Congress protests public right to guns. No checks & balances for constituents.

I do like to see rule-breaking protest normalized, but that’s as far as I’ll go as an endorsement. These US Representatives won’t call an official sit-in to stop war, nor to defend Social Security or heathcare or to end torture or war crimes, but they’ll do it to abridge your rights. Until these MoFos sit-in to rein in the banks and the corporatocracy, I’ll be damned if I’m going to applaud them for wanting to curb the people’s right to bear arms. Take assault rifles from cops and private cops and the bank eviction posses before you deem it insupportable that your victimized constituents weren’t granted the second amendment for a reason. What utter dumbass charlatans! Who needs assault rifles? The Native Americans could have used them. The Puerto Ricans needed them. Hawaiians. Central America. Our slaves. Every African American male. You privileged shills!

3 thoughts on “Congress protests public right to guns. No checks & balances for constituents.

  1. I know, right? Just like Baghdad in the hours before the Bush Deadline (Which was a lie, and Saddam knew it. So did everybody else)

    But all the “news” outlets pointed out, just a whole bunch of Back The Badge Yellow Ribbon Hooray For The Empire Dumbfucks promptly forgot about it…

    The only shops open were Obstetricians because the US Air Force in conjunction with the RAF did a study in the middle of World War 2 that the stress of bombing causes premature deliveries. That’s preemie babies. So Iraqi women were getting C Sections and induced labor so they wouldn’t be trapped giving birth in the middle of a “flying shitstorm”

    The other places open were gun stores. Oh, yeah, that bad ol’ tyrant Saddam actually had an armed populace. Lots of guns in the hands of civilians.

    But wait, wasn’t Saddam a dictator for life (he was)? But, but but…

    The NRA and the Republican Party tell us that heavily armed civilians would prevent dictatorship. hmmmm…..

    Or other crimes. Like some people believe that Sharia is in itself a crime.Hmmmm…..
    To see a more extreme version of Sharia one needs only look to the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and especially Judges. Yeah. I know I’m not supposed to criticize Israel at all, ever, The Colorado Springs Establishment are very adamant about that point, so i won’t. Just, you know, read it in the words of their patriarchs.

    God, I love free speech. If I were to tell people to shut the hell up I would be wrong. I also don’t need people to be forced into registration or armband wearing (as Darn Old Chump proposed)
    Because with freedom of speech, well… let’s put it this way.

    If we wanted to make a Noble Law that super-unlearned stupid people with dangerously low function iintellects would be marked with an armband and forced to register, it would be a civil rights nightmare. Let them believe in Free Speech and they do it nicely without any extra prodding.

    Of course, balance of rights is important. Like the mutant redneck inbreds in Arlington Texas marching in the street with fully loaded machine guns, kind of a massive army of Toddlers having a temper tantrum because the bad ol’ merchants like Starbucks can actually exercise their imminent domain rights to tell people not to bring loaded machine guns into THEIR stores.

    Let’s pull that together a bit, shall we? The same “reasoning” used to try to force Starbucks to allow heavily armed stupid people into their property rights, would allow those same heavily armed stupid people could “justify” coming into MY property.

    With no recourse for me other than blowing their stupid heads off. Which I’m capable of doing. Even if I don’t have a gun to start with.

    Trust me, sir. A lot of historically disenfranchised Minority groups have been stockpiling weapons as well. And the White Establishment are either very afraid right now, or they really are stupid enough to believe they’ll outgun us.

    When the airborne fecal material impacts the rotary atmospheric dispersion unit, there will be plenty of dead people with rifles, knives, pistols, revolvers, explosive devices etc. clutched in their cold dead hands. If I survive the first round and deem it necessary to become heavily armed, I’ll just take your gun. You won’t need it anymore anyway.

    Contrary to NRA propaganda, also, the people of Europe WERE NOT unarmed in the interbellum between 1918 and 1938. There were all sorts of firearms, for some reason Military Grade, handy.

    The SA stormtroopers and Italian and French and Portuguese Fascist parties had plenty, and so did the Bolsheviks and Socialists. Bring that up at your next Klan .. oops I mean NRA meat-up and see if anybody violently protects your right to say it on their domain.Just a quick spoiler alert, they probably won’t and you should wear kevlar underwear when you do.

  2. but yeah, the “sit in” bullshit is just a camera op.

    What would really be neat is to have love ins at the Trump, Minutemen, Tea Party and other Klan affiliate rallies.

    I mean, a few hundred hippies having raw sex and without a hint of embarrassment. Or a stitch of clothing. Unless the clothing is really erotic. Like the mud pit at Woodstock. That would be more distracting than shooting up the rally or selling dope to the dumbshits. Which are viable options.

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