using guns kill. So maybe it isn't a really good idea to actually use imagery that "triggers" a certain mindset to go into a car dealership and "shoot". Just, y'know, sayin' is all.

“Bring your gun to school” day kills 12 kids in Brazil… 7 shoppers in Netherlands…

Yeah, the ones who keep saying that MORE guns will deter such crimes, they're on it already. Babbling their retarded shit about how a whole bunch of trigger-happy goons firing into crowds will somehow not get even more accidental victims killed or maimed. The God-Damn Army has rules about that, they've got billions of Man-hours of experience, collectively, in how to handle firearms. The NRA has its members sign a paper when they're granting you membership and taking your first months dues, swearing on your still breathing grandma's grave that you'll handle the firearms according to what are essentially Army regulations for safety. Don't carry a gun loaded. Period. Unless you're anticipating using it. In the Army they don't let the soldiers have ammunition in their quarters. The exception being in a "free fire zone" where anybody who is not Us is Them and are probable combatants. Keep your firearm secured. Locked in a freaking cabinet. In the Army and other services, it's called an Armory and they issue you your rifle and ammunition for the firing range or if you're about to enter a Free-Fire Zone. In Basic Training in the Army and Marines, you're to carry a rifle at all times,

The Original Intent of Guns in Schools

Since a lot of the jackass political hacks who feel that more guns in schools will actually reduce school violence ALSO believe that they have the "original intent" of the founding fathers, the mythical group of Holy Men anointed by God Himself to dictate the course of American history and laws long after they died... Let's hold them to their OWN original intent. 23276

Guns at State Parks.

Showing the preventative nature of lots of heavily armed people in one small general area. Two separate parties, attended by separate groups, erupted into gunfire in which 2 people were killed at a State Park in Washington. Of course the Elmer Fudds will insist that if there had been MORE guns present then other groups could have joined in the free-fire zone and perhaps every single person killed would of course have been a "bad guy". That's what happens in the movies, right? In the movies, though, Rambo took on first the entire state police apparatus of Oregon, and won. Then took on the Police and Military apparatus of the DRVN, a nation which had just beaten the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines... and in the movie, the Lone Gunman won. And then did the same thing in Afghanistan, with of course a little help from the Taliban. For fans of the various representations of the Shootout at the OK Corral, The Earp Gang were fighting to be the Official Police Entity in Tombstone,AZ and were attempting to disarm the Clancy Faction. That, according to the only member of the Earp Faction who survived long enough to write books and,

Be vewwy vewwy quiet… I’m hunting CHIDWEN heh heh heh heh

Maybe it's just a perceptual thing with me, but the Elmer Fudds among us seem to target kids more than grownups. The Church Shooter in Tennessee, The Museum Shooter who was aiming a school tour group, you know? What is it with them? Are they avenging an unhappy childhood on kids who might or might not be experiencing equally unpleasant lives? Is it just that they realize that kids are least likely to fight back? The latest incident, at an Expo in Indianapolis, ten people wounded. Apparently dude or dudette fired on a group outside a theater, then at two separate lone pre-teens on his way to gettin' the hell outta Dodge. The Gun Totin' Apologists will of course blame anybody who reacts to this shooting, rather than the shooter him/herself.

Ugandan bombs herald “Al-Shabab” Terror? group, U.S. Domestics hold record.

Is it new Terror Threat, set to replace al Qa'eda as Boogieman Number 1? Ewww... Well, three dead in Albuquerque "Bring your explosive-spewing dildo to work day" incident... Thus bringing the death tolls from the al-Colt, al-smithandwesson, al-ruger,and al-remington Terror factions up to eleventy-bazillion (only an approximation) These organizations are sects of a Satanic movement worshiping militarism, corporatism, and other forms of organized and/or purely random Mass Murders. Most of their victims, just as in the al-Buquerque faction Terror Shooting, involve friends, coworkers and family of the shooters. The shooters are recruited by the Corporatist faction and are usually frightened child-men who have been sold the ridiculous notion that arming themselves heavily and risking killing their family, coworkers or friends will make their Mental Health issues "go away". The numbers of Civilians killed domestically keeps pace with or outstrips the numbers of U.S. soldiers killed in wars. But these things make the bearers "safer". 18642

