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Today kids are learning a valuabe civics lesson. Government won’t do anything for people, without a gun to its head.

OH THE IRONY. But Poe’s Law probably governs in high schools too. For the same reason irony doesn’t compute on social media: adolescent frontal lobes.

I don’t have much use for guns myself, but it’s obvious to me that when the corporate media gets behind a public issue like gun control, it can’t be in the people’s interest. AT ALL. Since when have even Big Dems supported anything righteous?

The news usually blacks out calls for social reform. Unless it’s the common people you’re asking to disempower, not corporate hegemony. Today the press is platforming the protests with live feeds and biographical highlights of the youthful petitioners. This is MANUFACTURED DISSENT. Nickelodeon suspended its television programming to accommodate, in essence, a protracted commercial break. A young person’s choice to “walk out” from school today is not rebellion, it’s conformity. To the astroturf. Get a load of the profiling of the Florida students, portrayed as movement organizers! Their role more resembles contestants for America’s Got Talent: the Protest Edition.

The #March14 school walkouts across the country only confirm the mendacious education our children are getting.

Gee kids, when you graduate, to no job, no health care, no environmental protections, no economic rights, maybe even no home, AND a leveled playing field of NO PRIVILEGE for any of you, you kids are going to need guns.

Congress protests public right to guns. No checks & balances for constituents.

I do like to see rule-breaking protest normalized, but that’s as far as I’ll go as an endorsement. These US Representatives won’t call an official sit-in to stop war, nor to defend Social Security or heathcare or to end torture or war crimes, but they’ll do it to abridge your rights. Until these MoFos sit-in to rein in the banks and the corporatocracy, I’ll be damned if I’m going to applaud them for wanting to curb the people’s right to bear arms. Take assault rifles from cops and private cops and the bank eviction posses before you deem it insupportable that your victimized constituents weren’t granted the second amendment for a reason. What utter dumbass charlatans! Who needs assault rifles? The Native Americans could have used them. The Puerto Ricans needed them. Hawaiians. Central America. Our slaves. Every African American male. You privileged shills!

Mass shootings prompt calls for gun control, government massacres less so.

Does it downplay the tragedy in Orlando to point out that America’s worst mass shooting, as many have called it, falls well short of the headcounts of shooting massacres which the US perpetrated upon Native Americans? Is it critical to differentiate lone gunmen from state sanctioned crimes against humanity? The first describes renegade racist lunacy, the second systemic. I find the conflation entirely useful. The atrocities of solo shooters spark petition drives to promote gun control. The tyrannical acts of our government against its subjects are reminders why the people fought for and won the right to bear arms.

Has the president offered you his bully-pulpit? Gun control is not your issue

When was the last time YOUR issue was given the president’s bully-pulpit? Yeah, the outcry for Gun Control is not yours, and this campaign is not for you. President Obama trotted up a Sandy Hook Mourning Mom TM to rally the nation for action, of the usual so that they will not have died in vain variety, although she said only that the children “deserved a vote”, code for, it doesn’t have to pass, meaning this national conversation about societal violence is more kabuki. And how. Strange too how campus shootings are proliferating like pipeline spills, except the media are allowed to show the gun carnage. Before we’re done, it would not surprise me if Sandy Hook victims are compensated like 911 survivors. MNBC has labeled this issue “Massacre Control” as if school shootings have anything on air strikes. “For the children” only applies to ours.

Time Mag trio wants to stop violence. Whose? Lone psychos not sociopaths

OMG YES. OF COURSE. STOP THE VIOLENCE. Wait. By whose pinheaded definition? “Too many children are dying” exclaims Gabrielle Giffords! But looking into the eyes of these posterchild sociopaths, you know they’re only talking about domestic gun deaths, the collateral damage of our Western culture of violence. Time Magazine isn’t taking us yahoos to task on football, rape, enslavement and WAR. These three neo law-enforcers are not talking about American systemic acts of aggression, one Sandy Hook after the next behind the curtain of this theatrical “OUR children!” frenzy, the genocidal capitalist global war on people.

Gun Control for weapons makers not users, for war mongers not hillbillies

I’m really not big on this call for gun control, mostly because it means to further restrict individual liberties, and especially because the outcry is a media induced hysteria of disreputable provenance, aimed at America’s violence junkies instead of its dealers. Really? Is Going Postal the result of a citizenry not having laws enough to control itself? US prisons reflect a conflicting diagnosis.

In tragic synchronicity with the Sandy Hook school shooting which prompted US public calls for gun control, a knife-wielding madman in China assailed twenty schoolchildren with no resulting fatalities, giving rise to perhaps the first time the non-Mongol West has ever thought it glimpsed greener pastures over the Great Wall.

My takeaway from Bowling for Columbine was not “Gun Control Now!” but the toxic volatility of America’s culture of fear-of-violence-mongering and its gun-ho idolatry. Michael Moore called for a stepping up to our responsibilities, not a surrender to dumbassedness. I hold our national arrested adolescence to be a character flaw of pioneer, frontier provincialism, an adaptation of the civilian contractor settlers conscripted for the Westward Expansion, shock troops of the Enlightenment which became the onslaught of industrial capitalism.

Americans are hicks –we celebrate it– who define our personal space with armed borders. For us it’s bombs not education, simplistic fraternal evangelism over scientific sibling-hood, our pretended easy camaraderie really armed detente: trust but verify. Because of course, American frontierism, yet unable to see itself as invasive, from Columbus to Manila Bay, has been imperial for as long as “Yankee” has been a pejorative; Americans blissfully, Disneyfically unaware.

