Passing Syrian gas attack story by Occam’s Razor: who smelt it, dealt it.

When you’re looking for who perpetrated the latest “gas attack” in Syria, you might first ask, who has stockpiles of the stuff? Bashar al-Assad has suspected quantities of chemical weapons, but the US has known riches of the banned material. The same people who keep pointing the finger at Assad are the same cretins who’ve been trying to ignite a covert war in Syria for decades, who’ve been unmasked hiring fake lesbian or small-child bloggers to spread propaganda in the Baghdad Blogger mold, long before their phony Arab Spring roll-out, the same agency that spawned al-Qaeda now Isis, the same agents who coordinate arms trades to all parties, the same meatheads who urge a renewed cold war with Russia because Putin nearly brought the Syria conflict to a dead calm, and the same warmongers who’ve now succeeded with a full-on US deployment! We’re supposed to trust the US intelligence crime family about who is using gas against Syrian civilians? Next they’ll try to pin US drone victims on Assad. Those numbers are much higher, concealed no doubt in Bashar Assad’s stockpiles of budgeted tolerance levels of collateral damage.
The complicit war media is now decreeing unanimous outrage, Russia’s attempts to shift blame (how’s that for loading the question) rejected (by accusers), this atrocity demands a US response! Like Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia. Like a bunch of kids declaring candy to be universally healthy! Doctors’ lies rejected (by children), checkout counter impulse buy must not be thwarted by parent.

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  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    And the exact nature of the chemical released is still not known. Meaning, like the bit about the purloined computer, assumes a lot. Nobody knows where the computer is, but it had to be terrorists.

    Petrochemicals have a nasty propensity to kill people, but they’re like the notion the laptop could be simply misplaced, couldn’t possibly be true.

    One of the Fox crew, long ago or so it seems, declared that a bullet hole in his house, done while he wasn’t at home, must be the work of Mexicans even though there was no evidence that would support the theory. Nobody saw anything, no idea at all about who would have done it or if one of his trigger happy friends and neighbors could have done it accidentally. That crap happens a lot.

    Chemical leaks at oil storage facilities get as little press as the oil companies can manage.

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