So Freddie Gray lynched himself

Well that’s embarassing. Last year I carried around signs which read FREDDIE GRAY DIDN’T LYNCH HIMSELF and it turns out I was wrong. Today a third police officer was acquitted in the death of Freddie Gray. The goon who drove the paddy wagon and gave Freddie a rough ride, who stopped six times to check on him and never noticed Freddie’s spine had become severed at the neck. Freddie was mortally injured in the custody of Baltimore police, but individualy no officers are being found to have been responsible. Like lynch mobs, no one in particular did it. What a crock. Who needs assault rifles? Freddie Gray could have used one.

2 thoughts on “So Freddie Gray lynched himself

  1. Oh yeah. The Pigs call it “suicide by cop” if you dare to talk back to them or do anything that doesn’t involve absolute grovelling subservience. All hail the mighty Police Thugs! Hail! Hail! Hail!

  2. In cases where a Pig is assaulted to death they file charges based on Conspiracy. Means “breathing together” actually, one spirit. Not to be confused with “conspiracy theories” which promote the no doubt ridiculous notion that government officials could ever conspire to do wrong or to cover up their guilt.

    Except of course cops in other countries. But our government is pristine and every cop is Sir Galahad the Chaste. With never an impure thought or dastardly action. I knew a guy in Texas, “Lucky”.

    So called because he was the only one of the crew who shot a jeweler in the progress of a robbery… who didn’t get the Death Penalty. And from the way he described it, he was the one who fired the shot.

    The principle of First to Squeal gets the deal comes into play there, but more important, all the others were sentenced to death on a charge of Conspiracy to Commit Capital Murder.

    So why not hold Pigs to the same standard? They are definitely “holding jiggers” for the pig or pigs who made the decision to kill Freddie Gray. That makes them accomplices automatically.

    There might be some street trials and summary executions coming up. The peckerwood horde who are following Donald and other Klan spokesmen think they’ll have a White Revolution if they don’t get their way. But wait, there’s a different revolution boiling up.

    Wonder who that might be? Maybe the people who have gotten a rotten deal for so very long. The fact that the cops have put white supremacy into their decisions to murder people will have only themselves to blame.

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