America’s gun problem isn’t just domestic, it’s export. For gun control I’d like to see a ban on production, not consumption. Unlike drugs whose source is organic, the manufacture of weapons is a centralized racket, easily constricted and regulated. The “Gun Show Loophole” is a stop gap for small fry; let’s muzzle the beast itself. And if you think reining in the weapons industry is improbably Herculean, why-ever do you think now is the time for Hercules to dispense with his Second Amendment protection?

Just because the Right to Bear Arms has come to exclude bazookas or drones, doesn’t mean its intent was not to protect our democracy from authoritarianism. If anyone had construed the Second Amendment as a mere hunting license, Theodore Roosevelt’s national parks would have been seen as encroachments on our revolution-conferred sovereign’s right to poach.

Are Americans thinking that democracy is lost because we can’t have bazookas — that the Second Amendment is inapplicable because the high courts adjudge the masses incapable of self-governance? The “well regulated militia” has surely gone the way of the Home Guard or Neighborhood Watch Committee, as our civic nature moved from social to anti, but it doesn’t diminish the need to have minute-men insurgents to counter would-be tyrants. Obviously we’re not talking about Minute Men privateers to whom police departments can outsource xenophobic vigilantism. If Occupy Wall Street proved anything, it lifted the fog on America’s militarized police state. Public gun ownership may be the only incentive law enforcement has to knock before entering American households.

Can you doubt it’s going to take armed resistance to overthrow Mammon? The world is teetering on uprising and already we’re seeing a stalemate on the streets, between unarmed protester and paramilitary police, a draw which upholds the power imbalance between cries for justice versus patronizing injustice. Is leading by nonviolent example going to overcome the sociopaths squeezing their underlings for blood? I’m not saying that hopes for a nonviolent transformation are misplaced, but these disciples of revolutionary pacifism espouse the same religious dogma that always shackled, never delivered, common man. Factoring sociopaths into the norm of “human nature” has been forever holding back aspirations for a harmonious social construct.

Going Postal in China is demonstrably less fatal, owing to China’s mentally imbalanced having resource only to knives. How utopian to imagine a disarmed populace, those greener pastures being a hellhole of forced interned labor. As an open air prison environmental death camp, Gaza’s got nothing on China.

We need better gun control in the US

I just read that about 6 out of 10 Colorado residents are actually worried that guns might become better regulated than they are at present in a poll taken after the Aurora theater shootings! Are these people crazy just like the parents in the following news story certainly are? See Woman shot in back of head by 11-year-old son charged with child abuse -( …don’t answer that question PLEASE. We already know what the answer is anyway.)

Gun Fu vs Kung Fu, Martial Arts v Martial Law

And why Kung Fu or any other martial art comes out ahead.
If you pick any one thing that’s external to you, something that’s not built into your body and mind as your means of self defense, you set up a cycle of dependence. With knives, staves, swords, and such it’s the same story, only not as quick. With those you have to be trained to get enough proficiency to kill somebody. And the training actually makes you more proficient at fighting without reliance on the object.
The Gun gives you a feeling of helplessness under a veneer of a power rush, you start to consider how it gives you one simple power, to kill. Not to defend, to kill. You begin to think of it as your only means of resolving great conflicts, then, quickly, as you descend into the mental Hell of slavery to an object, as your only means of resolving ANY conflicts. The Gun does your thinking for you, only, it’s stupid. Literally without intellect.
And why did you buy the Gun in the first place? Because you felt so afraid and inferior. “Self Defense” is the number one claim for “Why do you keep or carry a gun?”
And, admit it, at least to yourself, YOU asked yourself that question. If you NEED Mr. Gun to defend yourself, what then will you do if you don’t have Mr. Gun handy and something goes down?
Most intentional homicides aren’t done in self defense. The vast majority of unintended homicides are pure accidents, accidents happen all the time.
I moved my bed last night and dropped the frame onto my foot. People die in swimming accidents, in fact Gun Fanatics like to point that out. A LOT.
I’ll go out on a stacistical limb here and suggest that probably most of the people who drowned last year weren’t actually carrying a swimming pool around in their pockets nor were they basing their entire self defense or conflict resolution plans on being able to pull a swiming pool on somebody.
Putting a gun in your hands, your car or your pocket (let’s get the word-play out of the way here, a holster IS a pocket specially designed to hold only one thing)
Being so afraid that you believe a gun is the only thing that can save your life, makes it more likely that you’ll believe your life is in constant danger and more likely to try to stave off that danger through the use of The Gun. Likewise depending on Armies, a million or so guns, not even in YOUR hands, to “defend” you or more accurately, to force people in other countries to negotiate business deals on YOUR terms and against the best interests of Their People. Think not? Consider this:

In Red China everybody is a de-facto member of the military either of the regular army or the militia. The admittedly Right Wing American estimate is that China has the ability to field two hundred million people within a day. Same in North Korea but with a lower number. Same in Iraq before the invasion.

Beijing is scared white of their own people, but not the ones who carry arms everywhere everyday. They’re scared of a Martial Arts religion, the current one being Falun Gong. A “Confucian” cult, Confucius being the European name of (I’ll draw the simplest line here) Kung Fu Tse.
Other Kung Fu religious groups include The Fists of Harmonious Righteousness, aka The Boxers. Who almost took down not only the (fire)armed Imperial troops but also the Germans, French, Portuguese, English and Americans whose armies had “Negotiated” a permanent presence in China, much like our “permanent” presence in the Arabian Peninsula, Indian Subcontinent and Persian Gulf.

