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If by UN declaring a civil war in Syria classifies atrocities as war crimes, US covert forces there are war criminals

UN observers have now labeled rebel clashes in Syria as having escalated into “Civil War”, initiating the legal foundation to go after Syrian president Assad on charges of “war” crimes. It’s a welcome bit of sophistry and should cut both ways. If the insurgent groups are armed and lead by covert special op forces of the US and NATO, then who are the bigger war criminals? So far the massacres ascribed to Assad, provoking Hillary Clinton’s condemnation, have proved to be the work of US-allied rebels.

Is Syria’s government using children as shields for its military personnel? Says who? Says Radhika Coomaraswamy for the Pentagon and the UN that’s who.

Every day there is some new atrocity the Syrian government of Bashar Assad is accused of, reported in the pro-USG, pro-Pentagon corporate media. Here, for example, is the latest item of this propaganda from the LA Times… Syrian children tortured, used as human shields, U.N. report finds.

What seems to lend this report some credibility, is that it comes from an agency of the United Nations and a report from this UN agency titled ’52 Parties on Secretary-General’s List of Shame on Children and Armed Conflict’. However, when we actually read what is written about these FIFTY PLUS violators of human rights of children, we see that only 2 parties are highlighted in the abbreviated report, those being Assad’s Syria and the other being those Afghans fighting for the liberation of their country from US-NATO occupation! We are left only to guess whether perhaps somehow, that the UN mentioned the US drone attacks that have killed hundreds of children somewhere in the larger report? We rather think that NO, they didn’t. Why? Because the UN has been made into nothing more than a stooge supporting all US aggressions around the globe. And in fact, following further links we discover that there is no mention of any US military and US military allied forces harming children! NOWHERE.

Even the UN agency’s assertion that Syrian troops were using children as shields is pretty suspect. It includes items such as that the Syrian military has had soldiers inside schools and has had some of these troops use school busses during armed exchanges with foreign backed terrorists. If our US cities were under foreign backed attacks, we could imagine US police and military doing much the same. That hardly constitutes ‘using children as human shields’, a propaganda way of listing that makes effort to picture Assad as human monster being fought by lovely saints backed by the UN and the US, not to mention Western Europe and Israel, which was know to plant huge quantities of land mines all over Lebanon quite recently, assisted by US government political support and UN inaction.

So who is head of the US commission that is lending its voice to accusing Assad of criminal activity? Why it is a woman who rubber stamped Sri Lankan atrocities against its Tamil minority, including horrors directed at hundreds of thousands of children through the many years! Her name is Radhika Coomaraswamy

Notice in the wikipedia bio where she got her education… ‘She is a graduate of the United Nations International School in New York City. She received her B.A. from Yale University, her J.D. from Columbia University, an LLM from Harvard University and honorary PhDs from Amherst College, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Essex and the CUNY School of Law.’ Certainly nothing of the Chinese or Russian about this woman!

Notice, too, that ‘Ms. Coomaraswamy, a lawyer by training and formerly the Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission’ and ‘The President of Sri Lanka conferred on her the title of Deshamanya, a prestigious national honour.’ Did she earn these accolades by actually protecting Tamil children from her patrons, the Sinhalese led Sri Lankan government and military? Ask the Tamil community how well she went about her job of ‘protecting children’ while working for the Sri Lankan government and later the UN? Weren’t thousands upon thousands of children killed, and starved half to death?

Here now is our Ms. Coomaraswamy AFTER the death and mayhem delivered onto the Tamil children by the Sinhalese war upon their parents.,,,

‘Sri Lanka has been removed from the ‘list of shame’ in UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s annual report on children and armed conflict during 2011.

U.N. special representative for children and armed conflict, Radhika Coomaraswamy speaking on the omission stated that the removal came after Sri Lanka’s successful completion of Security Council-mandated action plans to end the recruitment and use of children. During the war both the LTTE and the TMVP were in the UN ‘list of shame’. However with the end of the war and the military defeat of the LTTE as well as the TMVP working with UNICEF to release all child recruits, both the LTTE and TMVP were no more on the list.’

