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It’s official. We’re screwed.

I didn’t want to post anything about this, not here, guess it’s my Irish part of my heritage not wanting to speak the name of the devil. But the reactors in Japan are now officially out of control. What makes it official is that Obama made an official emergency statement that there was no official emergency.
The dude can’t do what Bush or Reagan did, look us straight in the eye and tell the most outrageous lies. He had to include a little informercial for the Nuclear Industry at home too, and clean coal. Said that the American nuke plants were given a clean bill of health… by the same Nuclear Regulatory agencies that were gutted for the past three decades by Reagan, Bush the not quite as stupid and The Chimp. Which were the part of the same Nuclear Experts team which declared the Japanese reactors safe.

Another bit of Hysterical Revisionism…

This one from a purported former head of NORAD, allegedly had his finger on the Nuclear Trigger for 3 years therefore he knows all there is to know about radical Islam.

He spouted that Islam had been attacking the West since the 7th century, that it was and is and always will be about envy of Western achievements.

This doesn’t jibe well with the fact that in the 7th century, Europe was in the darkest part of the Dark Ages, Rome had just fallen forever, and none of the Kings of Europe including Charlemagne and his Daddy, Charles Martel, could even so much as write their own names. Some enlightened Western thought there, yes?

While and at the time what we now think of as the Muslim World were far far ahead of the West in every matter of art, literature and science. They invented Chess, Algebra, and chemistry. Amongst others.

But the Good Major General Some-name-or-other doesn’t let facts get in his way, no sir…

Next up is the assertion that the European powers decimated Islam to the point that they took centuries to crawl up to the level of whatever…

Again, REAL History rears its ugly head…

The European Powers managed to kill more Europeans than they did Arabs, and far more Europeans than the Arabs did. These would be European Jews and CHRISTIANS.

People who cite the Crusades as a shining example of Christian virtue, well, damn, what if they’re right and that actually IS the best Christianity has ever accomplished? I as a Christian am constantly defending my faith against the best efforts of these Bozoes to defile and destroy it. But never mind.

After getting kicked out of Jerusalem a scant 70 years after they had finally won it, they brought back to Europe the beginnings of the Renaissance, mainly in the form of Persian and Turkish and Arabic technology. They also opened up a corridor of Plague which not just figuratively Decimated Europe, it was like 3 and a half TIMES decimated…

Decimation means dropping your population by 10%.

So, according to the NutSack General, (God, PLEASE let the punk read this, PLEASE?) what happened was the diametric opposite of what actually did happen.

Another thing the Crusades brought to Europe, (and the Crusades aren’t officially over, mind you, nor is the Inquisition, just ask Pope Ratzinger) were more Christian-on-Christian and Christian-on-Jew crimes like the 30 years War, the Hundred Years War, war after war after war and all in the name of Religious Purity, and…

using the Crusades as their guideline.

World War One and the Spanish “Civil” War and of course WW2 were the almost culmination of it, but, wait, THERE’S MORE! Every stinkin’ single war of the 20th century can be traced to the massive defeat Europe took during the Crusades.

But hey, they put a Hate-Freak like THAT in charge of America’s Nukes?

…and he has the ear of the Bush Crime Family and their newly adopted son, John McCain.

so long, Mom…
I’m off
to drop
the Bomb…

Liberal scholars make palatable same lie

Do you remember this ignoble sequence of events in the lead-up to the US invasion of Iraq? America demanded Iraq cease their nuclear research projects, they did. We insisted they fess up about all their weapons programs, so they released a tower of documents, 75% of which we redacted before passing it on to the UN. We subjected Iraq to weapons inspectors, and called for Saddam to produce and dismantle his long range missiles. When the embargo-depleted, oft-bombarded nation complied, the way was clear for our troops to move in.

If a cowboy did that in a western, which color hat would he be wearing? Throw down your gun so I can shoot you.

Middle East scholar Steven Zunes recounted this episode in his presentation at CC on Thursday. Iraq’s early subjugation would certainly be influencing Iran’s current nuclear strategy. North Korea presented the alternate scenario. Their nuclear program moved forward undeterred, they tested long distance rockets, and they didn’t get invaded. Iran is governed by a repressive regime, but even Iran’s dissidents advocate rushing their nation’s nuclear efforts forward.