Simple Score Card For People With ADHD: Euro-American and Imperial troops = Armed with guns.
Boxers = Not Armed With Guns.

The Boxers lost that round. Not forever though.
The John Birch Society says and might be entirely accurate on this one point, the Communist government coopted a people’s revolution.

But the people are there, and now have that government scared of people who do exercises in the parks.

The Heavily Armed government.

Knowing that I’m somewhat of a fan of stupid ideas.

Hyundai has this commercial about how they’re wanting the people to “shoot straight” to them.
Ummm… given that the people who manufacture firearms, advertize on Fox News with fear tactics that if their loyal (but kind of dumb) audience don’t buy lots of military grade weapons for the express purpose of shooting Americans, then the Negroes will run rampant in their suburbs, play loud rap music and seduce the daughters of privilege. Sons too. And bring forth the specter of foreigners, such as the Korean manufacturing concern which makes Hyundai cars.
They also deny that making large numbers of guns available and using fear tactics to get people to buy them could have anything at all to do with the ongoing slaughter spree involving guns. Guns don’t kill, stupid frightened people using guns kill.
So maybe it isn’t a really good idea to actually use imagery that “triggers” a certain mindset to go into a car dealership and “shoot”.
Just, y’know, sayin’ is all.

“Bring your gun to school” day kills 12 kids in Brazil… 7 shoppers in Netherlands…

Yeah, the ones who keep saying that MORE guns will deter such crimes, they’re on it already. Babbling their retarded shit about how a whole bunch of trigger-happy goons firing into crowds will somehow not get even more accidental victims killed or maimed.
The God-Damn Army has rules about that, they’ve got billions of Man-hours of experience, collectively, in how to handle firearms. The NRA has its members sign a paper when they’re granting you membership and taking your first months dues, swearing on your still breathing grandma’s grave that you’ll handle the firearms according to what are essentially Army regulations for safety. Don’t carry a gun loaded. Period. Unless you’re anticipating using it. In the Army they don’t let the soldiers have ammunition in their quarters. The exception being in a “free fire zone” where anybody who is not Us is Them and are probable combatants.
Keep your firearm secured.
Locked in a freaking cabinet. In the Army and other services, it’s called an Armory and they issue you your rifle and ammunition for the firing range or if you’re about to enter a Free-Fire Zone.
In Basic Training in the Army and Marines, you’re to carry a rifle at all times, but you know what condition? UNLOADED.
Carrying a loaded weapon on base, if not on sentry duty, like the MPs and SPs, is a Court Martial offense. And with good reason.
Even WITH such strict training and monitoring and enforcement they still have plenty of accidental and intentional shooting victims.
That bullshit with carrying a Big, Macho Machine Gun in a gun rack in the back of your Big, Macho Pickup Truck cab, with the thin, fragile window between your loaded firearm and any thief who wants to take your loaded firearm while you’re in paying for your gas or eating breakfast? Dead Stinkin’.
If you have an NRA sticker on your truck, like you probably do, that means you LIED to the NRA when you applied for membership. Probably didn’t take their recommended Safety Course either.
Not that they give a shit, they make plenty of bread collecting dues from Wannabee Rambo types and the more stupid people join, the more money they get.
So early this morning our time, 8 hour time zone difference, a jackass with a Machine-gun walked into a mall in a quiet Dutch suburb and gunned down 22 people, 7 of them died.

Earlier this week a nother Jackass did the same thing to an elementary school in Brazil. As usual when a Right Wing Fanatic goes on a shooting spree, the shooter aimed for the kids first.
Why do Right Wing Gun Freaks hate kids?

I bet every TeaTard and Republican is now rejoicing that 12 kids got snuffed there. I mean, hell, it’s Brazil, right? The kids would be those “subhuman” mulatto or Indian children. I bet the Racist Freaks in the Tea Party are happier than a hog in shit that some more UnterMenschen got snuffed.
And the ones at the mall in the Netherlands, probably Liberals, I mean, they weren’t driving Four Wheel Drive Gas Guzzling Replacement Penises or packing their own guns, right? Liberal pussies like that wouldn’t deserve to live. Sarah Palin is probably getting drunk on the Altar Wine celebrating right now. Did I piss you stupid sons-of-bitches babykillers off? God-Damn GOOD!

The Original Intent of Guns in Schools

Since a lot of the jackass political hacks who feel that more guns in schools will actually reduce school violence ALSO believe that they have the “original intent” of the founding fathers, the mythical group of Holy Men anointed by God Himself to dictate the course of American history and laws long after they died… Let’s hold them to their OWN original intent.

The cast of characters in their “Founding Fathers” morality play shifts dramatically from issue to issue, Thomas Paine is revered on Violent Overthrow but booed and hissed on his theory that every citizen should receive a stipend from the government sufficient for their needs, paid annually.

Unless it’s the state of Alaska paying people to live there in which case he’s redeemed.

Thomas Jefferson is revered on States Rights and on any grasp-at-straws pick one word out of one sentence and three out of the next maneuvering to force us to believe that he advocated a Church State, or that he contradicted himself on slavery v Absolute Liberty. He also in his own writings said that Negroes stank. Apparently not badly enough to keep him from having sex with Sally Hemings and fathering a child by her… Repeatedly….