Teabag solution to AfPak gun shortage

TeaBags, Militia, Minutemen... get off your "Patriot" arse and donate your rifles to the Army. Uncle Sam needs YOU(r rifles)! You silly bastards say you bought them, and keep buying more, for the "defense" of America, right? Against OTHER AMERICANS of course. But the Army says it needs more high powered rifles, you know, the ones that you buy to make yourselves feel less pathetic and weak and victimierrr ummm.. "More Macho".(strong hint: you can't buy manhood... if you could George Bush and Karl Rove and Glenn Beck would have already bought up all the available supply.) My cousin Hank was assigned to a detail burning a warehouse filled with New, still-in-the-packing-grease AK47s in Iraq after GulfWarz One. 17310

The TeaBag threat

People who say they have an exclusive right to define the constitution of the united states, say that they further have a right and indeed a duty to KILL anybody, Americans included, who is "an enemy of the constitution" must I be Repetitive, why, yes I must, the Constitution that they've declared themselves to be the sole authority on defining, and the Mobs they incite chant these threats repeatedly while carrying Loaded, charged (round in chamber) firearms, that is a THREAT. 16611

Babykilling new Sport-du-jour. Update: No fatalities, lots of injuries…

Actually in French it would be jeu du jour which is kind of a really bad pun. But, in China, a day care center/preschool was the scene of a knife attack. I didn't read past the headline, sue me. 28 people stabbed, no word in the headline how many died, no word how many were kids. The motive isn't given either, but if it were, it would sound like gnarblsgnashsnarlwhipframdoodle. In short, it wouldn't make any sense to an actual sentient person anyway. I know the standard arguments this will arouse, I bet if I turned on Bile O'Liely or whatever twit is holding forth on Hate-TV and Hate-Radio right now I'd hear "See, if one of the kids had a gun it would never have happened" News Flash, China has Universal Conscription, meaning everybody in the whole damned country learns how to use guns at one point in his life. They also make quite a few guns, so many in fact that they sell them on the export market. Those SkS machine guns that are ever so popular up on Rampart Range, for instance. 16347

Cops feasting on the corpses of their fallen comrades.

The Pentagon shooter, and the shooter at a Nevada courthouse, had guns that were auctioned off by the Memphis Police Department. Stupid Criminals! They can get really high quality guns at the crack-house down the street, and cheaply, because a lot of really stupid citizens believe that having expensive and easily traded stuff like Guns laying around their houses will deter crime rather than invite people who want the expensive goodies and know how to break into houses and are willing to do so. But the Memphis cops, even after it gets their comrades shot, still insist that it's a good idea. They say it saves taxpayers money. 15460

I just THOUGHT it was another Columbine..

So, on the same day Pueblo County decided not to allow concealed handguns on Campus... (why would anybody even consider such a jackass move in the first place? Is America in a Downward I.Q. Spiral of some sort?) (Concealed Carry applies even if you have the gun on your hip...) But what I thought was a Kid Taking Daddy's Gun to school in his lunchbox, happens all too often... was instead a Grown-Up taking a hunting rifle to the school and just going student shootin'... "Be Vewwy vewwy quiet... I'm hunting KIDS!... huhuhuhhuhhuhhu..." 14954

Guns don’t kill people, people with guns do

"Finnish Interior Minister Anne Holmlund said meanwhile that police had questioned the suspected shooter the day before the attack after he posted a video of himself at a shooting range on the Internet, but they had not deemed him enough of a threat to withdraw his gun license." Finnish gunman kills ten in school shooting.   Of course if the Finns had a nice big bloated police force and military like us Yankees do, then they could really have a bloodfest and not just a drive-by or two. As it is it's merely Bowling in the Tundra.

Mary McFate Sapone aka non-profit spy

While Dennis Kucinich begins to shed light on the intelligence infiltration of civic and community groups, Mother Jones has tracked down a non-profit for-profit snoop. She's volunteer over-achiever Mary McFate to her gun control do-gooder colleagues, and Mary Jo Sapone to her do-much-badder private security firm and its client the NRA. Here's a prophetic snapshot of a running SolutionGal from her blogspot site. 4040