Stephen Zunes spoke about the ongoing war and The Mess Bush Leaves Behind, reminding the students of his originally dire predictions before the war started. He made the same point in his CC appearance the year before. In 2003 Zune had predicted failure in Iraq. Much as he would like to have been proven wrong, he says, we have failure. Still unchanged was the narrative that the US adventure in Iraq has been an unmitigated fiasco. The outcome is tragic, the irreversible destruction and loss of life, lamentable. But otherwise Zunes’ liberal theme is pernicious falsehood.

Bush’s history-making sure does look like a mess, but Neocon pocketbooks can only be described as messy in being flush with cash. When will analysts reframe the fiasco for what it still is, a continual mugging of the American taxpayer. Oil profits are up, the weapons industry has windfalls to rival cyclones, and private militia forces are outgrowing the democratic mechanisms to hold multinationals in check. Having a preeminent scholar characterize the GWOT developments as mistakes is to mislead Americans with criminal negligence.

How best to stage manage Pakistan’s regime change?

Oh what a dilemma! How will the US, champion of world democracy, stage manage regime change for the world’s most populous Muslim country?

It seems that Busharraf is as spent out as the American dollar itself. But Benahir Bushutto is not the military man behind the curtain that the US has to turn to. That general is Leavenworth, Kansas trained, General Ashfaq Kiyani.

Bhutto is the ‘pretty face’ for the American public of American-made Pakistan regime change. In Pakistan itself, she will fail to impress.

I can already imagine the jokes that have to be arising amongst the English speaking intellectual set of Pakistan that will play on this general’s name, Ashfaq. Truth can be stranger than fiction, and it seems that God truly is Great! Ashfaq to power!

And at home in the US, the ambulance chasers are storming the Supreme Court building on behalf of Pakistani regime change! I think these US lawyers don’t quite get it that they should be demanding regime change at home instead of so far, very far away.

What’s a little plutonium here or there going to matter?

The Air Force top nuns got strict today and slapped several of their grunts and lower level officers hard across the knuckles. Poor guys… See the BBC’s report, Airmen punished for nuclear error

What I love is the constant refrain in the coverage of this story about how that no hydrogen bombs could have exploded in The Heartland. Yeah, and what’s a little plutonium here or there going to matter? Uh, when’s the next space shuttle going up?

Recasting the shadow of the bomb

smoking gun threatDo you know what to make of the B-52 nuclear warhead story? I may have an idea. The reporting of this mishap was leaked, that is all we know. But whether it was an ordnance handling error or pure psych-ops, whether it was an intelligence leak or a whistle-blower putting the brakes on a development of sinister portent, the ball was handed to the corporate media, responsible for reporting to us the actual state of affairs in Iraq. Etc.

The understanding Americans were intended to gather from the many possible scenarios, I think, was confusion. Confusion in the company of a bygone boogeyman, the specter of nuclear annihilation. NUKES (Beethoven’s Fifth), flown over head, over our homes, over our homeland, NUKES!

The same day I heard a report about Yucca Mountain in Nevada, where our armament and energy industries have finagled from Native American lands a sinkhole in which to bury their eternally radioactive waste. The facility is due to go online in 2010, the fight over the sacred mountain has gone on for decades, why was this news today?

It turns out someone in Bush’s DOE decided the state of Nevada could not withhold its water to impede the progress of drilling into the mountain, even thought a judge had ruled otherwise. The net effect, straight from the horse’s ass, American stability is threatened with nowhere to dispose of our hazardous nuclear waste. DadadaDum, Dadadadum, NUKES!

Operation OMG

Slim Pickens rides againNorthCom, Pacific Command and NORAD, along with the Department of Homeland Security, are planning an anti-terrorist training exercise called Operation Vigilant Shield. It will take place October 15-20 and will prepare the military for a martial law scenario. The exercise will be a mock up of a radiological weapons catastrophe. I’ve read elsewhere that the military will use members of the clergy to encourage cooperation in the event of martial law.

I called the telephone number on the Operation Vigilant Shield Fact Sheet(PDF) and spoke to one Tony Hill. I am not sure of his rank. NORAD is today in the process of moving desks and boxes to a new home at NorthCom and didn’t have the usual operator in place. He chatted amiably with me about Operation Vigilant Shield, assured me that it was going to take place, assured me that it wasn’t all that unusual.

On September 11, 2001, NORAD was conducting a training exercise called Operation Vigilant Guardian. This ensured that our military air fleet would be tied up over the Atlantic and that no adequate defense to hijacked airliners could be launched.

I think I’ll be a ghost come Halloween.