So the O. I. of the F.F. is kind of suspect. We only have their writings which were intended by them to cast themselves and their motives in a flattering light. Also there’s the probability that their progeny “deleted a few files” to protect the reputations of Grandpa…
So, did any of these proponents of Enhanced Child on Child warfare ever say that the Virginia Tech shooting could have been prevented, or the Columbine massacre could have been, if only Other Students had been packing heat? You know, give the Murderers a free ride simply because the victims were unarmed…. so it’s the fault of the victims?

I mean, the Original Founding Fathers’ Original Intent can’t be accurately measured. They didn’t agree unanimously on any subject and even the Chosen Few who wrote the constitution chose to leave out the Bill of Rights, including that Second Amendment. And again, not unanimously.

And those who agreed on the first and disagreed on the second and weren’t the same groups who disagreed on the fourth etc… changed with each article and each amendment.

And unlike the current herd of Bozos who blame the victims of any crime for not being able to prevent that crime, they can’t be interrogated.

So, how ’bout it, Bozos, were any group of people murdered en masse, be it by the governments of the world or by “lone wolf” social misfits or by organized criminal activity actually responsible for their own deaths simply by not being armed heavily enough, what’s your retard pronouncement on that? “Brought a knife to a gun fight”?

Were the people killed at the WTC, another one of your favorite subjects, were they responsible for their own deaths because they went to work that morning? How about the mostly Military personnel who died at Pearl Harbor, weren’t they armed heavily enough?

Do any of you Bozos (my sincere apologies for anybody actually named Bozo or persons who portrayed the Bozo the Clown character) but did any of your Klown Kartel ever try to reason with your even More Extremist comrades when they blamed the victims of Virginia Tech and Columbine for their own murders? Did you? Or did you simply keep silent when they said stupid shit like that.

Politely chuckle about the “brought a knife to a gunfight”?

Did you notice that it was those Unarmed Liberal “pussies” you love to mock and portray in posters with a gun-sight over their faces,” ha-ha-ha-ha we don’t really mean for people to shoot you but we hate you enough to tell them it’s ok to do it”?” acts of asshole behavio… but it was Unarmed Liberal “pussies” who disarmed the “lone Wolf” shooter y’all “conservatives” with your so called “moral fortitude” sicked on them at Tuscon and the one at the Unitarian Church in Knoxville? Did that escape your attention or are you deliberately skipping over it?

I mean, knowing how you LIE about other shit, I think you’re deliberately concealing that fact as well.

Man up about it, bitches.

Come right out and say your mind, it would be a short speech all things considered.

Say how kids who get murdered deserved to die because they didn’t have guns. C’mon, assholes, SAY IT!

And, really really man up about it and say it directly to the mommas and daddies of those kids. Bet you ain’t got the balls.

Guns at State Parks.

Showing the preventative nature of lots of heavily armed people in one small general area. Two separate parties, attended by separate groups, erupted into gunfire in which 2 people were killed at a State Park in Washington. Of course the Elmer Fudds will insist that if there had been MORE guns present then other groups could have joined in the free-fire zone and perhaps every single person killed would of course have been a “bad guy”. That’s what happens in the movies, right?
In the movies, though, Rambo took on first the entire state police apparatus of Oregon, and won.
Then took on the Police and Military apparatus of the DRVN, a nation which had just beaten the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines… and in the movie, the Lone Gunman won.
And then did the same thing in Afghanistan, with of course a little help from the Taliban.
For fans of the various representations of the Shootout at the OK Corral, The Earp Gang were fighting to be the Official Police Entity in Tombstone,AZ and were attempting to disarm the Clancy Faction.
That, according to the only member of the Earp Faction who survived long enough to write books and, surprise, Movie Scripts about the incident.
The Earp Faction had been town Marshalls before, in of all places Dodge City KS.
That would be the same real-life Dodge City which was the fictionalized scene with a Fictionalized Marshal, Matt Dillon, having shootouts in the streets of Dodge, even though Dodge City had an ordinance from the beginning, sponsored by the Railroad interests who built the town, forbidding the carrying of firearms in the streets of Dodge City.
In the movies people fire machine guns at each other while driving really damned stupidly through heavy traffic and in a surprise development the only people who get even injured in the car wrecks and gunfire are first the Hero’s Girlfriend (standard plot dramatic device) and then the entire gang of the Bad Guy and then, at the end, the Supreme Bad Guy himself.
Instead of, you know, two groups of drunken idiots with pistols and revolvers shooting it out because they had members who were STUPID and had no training in Civilized Discourse and felt that being in an argument equated to a License To Shoot The Other Parties in the argument.

People, if you’re not emotionally stable enough to get into a shouting match without it turning into a Shooting Match then you really don’t need to pack heat.
That might sound simplistic, but it’s very true.
If the Elmer Fudd Faction wants to continue to be allowed to pack heat, they need to argue NOT WITH LIBERAL GUN CONTROL ADVOCATES but instead with the Moron Faction among their comrades.

Because the Morons are going to force the issue, get it?

Be vewwy vewwy quiet… I’m hunting CHIDWEN heh heh heh heh

Maybe it’s just a perceptual thing with me, but the Elmer Fudds among us seem to target kids more than grownups. The Church Shooter in Tennessee, The Museum Shooter who was aiming a school tour group, you know? What is it with them? Are they avenging an unhappy childhood on kids who might or might not be experiencing equally unpleasant lives? Is it just that they realize that kids are least likely to fight back? The latest incident, at an Expo in Indianapolis, ten people wounded. Apparently dude or dudette fired on a group outside a theater, then at two separate lone pre-teens on his way to gettin’ the hell outta Dodge. The Gun Totin’ Apologists will of course blame anybody who reacts to this shooting, rather than the shooter him/herself.

