Authenticity of Christ’s Tomb PROVED! If Jesus was crucified at the age 345.

National Geographic magazine has just been handed exclusive evidence apparently, confirming the authenticity of what’s known as the Tomb of Christ. Thought to be a fabrication of the crusades, the tomb dates back as far as 345 AD according to carbon dating tests. This places it in the Roman Age they say, thus in the realm of possibility to be the brief burial site of the pre-ascendant deceased prophet Jesus of Nazareth. Fans are always chasing for tangible traces of the historically undocumented celebrity of biblical lore. Although his birthday remains a guesstimate, Nat Geo publicists now propose that Jesus lived to the age of 345 before he was crucified.

1 thought on “Authenticity of Christ’s Tomb PROVED! If Jesus was crucified at the age 345.

  1. Which still leaves what the Romans didn’t consider a big deal but to the Sanhedrin it was… Where Did The Body Go? The Romans tolerated every religious group UNTIL the group becomes a nuisance. Kind of like what we have here. Without a grave, well marked and without a body, the proof anybody would need added proof that he was dead, And Not Resurrected, the tie goes to the ones who claim the resurrection.

    The Roman Empire had all kinds of legends which people believed or didn’t, like the empire was founded by twins who were raised by a wolf.

    To the quasi-official pantheism of the Romans anything goes. Virgin birth? Yawn, says they… been there and done that. The main part which impacted the daily bureaucracy was the enforced dogma that the Emperor was a god. and the provinces had to bring forth tribute. They gave not three quarters of a fat rat’s left testicle about beliefs.

    Bridgette had a similar pass, the Empire didn’t care about her status as a goddess Until The Celts Rebelled. And stopped putting money in the Imperial treasury.

    Resurrection was accepted by perhaps the majority of Jews, the differences coming through is the notion of which ones were of God and which were not. The notion that King Saul had a kabbala priestess bring forth the spirit of Samuel, how many people get killed on a daily basis and constantly across thousands of years over that belief?

    The Silent Majority, meaning those who lived before but not any more, have a strange privilege, they can get in our heads but there’s no way we can affect their policies.

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