Simple as that, I guess? So now Radhika Coomaraswamy has a new job ‘protecting’ yet more children once again… the children of Syria who she proposes not to protect from Uncle Sam and his mercenaries, but Bashar Assad. How sweet of her indeed.

Around 300,000 Tamil were rounded up and left starved in Sinhalese concentration camps during the time when Radhika Coomaraswamy was the UN’s special representative on children and armed conflict. Many of those were children and she and the United Nations did little to nothing for them. Did Coomaraswamy really care about those kids who were from her very same ethnic group? Or is she just a career politician who sells herself out to the highest bidder?

About Juan Cole on the bloodshed in Houla, Syria…

Houla was bombed by the Syrian government and 30 to 40 children were killed among the 90 casualties in this portion of the US attack on Syria as the Syrian government fought back by bombing US backed rebels. Juan Cole though, like many of the liberal-Left humanitarian imperialists, simply refuses to acknowledge that the US is orchestrating any war on Syria or, by extension, any war against the Syrian government’s ally, Iran. He demands of people opposing his support of US imperialist military intervention inside Syria, that they MUST denounce Assad for resisting US allied forces! What a line of crap!

‘Those who ridicule the idea of an international responsibility to protect as a mere stalking horse of neo-imperialism will please have the decency at least to denounce the Baath regime for this bloodbath.’

Answer to your challenge against us, Professor Cole…. FIRST, just why is it so hard for you yourself though, to have the decency at least to denounce the US Obama regime for this bloodbath? Do you think that by arming the opposition to the Baath regime in Syria, that this somehow frees the US of responsibility when Assad fights back to remain in power against US government wishes? Where is YOUR DECENCY here when you are unable to mention that responsibility for this bloodshed? You are a petulant fraud, Professor!

Yes, the Baath regime has some responsibility for killing people, and SO DOES THE MUCH BIGGER US EMPIRE AND IT’S ALLIES. Shame on all the (and there are quite a few, in fact) US humanitarian imperialist Lefties for forgetting that though! The blame for this war is not at all ALL ALONE upon Assad, Juan. You and other liberal types who are so damn quick to denounce and hyperventilate about the Gaddafies, Assads, and Husseins of the Middle East while forgetting to build a real international movement to end the US war making around the planet make us sick. What Stupid Assholes you all are! The US has initiated this bloodshed, and you of the liberal and socialist mindset are truly lost souls if you are unaware of that???

The US War against Syria is part of the ongoing US War against Iran

The US pretends to be part of a ‘liberation movement’ against Assad of Syria but supports the one candidate/ one party dictatorships of Bahrain, where the US Navy fleet docks, and Yemen, which is part of US ally Saudi Arabia’s hunting to kill, Shia Muslims battlefield. Apparently not all dictatorships are created equally for the Obama Administration, since some are supported and others not. So why support the overthrow of Assad in Syria, Obama?

You and the Democrats are doing the Republican Party’s work once again, one can easily see. And once again, the US government/ military is setting one section of Muslims against another, which is like if a foreign power was promoting sectarian violence and war between Catholics and Protestants, inside the US and European countries. Nasty, hateful business, in short. And it’s all part of D.C.s drive for regime change in Iran, too.

The picture of Hillary Clinton arriving today in Tunis to push this US allied, Syrian terrorist warfare inside Syria, illustrates perfectly exactly what Washington D.C. and the Barack Obama Administration are doing to YET ANOTHER foreign country. They are attempting to destroy Syria by organizing opposition gangs to a government regime D.C. wants to overthrow.

So when will the American people forcefully reject this lust for constant war of the US business community? The time to do it is now, and not some seemingly distant time in the future when the chickens will eventually come home to roost for ‘our’ USA (business) First sins. We increasingly live in a sick, Nazi like society in the US, as this is what constant warfare does to a people. It reduces us, in the US, into being a completely morally bankrupt society, just like the German people were like under the Nazi regime.

See Tunis police beat back protesters at Syria meeting for more info about the Obama Administration’s organizing of terrorism against the Syrian people, many of who support the pro-Iranian Assad government.