Ugandan bombs herald “Al-Shabab” Terror? group, U.S. Domestics hold record.

Is it new Terror Threat, set to replace al Qa’eda as Boogieman Number 1? Ewww… Well, three dead in Albuquerque “Bring your explosive-spewing dildo to work day” incident… Thus bringing the death tolls from the al-Colt, al-smithandwesson, al-ruger,and al-remington Terror factions up to eleventy-bazillion (only an approximation)
These organizations are sects of a Satanic movement worshiping militarism, corporatism, and other forms of organized and/or purely random Mass Murders. Most of their victims, just as in the al-Buquerque faction Terror Shooting, involve friends, coworkers and family of the shooters. The shooters are recruited by the Corporatist faction and are usually frightened child-men who have been sold the ridiculous notion that arming themselves heavily and risking killing their family, coworkers or friends will make their Mental Health issues “go away”. The numbers of Civilians killed domestically keeps pace with or outstrips the numbers of U.S. soldiers killed in wars. But these things make the bearers “safer”.

The Accidental shootings encouraged by this “Cult of the Rambo” are usually also the family or friends of the deluded Cult Members. Why exactly their Families and Co-workers are a separate group from their “Friends” is one of the Great Mysteries of the Cult.

Repeated viewings of Gun Porn such as “Rambo”, “Death Wish” “Die Hard”<<–(not very well hidden sex innuendo there) "The Green Berets" and just about any Historically-hysterically inaccurate "western" movie, especially starring John Wayne, in a not-very-surprising twist financially backed by the Same Corporatist Death-Priesthood who sell the guns, reinforces the feelings of helplessness and fears that would only be soothed by possession of more and more guns. The higher caliber and/or more explosives used in the guns supposedly, as portrayed in the Gun Porn Movies/video-games/Commercials for the Deathworship Priesthood, makes you feel safer and gives you a longer lasting orgasm when you Kill Other Human Beings.
It's a substitute for Masculinity. Telling the poor stupid bastards who are sucked into this overtly sexual Cult any of these details inevitably results in at the very least Name-Calling in which the ones who purchase lots of Replacement Penises question the masculinity of anybody who points out that the Cult Members are essentially not satisfied with or confident with their own Sexual prowess. This sometimes escalates into threats which are rarely carried out against the people who point out these facts.

More often they're carried out against other individuals, family and co-workers mostly, who for some reason make the shooters feel emasculated and helpless. Or blindly strike out at random strangers.

In other news, the person who opened fire on a middle school in a Denver suburb not far from the scene of another Mass Terrorist Protest Against Perceived Emasculation shooting had taken place (Columbine High School), who was wrestled to the ground and disarmed by two people who themselves were NOT carrying "heat", has plead "Not guilty by reason of Insanity" and been remanded to the State Hospital in Pueblo, Colorado for psychiatric observation.

The bad news is, the Other Members of the Cult are still out there standing ready to deliberately or accidentally slaughter Fellow Americans. As a "patriotic" gesture".

Teabag solution to AfPak gun shortage

TeaBags, Militia, Minutemen… get off your “Patriot” arse and donate your rifles to the Army. Uncle Sam needs YOU(r rifles)!
You silly bastards say you bought them, and keep buying more, for the “defense” of America, right? Against OTHER AMERICANS of course.
But the Army says it needs more high powered rifles, you know, the ones that you buy to make yourselves feel less pathetic and weak and victimierrr ummm.. “More Macho”.(strong hint: you can’t buy manhood… if you could George Bush and Karl Rove and Glenn Beck would have already bought up all the available supply.) My cousin Hank was assigned to a detail burning a warehouse filled with New, still-in-the-packing-grease AK47s in Iraq after GulfWarz One.

One of several. They put Willy Peter (W. P. = white phosphorous) which burns hot enough to melt concrete,throughout the warehouse.
For the longest time the Russians were practically giving them away, $50 to offset shipping and handling + a promise that you would use them to make trouble.

People sell them at gun shows starting at $200 apiece.
Usually, the Pentagon pays premium prices for essentially Garbage. Like the M16. I fired that one in the Air Force. Piece of Shit doesn’t do it justice. One reason was the M1 Garand and it’s derivatives, like the M14, could chamber and fire Russian ammunition. Which is a couple of microns shorter in the shell than the American .30 caliber. More or less. The shell is smaller, the slug isn’t. Bottom line, if a GI captured an AK in the many many many Non-Declared Wars like VietNam, Algeria,, Korea, etc.
It would be extra weight to carry around because once you popped off the remaining shells in the magazine, your Government Issue .30 cal rounds wouldn’t fit the chamber.

Russian ammo was a subscription-only service.

Part of the selling points for the M16 was that nobody else’s ammo fit it. You buy the rifles for an ungodly expensive price, then you sell the immortal souls of all your soldiers to Colt Arms for the Purina Gun Chow.

So, now, the Army in it’s Infinite let-us-buy-bullshit Financial Wisdom, discovers they need new guns. Those of you who bought Korean and Algerian era M1 and M14 rifles for cheap once the Army had Reduction In Force measures and dumped them onto the Surplus market, you know those rifles still worked and still DO work perfectly for their assigned tasks. Which is of course Killing People. There’s a bunch of Mausers, in the same caliber used by the AK, made for trade to the Spanish Civil War, you can buy for 25-40 bux apiece if you buy them by the hundred lot. Still work perfectly. The Afghans and the Pakistan traders had a field day with them using them against the Soviets. Probably about half the sniper rifles being used against the Invaders and Occupiers oops I mean “Liberators and Nation-builders” are of that grade.

