Bomb a Hiroshima plus a Nagasaki if you want the world to fear your nukes

APPARENTLY, nuclear club initiates have to demonstrate their bombs on real victims to convince other nations that their WMDs are real. How unfortunate for North Korea that its hydrogen bomb detonation was only a test. Naturally a bully like the US can taunt its pipsqueak adversary, asserting it doesn’t believe Piongyang’s claims of a successful nuclear blast. The US can find credibility in hoaxes like yellowcake, WMDs, or centrifuges, but a real hydrogen bomb, they have to see to believe. In WWII, Japan’s Kamikazi pilots and suicide Banzai charges were the pretext for immolating the civilian city of Hiroshima with an Atom Bomb. Americans are told it was to teach Japan the futility of resistance. The real reason we dropped the bomb of course was to show our Communist rivals that the United States of Capitalism had innovated a weapon of unimaginable power and look what it can do! Americans like Show & Tell, not just tell. We bombed Nagazaki because we had made two bombs.

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2 Responses to Bomb a Hiroshima plus a Nagasaki if you want the world to fear your nukes

  1. Avatar Chuck Noland says:

    Aw, come on. The US dropped the atomic bombs on Japan to bring a decisive end to the war. The first one didn’t take, so a second one was dropped. Only then did the Japanese actually surrender.

    A secondary benefit was that Russians could see this happen.

    But that’s all ancient history now. Let’s talk about drones.

  2. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    yeah, the government will never lie, especially to cover their complicity in mass murder. And any opposing statements, like Japan was negotiating the terms of a surrender, one in which they would be allowed to keep their religious beliefs. That sort of thing, yeah, we’re instructed by our Propaganda Department or Ministry of Truth tells us that anybody obliterated by Our Imperial Army must have deserved it and we had better not ask any questions or believe anything that doesn’t come from the mouths of MiniTru. Did you know, for instance, that before the Civil War, slaves were Well Treated by their masters. That’s why the Masters forbade them to have money or learn to read.

    And it’s why the Fugitive Act and the creation of the job Bounty Hunter were necessary, because sometimes them thar darkies would just get in their heads that they were real people and entitled to that bad ol’ wicked freedom. Because it’s the people who told them they were real human beans who caused all the problem. They jus’ oughta have not deceive the darkies so much.

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