Ask the candidates: who, as president, vows to jail Obama, Clinton and Bush?

If Americans really want to differentiate which presidential candidate represents change, a good question would be, which will prosecute America’s celebrity war criminals? Who, among them, will jail past leaders guilty of crimes against humanity?

Obama 2008 didn’t do it. President Obama didn’t even close Guantanamo, end torture, or disarm drones. By failing to curb Pax America’s wars of aggression, Obama too should now stand in the docket. Wasn’t it hoped, as Bush and Cheney helivac’d from the White House, that Obama’s “change” meant calling that chopper back for a return to accountability? At minimum, superficially? Justice didn’t happen, Obama didn’t want to look back, and the villains remain to foul the political discourse as foils to perpetuate high crimes and to normalize the forgiving of greater trespasses.

Is American exceptionalism fathomless? ISIS hasn’t grown out of the terrible twos yet already John Kerry wants to charge it with genocide; not to haul ISIS perps before the Hague –extrajudicial assassination by drone circumvents that– but because genocide law holds that those who do not condemn it are its accessories.

How far does culpability reach among our active enablers of war crimes? It extends into our pool of candidates certainly, but how far? Does Senator Bernie Sanders, at one edge, consider himself an accessory to the crimes of past and current administrations? It’s possible Sanders voted against the wars, interventions and regime changes, but will he prosecute those who did not?

Donald Trump stands on the periphery as well, avaritic criminality is not alas a purview of the International Criminal Court, but he does seem an unlikely candidate for honoring the rule of law let alone conscience.

Still, would it hurt to ask? An independent party candidate might have the only acceptable answer. Who, as president, will honor humanity’s highest laws? Who will hold state terrorists accountable?

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2 Responses to Ask the candidates: who, as president, vows to jail Obama, Clinton and Bush?

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Complete disclosure of their corporate assets would be a helpful guide. If we can find one who doesn’t have his-her portfolio stained with oil thus blood money….

    But as Dad always said, IF if if … if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his rump with every jump. One obstacle to full disclosure is that a CPA has the same confidentiality obligations as a priest or lawyer .

    Which leads to an assumption. If they don’t come through with a long and detailed personal audit with explanations on every single company in said portfolio about military contracts or (most likely AND) oil industry contracts. What percent of which corporate earnings comes from war or the roots of war.

    Gun companies certainly. The company which makes buttons for military uniforms. The law firms who spend a lot of time defending war corporations.

    Call out the Cubicle Criminals who do the accounting, come clean y’all. Do you really think you as a corporate slave have a moral right or duty to help the BigPigs cover their ass(et)s?

    Use TAILS, Tor and WikiLeaks. There’s an app for that.

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    The assumption is of course that any candidate who doesn’t have full disclosure is War Party. It wouldn’t matter which democratic or republican affiliate provides the mask for their true loyalties.

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