Mauser, unlike Colt, NEVER made anything that was a cheap piece of shit.

The Army was paying (in 1979) $700 per each for M16 rifles new in the package.
Colt made a “killing” on them and by selling them to our “satellites” like VietNam and the Puppet Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi. The marketing line: You want Our Military Support, you buy Our Hardware.

Didn’t work for those WW2 mess kits, you know the ones? They were designed to fit on your web belt rather than any practical functionality. They’re an oblong almost ovoid shape instead of round, which would be an actually intelligent piece of engineering. The War Department also bought about 10 of them for each GI during the war. You can’t cook in the skillet portion of it, well, you can, but it will wind up making the GI chow taste even worse. Because of the shape, uneven heat distribution.

Soldiers in Algeria and VietNam would buy the French mess kits which are actually round. Thank God for a nation whose National Pastime is cooking.

The appropriate answer to “Who shit in YOUR mess-kit?” well, the War Department did. Before they were even made.
And the same with the rifles.

So, all you “Patriots”, do the Right (wing) thing. Give the Army your AK47s that you bought for cheap on the surplus market, and your M1 and M14 rifles you bought the same way. You got several Taxpayer Subsidized price breaks on them. Don’t forget to give them your shells. Purina Gun Chow is mighty expensive.

Otherwise the Army will do what they usually do and get Ripped Off by the “defense” contractors. Ripped off for OUR tax money.

You remember Taxes, right? The stuff you’re opposed to even though the Military you love so much is the main drain on Tax money? Yeah, THOSE taxes.

I plumb reckon, however, that you ain’t gonna also ENLIST or anything like that. How foolish of me to actually consider the notion that you ChickenHawk Losers would do something like that. You prefer to hang around in America, waving your machine guns and threatening American Liberals. Because your ChickenHawk Propaganda leaders at DumFox Noose Nutwerx assured you that Liberals are unarmed and also weaklings. Guess it’s easier trying to make war on people you think won’t shoot back, RIGHT?

Summation: You sorry bastards want a war, you want to kill, but you don’t want to give YOUR service or YOUR money over to the maintenance of the Wars of Conquest which benefit none but your Corporate Masters. So for the first time in your miserable misspent lives, do the Right Thing and send them your guns.

It’s the least you can do. Your kids will breathe easier knowing that Daddy isn’t going to get into one of his Screaming Fits about Liberals and accidentally (or perhaps not) shoot them.

It’s much easier to breathe when you don’t have bullets in your lungs.

The TeaBag threat

People who say they have an exclusive right to define the constitution of the united states, say that they further have a right and indeed a duty to KILL anybody, Americans included, who is “an enemy of the constitution” must I be Repetitive, why, yes I must, the Constitution that they’ve declared themselves to be the sole authority on defining, and the Mobs they incite chant these threats repeatedly while carrying Loaded, charged (round in chamber) firearms, that is a THREAT.

The TeaBags are led, organized and financed by the Bush-Cheney-Palin Cartel, cheered on by the CheneyBush Corporation’s Propaganda Division, Fox News and Clear Channel, and the specific threats they have made include targeting the President of the United States, any Senators or Representatives who defy Their Royal Decree that there be absolutely no Health Care, Environmental, Workplace Safety, Energy, Financial or War Powers reforms. And the broader general threat is against anybody who does not join them in condemning the Democratic Party outright.

That’s a very real threat. The mobs they incite carry and display loaded, charged firearms within range of (from our local perspective of their favorite gathering place, Acacia Park) roughly a quarter of the population of Colorado Springs.

Modern firearms have a range of about 2 miles even if they’re not precisely aimed there. Within that two mile radius are about 10 public schools, 5 private schools, 30 or more churches, each with a day care center, about 3 dozen more day care facilities, City Hall, the main Police Station, shopping centers, the City Bus terminal, and not only Acacia Park, also America The Beautiful Park, several others, hospitals, Nursing homes, the college.

Everything within this circle is a potential stopping place for a bullet discharged from Acacia Park.

Some of the Rightards have these bumper stickers and tee-shirts that say “Gun Control means hitting what you’re aiming at”. They get them from the NRA. An organization that aside from collecting dues from them, and providing propaganda for them, actually has Safety Rules. Like, don’t load your firearm until you’re ready to use it, don’t fire into crowds, (a quarter of the city population is a LARGE crowd) or for that matter at people in general, don’t point your weapon in the direction of people, which, again, would be everybody within that circle, don’t chamber a round until you’re ready to fire, keep the safety on.

How many of them actually follow the rules set by Their Own Organization? The statistics on Accidental Shootings in the United States give a fair estimate…

In 2002, there were 30,242 firearm-related deaths in the United States, including 17,108 (57%) suicides, 12,129 (40%) homicides (including 300 deaths due to legal intervention/war), and 1,005 (3%) undetermined/unintentional firearm deaths.
CDC/National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 53, No. 5, October 12, 2004, p.77.

For those with short attention spans or other reading difficulties, 300 of the 30,242 gunshot deaths in 2002, America were actually adjudicated as “self defense”
3 and a half times that were Accidental and the rest were murders and suicides.

