Smokey Bear wants to prevent fires, does he belong to your resistance?

So there’s a t-shirt being pitched by the alt-mod-left, who want to coopt the anti-Trump rallying cry RESIST. It’s Smokey Bear with his head down and fist raised, invoking the Black Panther salute made iconic at the 1968 olympics. Except his fist is on FIRE, and it’s Smokey. WTF. Is he resisting putting it out? Smokey Bear’s singular catch-phrase is about YOU, PREVENTING FIRES. As usual, he’s holding a shovel, a reminder that fighting forest fires is essentially ditch-digging. So what is Smokey resisting? The urge to douse the fire burning up his hand? The image reminds me of the innanity of moderate democrats. Both “Smokey” and “Bear” have long become euphemisms for cops. This Smokey wants to embed with your resistance crew. Knock him out with a shovel.

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  1. Avatar Goddess of Chaos says:

    Sorry to disagree with you but you are wrong on this one. The Smokey the Bear RESIST shirt is in honor of the National Parks Service employees that started a Twitter account @AltUSNatParkService, which claims to be run by National Park Service employees tweeting during their off-work hours, has begun tweeting about climate change and blasting the president for his reported attempts to clamp down on social media use by government agencies. They were the first, and one of the most unexpected, group to take action. And in my book, Heroes. Symbolism changes with time and Smokey started off as a survivor, became co-opted as a (being polite) cop symbol. Let’s bring him back to his archetypal hero status.

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