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What was Amtrak Terrorist Ojore Lutalo reading that got him arrested?

Journal Turning the TideWas this among the Anarchist literature which provoked the arrest of Amtrak Terrorist Ojore Lutalo in La Junta last week? Until we get the detailed affidavit, NMT is soliciting input from the exhibitors of the LA Anarchist Book Fair of JAN 24, as to which of their publications Ojore might have picked up that so excited his accusers. Who among them for example, is recruiting terrorists or propagandizing against America?

We are inviting every participant of the book fair from which Ojore was returning to submit their best candidate for subversive message for which law officers of Southern Colorado, advised by the local FBI, determined to be propaganda for wrong side of their “War on Terror.” Contact us or append your suggestions below.

Former BLA POW Lutalo is being charged with endangering his fellow passengers with a cell phone conversation purportedly overheard and interpreted to forewarn of a terrorist act, but once that misunderstanding was cleared, the unarmed prison-rights activist could have been left to go on his way. Instead Ojore was detained because of suspicions aroused by reading material he was carrying. I’m not sure even the bomb-making instructions of the Anarchist Cookbook would be grounds to get anyone arrested. Clearly the subject matter of Ojore’s literature will be a critical factor in unmasking the police state which celebrates its service in protecting the American public from terror.

By coincidence, I’m familiar with the train station in La Junta, and with that Amtrack stop. Several years back I once intercepted my sister as she crossed the country my rail. It was her birthday and I had the time to walk hastily through more than half of the cars, find where she was sitting, deliver a cake, light some candles, have a conversation, take some pictures, hug at the door, and descend to the platform when the train had to get on its way. I’m not convinced that police officers didn’t have enough time to size up the 64-year-old Lutalo, diffused the misunderstanding, and let him go on his way, for being the non-threatening passenger he was, if of course his skin was admittedly darker than made his fellow passengers comfortable. At the MOST, officers could have ridden with him the twenty minutes to the next stop at Lamar, while they sorted things out with whoever was so spooked by what they overheard.

That Lutalo was taken from the train and arrested, owes quite a bit to what the police reported to have found on him. Not weapons, nor explosives, but literature. Recruiting material for terrorists, and troubling images of President Obama.

If the press won’t report what books Ojore was carrying, the better to characterize them as propaganda; attributing them only to “Afrikan Liberation Army” or “New Afrikan Anarchist” neither of which are actual organizations that might profit by receiving national focus, here is YOUR opportunity to receive media scrutiny.

Perhaps YOUR literature was what piqued the interest of the police. Perhaps it was a how-to on organic farming that La Junta police knew was aimed at subverting Big Agra’s domination of the heartland. Perhaps by their judgment any criticism of America’s political system can be considered too radical and seditious.

Even if your publications didn’t feature “images of Obama,” certainly you could step up and issue a press release to apologize in advance if your “Anarchist” title, for example about running community soup kitchens, was construed to be a recruiting tool for terrorism.

This is an ideal opportunity for YOU, as a purveyor of potentially dangerous literature, to announce what titles you feature that are so informative as to be considered so subversive of our system that Americans must be protected from them. If you are inclined, please write about your catalog and its potential to alarm law enforcement and send us the link!

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Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: January 31, 2010, 3:50 pm

The Ft Worth Library had a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook in the library catalog… but somebody had stolen it.

Predictably, they had taken the copy of “Steal This Book” as well.

One thing the Cookbook has about it that gives you pause, and rightly so, some of the recipes are deliberately shortened. The one about making Mercury Fulminate doesn’t warn you to do it outside in a lot of shade and with a good stiff breeze, and to leave the area while it’s fulminating.

Because that sickly greenish gray smoke that comes off it is poison. So although the recipe is technically correct As Far As It Goes, you should check out any recipes in the book that interest you from other sources as well.

Fortunately, William Powell did publish a bibliography along with it. Unfortunately, people wanting to make the (cough cough) Homemade firecrackers and bottle rockets don’t often read that far.

There’s a method for making explosives from Chicken Shit. After the Shoney’s Massacre in 2002 I suspected then and it’s been confirmed now, that there’s plenty of that to be had in America.

Comment from Michael Novick   (IP:
Time: January 31, 2010, 3:58 pm

Had the honor to speak briefly with Ojore Lutalo at the Anarchist Book Fair in L.A. and did give him some copies of “Turning the Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action, Research & Education” including the one you picture above, and the latest issue, with the slogan “Stop Killer Cops!” and a “Resist Tyranny” graphic. We send the paper free to prisoners, and were sending it to Ojore for years while he was locked down. Pdfs of the current and recent back issues are on-line at (click on “publication”).

Comment from Bonnie Kerness   (IP:
Time: June 19, 2011, 5:46 pm

Ojore and I read and enjoyed the article. Very funny. Thank you so much. His crime was being an Afrikan in America and having a political past.

Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: June 19, 2011, 8:21 pm

I believe they officially call that “deliberately looking non-mainstream now”

They’ve passed a profiling law in Alabama now to make it “legal”.

They’re bound and determined to drag us all, kicking and screaming, into the 17th century.

Comment from Tamika J.   (IP:
Time: December 6, 2011, 3:31 pm

There is a writeup on this case here:

The guy is some Nazi but it’s sort of funny to get insight into how the enemy thinks.


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