More than 700 women every year are shot and killed as victims of domestic violence in the United States, representing 20% of all female homicide victims.
Homicide Trends in the US. Intimate homicide and Homicides by relationship and weapon type. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2002.

For those TeaBags and other Racists who insist that “Honor Killings” are only done by Muslims.
Ladies, how safe do YOU feel with both an insecure Husband and an unsecured Firearm in YOUR house?

Injuries from fierarms, non lethal…

In the United States, more than 16 cases of nonfatal, unintentional gunshot injuries occur for every unintentional shooting death; nonfatal firearm assaults outnumber gun homicides by a ratio of 4:1. In contrast, firearm suicide attempts result in death in approximately 85% of cases.

Kellermann AL and Waeckerle JF. Preventing Firearm Injuries. Ann Emerg Med July 1998; 32:77-79.

16,000 accidental gunshot wounds. 50,000 intentionally inflicted wounds.

And there’s no statistics on how many times a firearm goes off accidentally and doesn’t actually hit somebody.
I shot a bullet
into the air
it fell to earth
I know not where.

So, WHO, exactly, within that circle, isn’t threatened when the Hate-Filled TeaBags are there with their guns?

But it’s “paranoid and delusional” to think in those terms according to one of our frequent detractors.

One of the divisions of their Hatred Corporation is called the “Minutemen” and are as the name implies, always ready to start discharging their firearms at a moment’s notice. They’ve also pushed their way into getting a state law passed in a Neighboring Arizona state that will Arizona remain nameless Arizona, which effectively makes it illegal to be non-Anglo or non-white, and boast publicly that they have an angle on 11 other states for similar statutes. Including Colorado.

They’ve also demonstrated their casual disregard for human lives, even those of American Citizens, have committed several murders the most noted one being a nine-year-old girl in Arizona. Far from censuring or attempting to disband these Rogue Racists as the threat to public safety that they actually are, the police in Colorado and Arizona and Texas actually encourage them.

That’s far from harmless, and it’s not Paranoid or Delusional to point out that they’re not harmless.

Babykilling new Sport-du-jour. Update: No fatalities, lots of injuries…

Actually in French it would be jeu du jour which is kind of a really bad pun.
But, in China, a day care center/preschool was the scene of a knife attack.
I didn’t read past the headline, sue me. 28 people stabbed, no word in the headline how many died, no word how many were kids.
The motive isn’t given either, but if it were, it would sound like gnarblsgnashsnarlwhipframdoodle.
In short, it wouldn’t make any sense to an actual sentient person anyway.
I know the standard arguments this will arouse, I bet if I turned on Bile O’Liely or whatever twit is holding forth on Hate-TV and Hate-Radio right now I’d hear “See, if one of the kids had a gun it would never have happened”
News Flash, China has Universal Conscription, meaning everybody in the whole damned country learns how to use guns at one point in his life. They also make quite a few guns, so many in fact that they sell them on the export market. Those SkS machine guns that are ever so popular up on Rampart Range, for instance.

“See, even a knife can be used as a weapon of mass murder”. Well, sure. And if the guy had taken in one of those readily available black-market firearms and some spare magazines he probably would have killed quite a few little kids. And they probably wouldn’t have stopped his shooting spree as readily as they stopped his Stabbing Spree.

OR, maybe it could have been stopped. The Gun Lobby Morons don’t make much mention of this, but when GoofBall Adkisson decided to go all Elmer Fudd (be vewwy vewwy quiet, I’m hunting Wibewwals heh heh heh heh heh) on a church in Tennessee he was the ONLY one in the church with a gun. An Alley Sweeper. Automatic 12guage shotgun wit magazine feeds.
He, too, was targeting the kiddoes. Killed to adults who were an order of magnitude more MAN than he could even fantasize about being, unarmed, Liberals, one of them a retired Marine. Stepped in front of the muzzle which was aimed at the children of the church.

The “upshot” (don’t you just love it when appropriate words exist?) of the deal was the Same Gun Freaks who say that More Guns in schools would prevent crime, filled his nasty pointed little head with the notion that Liberals were Pussies and if he pointed a gun at them they would fold up like laundry, beg and plead with him not to shoot them….

Marvelous things, those Shooter’s Manifesto devices.
And who did he get the idea from? Right Wing Hate Speech shows on Television and Radio (newspapers don’t count, it would mean having to actually read something besides the television schedule for next sunday)

AAAAAANNNNNNDDDD… in China there’s a death penalty. And another fellow was executed recently for killing 8 children in a stabbing spree. Unlike Texas, for instance, where they NEVER execute people who are obviously insane or mentally retarded. Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

So apparently, none of the things the Wreligious Wrong tell us here in the States that would “Make America Safer”, all of which are implemented in China, would do one hell of a lot of good.

The British had a term for the type of “insanity” caused by rapid total immersion into a foreign culture, “gone native”. By WW2 it was often called “going Asiatic” because supposedly the Chinese and other Asian cultures were so completely foreign to a Western Mind that the westerner would be driven mad.

That IS one reason cited for the violence in China. That the people have been uprooted from their own culture and force-fed Ours.
Maybe they’re right, and it won’t be too long now there will be incidents of somebody driving an SUV into a Luby’s Restaurant window and jumping out, and spraying bullets all over the place. Like was done in Killeen Texas.

Then, and ONLY then, will they have reached Our Sacred Level of culture and sophistication.

Cops feasting on the corpses of their fallen comrades.

