Monk Brown arrest record with Adams County escalates to being beaten up.


(On March 9, Adrian Brown filed a federal civil rights lawsuit through the law offices of David Lane citing 31 counts of abuses by Adams County Sheriff’s Deputies who continue to this day to abuse and arrest Brown and others like him for panhandling at I-76 and Sheridan.)

Brown has had every one of his cases dismissed so far by Judge Doyle because CDOT has testified in court that they are not concerned with pedestrians and panhandlers at this location.

Eric Brandt has tested Adams County by flying his “FUCK COPS” sign at this location. Brandt’s arrest was found to be unconstitutional by the same Judge Doyle on Feb 5, 2016.

Since then, both Brown and Brandt have been arrested again, with Austin Johnson and at least half dozen others. Adams County has stepped up their assaults at this location in recent days.

Adrian Brown received notice this morning that Adams County made another arrest this morning and went there to intervene and show the deputies the judge’s orders and the federal lawsuit.

Brandt called the sheriffs department and advised them that they dont fuck with the fuck the cops guys.

Today Brown arrived to witness his own brother being arrested and immediatly took up station upon their departure.

The deputies immediately turned around, called for backup and took Brown into custody. The deputies beat Brown, repeatedly punching him. They tried to throw him under a moving car. Then they attacked witness Austin Johnson, forcing the phone from his hand with which he was recording he incident.

Johnson was cuffed and searched. Brown’s brother Zach, and another woman Jen, were charged with trespassing.

Internal Affairs refuses to come get statements from the homeless witnesses. Instead it is requiring them to make the 50 mile trip to the Internal Affairs office if they want an investigation.

Brown is in Adams County jail on charges of obstructing an officer, assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

UPDATE: Monk just called. Adams deputies did not take photos of his injuries. His bond is $10,000.

1 thought on “Monk Brown arrest record with Adams County escalates to being beaten up.

  1. my blood pressure went up just now. Wonder why. oh, must be the ptsd induced by repeated beatings while handcuffed, outnumbered and in isolation. So the punks are getting blatant about it?

    Here’s a couple of calming (for me) chants, maybe they’ll be of use.

    IT is only a pig
    IT is not human
    IT has no feelings
    IT has no soul…

    the other

    Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em in the head
    fuck em, fuck em, fuck em til they’re dead

    Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em in the eye
    fuck em, fuck em, fuck em til they die.

    I’ll get over it after a while, but thinking of the other prisoners is going to bring it right back.

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