Because you supported the troops, today we have to f-ck the police

If there’s a chant that unites protesters across America it is “FTP!” No matter the issue, from BLM to GMOs, excessive use of force by police against dissenting citizens is the common grievance. The UN has even condemned US human rights abuses, this time police violence and racial discrimination. Our emergant police state may be the business end of the New World Order, but its troubling conduct is directly traceable to US military rules of engagement. These violent cops are our vets!

Stuck with PTSD, no marketable skills, and a taste for blood, American soldiers are transitioning to law enforcement jobs where they’re already familiar with the militarized equipment and the shoot-to-kill MO. The irony of course is that many of America’s homeless are veterans who could not live with the acts they were made to do in Afghansitan and Iraq and elsewhere. Those that could are the cops beating them!

When American soldiers shot first and asked questions never, overseas, at vehicles or at civilians whose needs they did not understand, you shouted SUPPORT THE TROOPS. Now they’ve brought the war home with lethal force and indescriminate brutality. You asked for it, you got it.

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2 Responses to Because you supported the troops, today we have to f-ck the police

  1. Avatar david anderson says:

    Wow! a great article, have often wondered who these thugs were? the ones kicking the shit out of the protesters, you know, those “Serve and Protect” morons with an IQ equal to their shoe size.

  2. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, every time I was beaten, gassed, tasered etc while in custody, I did say something like that to the piggies. Because they would do and say shit advertising their Vet status. My challenge to them was asking where and how they “served”.

    And suggesting it was probably as MPs doing prison guard “duty”, at torture dungeons like Khandahar and Abu Ghraib and Gitmo or Baghram AFB. Because that’s their level of “courage”. They punish people for talking back to their royal highness.

    They’re building a police state here, at taxpayer expense, then spending trillions of dollars to export that Police State. The rich bitches who control them might get videos of the beat-downs and other torture crimes the piggies do. Fucking punks. The Pigs themselves do it for no other reason than they are sadists. They get sexually aroused by exercising power over unwilling people.

    The true sadist can’t get it up for a willing victim, for the genuine masochists. It has to be completely forced or no boner.

    Then they get sick minded civilians to praise them for their “service”. Orchestrated by the Rich Bitches who are coordinating the Police State takeover. Bitches like George Bush and quite a long list to follow.

    You know the ones, they have picture albums of dead and dying resistance fighters and their families, I bet those cops have a circle jerk, masturbating each other using pictures of dying babies to turn them on.

    They’re sick but for some reason i can’t bring myself to think of helping them get over their illness. I suggested to them then and again now, they should commit suicide. Every literally God-damned one of them. They joined the military for the same reason they became jail guards back home.

    Most people who are mentally ill, you have to suppress an instinct for pity, and instead do all you can to truly help them.

    Cops on the other hand, don’t inspire pity or the trained response to help. I think they’re literate enough and intelligent enough to at least realize they’re doing wrong. And do it anyway. Just like their nazi mommas taught them.

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