The Pentagon shooter, and the shooter at a Nevada courthouse, had guns that were auctioned off by the Memphis Police Department.
Stupid Criminals! They can get really high quality guns at the crack-house down the street, and cheaply, because a lot of really stupid citizens believe that having expensive and easily traded stuff like Guns laying around their houses will deter crime rather than invite people who want the expensive goodies and know how to break into houses and are willing to do so.
But the Memphis cops, even after it gets their comrades shot, still insist that it’s a good idea. They say it saves taxpayers money.

“You can see them
out for dinner
with their piggy wives
clutching forks and knives
to Eat the Bacon”

You know, if guns aren’t outlawed, ALL the outlaws will have guns.

Oh, and the Memphis Police spokesman, the one who DEFENDS this as a money saving deal, How much of that money made its bloodstained way into HIS pockets?

How many of these “Police Auction” guns have managed to kill Citizens, you know, the ones the Police say they protect?

We only hear about two cop-shooting incidents, what about the others? How many of them are in the hands of dangerous Idiots like the Tea Party or the Minutemen? Could it be that the guns used to slaughter the AMERICAN Child Briseña Flores, age 9 of Arivaca AZ and her AMERICAN father…came from similar actions, rather than from the MinuteMurderers using stolen guns bought at the same Crack-house where they bought their dope?

The MinuteFreak leader who pulled the trigger on young Briseña Flores, age 9, DID in fact mention that their motive for invading the Flores Home and shooting the family, two of them (and especially Briseña Flores, age 9) Fatally, was they hoped to find large amounts of drugs, money and guns which they could take and use for their little old Anti-American Terror Spree.

That’s significant because, really, there’s not a lick of difference between that and what the Memphis Police are doing.

Again, just because it’s really damned important to note this, Are the Memphis Cop guns being used in anti-American Babykilling like the murder of Briseña Flores, age 9 of Arivaca AZ?

I like pointing out the disgusting hypocrisy of the Baby-Killing so-called “conservatives” especially since they object so strongly to being called “babykillers”. If they object to it so much they could, you know, just quit killing Kids.

Of course, and you Simply KNEW there would be an “of course”, that would mean ending their Baby-killing wars for profit and their Baby-killing opposition to Health Care.

I just THOUGHT it was another Columbine..

So, on the same day Pueblo County decided not to allow concealed handguns on Campus… (why would anybody even consider such a jackass move in the first place? Is America in a Downward I.Q. Spiral of some sort?) (Concealed Carry applies even if you have the gun on your hip…)
But what I thought was a Kid Taking Daddy’s Gun to school in his lunchbox, happens all too often… was instead a Grown-Up taking a hunting rifle to the school and just going student shootin’… “Be Vewwy vewwy quiet… I’m hunting KIDS!… huhuhuhhuhhuhhu…”

The Real-life Elmer Fudd, who is identified as a 32 year old man. even if they switched suspects somewhere the camera shows a fully grown adult male with a rifle… shooting kids as they left the school.

Back to the Pueblo County measure, they voted down, unanimously, an idea that was so spectacularly stupid it belongs in a Museum for Demented Stupid Concepts.

They’ll still get to carry tasers, mace and pepper spray.
Sure, taser somebody whose physical condition you don’t know, you don’t have any idea where to taser somebody without killing even a Healthy Individual, or maybe pop out the Chemical Weapons in an enclosed space where it’s almost guaranteed that at least one person is going to have breathing problems.

Those are simply Wonderful Ideas too.

Between exhaust fumes and industrial smog and the self inflicted woes of Cigarettes, kids born in the past 30 years have such a high incidence of asthma and related disorders the presence of somebody who’s gasping for air to begin with is a given.

Guns don’t kill people, people with guns do

guns“Finnish Interior Minister Anne Holmlund said meanwhile that police had questioned the suspected shooter the day before the attack after he posted a video of himself at a shooting range on the Internet, but they had not deemed him enough of a threat to withdraw his gun license.” Finnish gunman kills ten in school shooting.
Of course if the Finns had a nice big bloated police force and military like us Yankees do, then they could really have a bloodfest and not just a drive-by or two. As it is it’s merely Bowling in the Tundra.

Mary McFate Sapone aka non-profit spy

Aka Mary Sapone McFateWhile Dennis Kucinich begins to shed light on the intelligence infiltration of civic and community groups, Mother Jones has tracked down a non-profit for-profit snoop. She’s volunteer over-achiever Mary McFate to her gun control do-gooder colleagues, and Mary Jo Sapone to her do-much-badder private security firm and its client the NRA. Here’s a prophetic snapshot of a running SolutionGal from her blogspot site.

Before gun control advocates, Sapone infiltrated animal rights groups, once urging a reluctant activist to plant a bomb. An co-worker infiltrator/provocateur drove the would-be bomber to the site.

The whole Sapone family was in on the spying business, her daughter-in-law Montgomery advertised these skills: “Collect and analyze intelligence on European activities of major international environmental organization for a company specializing in domestic and internal opposition research, special investigations, issues management and threat assessment. Write weekly intelligence update on European animal rights and eco-terrorist activity. Assist in confidential litigation support research.”

While her son Sean takes credit for organizing “the first major legal arms shipment to Liberia in 15 years.” Daughter Shelley helped to develop political strategies against the social reform groups. All of the Sapones were pro-war. I’d have thought that would be a giveaway.

Now Montgomery and Sean Sapone have adopted the last name McFate, and advise DC think tanks and the Pentagon on “Mercenary Anthropology.”