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So Freddie Gray lynched himself

Well that’s embarassing. Last year I carried around signs which read FREDDIE GRAY DIDN’T LYNCH HIMSELF and it turns out I was wrong. Today a third police officer was acquitted in the death of Freddie Gray. The goon who drove … Continue reading

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Who okayed Chicago’s $5 million hush payment for killing Laquan McDonald? Did buck stop with Rahm Emanuel?

Laquan McDonald’s murder was covered up for over a year, five million was paid to his family to keep the killing under wraps. The Chicago police officer who shot McDonald was only charged after the video came to light. Laquan … Continue reading

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Five Rag-Tag Protestors Beat On Plastic Buckets and the Rich Shit Their Pants

As Chris Hedges observed below, you can’t have a revolution while sitting at home in front of the TV watching the next installment of Kim Kardashian.   If you can find the courage to skip just one show, go to … Continue reading

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Denver police attacked last night while holding peaceful motorcycle parade

DENVER, COLORADO- Last night in Denver, once again the DPD showed what they are all about. If it wasn’t so shameful and painful you could only laugh at their conduct.   dla News Service: Denver Police attacked while holding a … Continue reading

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Occupy Denver stands with Baltimore, DPD blocks march to Union Station PHOTOS

DENVER, COLORADO- Occupy Denver took to the streets Tuesday night in solidarity with the uprising in Baltimore against a common oppressive police state. March was blocked at Union Station

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FreddieGray’s spine was severed at the neck. I believe literally that is lynching.

African American Freddie Gray died as a result of his spine being severed at his neck. It’s no hyperbole to describe the continuing police murders of young black men as deputized, mob LYNCHINGS. The overwhelming victims of these extrajudicial executions … Continue reading

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Baltimore police arrest 4 Black children out of elementary school and haul them away to ‘Baby Booking’ in handcuffs!

The Baltimore police had teachers call four elementary school kids out of their classes to the principal’s office, where they were then handcuffed and hauled away to jail, without their parents being called at all! This, for a supposed crime … Continue reading

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