Cajun squirrels and field peas

One more time, for the Community Kitchen Cookbook. This is something like the coon-asses I planted tree with for a season used to do over a propane cooking ring. They used a couple dozen squirrels and fed us all at once. Man, that was some good times. If you want it coon-ass authentic, serve with plenty of cheap beer. Don’t get too drunk and kick the pot over.

Squirrel with Black-Eyed Peas
Four medium-size squirrels, drawn, skinned, and cleaned
1/2 lb Black-eyed peas
3 md Onions
2 sm Carrots
1/2 pk Frozen sweet peas
1/4 lb Smoked link sausage
Bacon fat or lard
Little dab of oregano and marjoram
Salt and pepper
1 c Chicken broth
For the slow cooker: serves two
Put the squirrels into salted water and hold overnight in the refrigerator; the next day, rinse and pat dry.
Bring 4-6 cups of water to vigorous boil in a large saucepan, then add the black-eyed peas to it. Boil furiously for 2 minutes, then remove from the heat and cover; hold 15 minutes and drain. Quarter the squirrels, and dredge with flour. Sauté in a skillet in hot bacon fat or lard until golden brown, then drain on a paper towel and place in a crock-pot. Saute the garlic til golden before adding onion. . Chop the onions coarsely, and sauté in bacon fat and pan drippings until translucent, and add to the pot. Cut the carrots into 3/4″ lengths, and the sausage into 1/8″ disks, then add them along with the frozen peas and the cooked black-eyed peas. Salt and pepper to taste and stir gently; add the chicken broth and cook in the crock-pot for 8 hours on low setting, or until the meat is almost falling off the bones. For a different flavor, you can substitute lentils or navy beans for the black-eyed peas.

(Reprinted from Hipgnosis)

Food Jazz

The Colorado College Community Kitchen will be publishing a cookbook! Every Sunday we get a buncha random, mostly organic groceries, Thanks Whole Foods! Thanks Miller Farms!), and magick them together to feed a couple hundred people or so. April will mark the 20th anniversary of the endeavor. We never know what we’ll have to work with til we have it.

This is a bit of throw-together, after the fact like, made from 100% blind-luck stuff, plus a chicken from the freezer:

Steve’s Chicken Improv

Hack the shit out of some chicken so’s it’s in manageable, bone-in chunks.

Pan sear the chunks and throw ’em in an oven at around 375deg.
Bake til it’s not quite cooked through.

Meanwhile cut up an appropriate amount of onion–about 1 per whole chicken, and some onion-like stuff like scallions or leeks, or whatever. Wild onions are cool, and you can brag about using shit you found lying around outside that way. Put the onions separate from the other shit.

You could use some mushrooms, say, or some bell pepper, but I didn’t in this bombulous version.

Also, peel garlic, (1/2 bulb per chicken), cut up a healthy gob of fresh tarragon, (say, 1/2 onea’ those supermarket packages per chk), leaves from a few stalks of fresh oregano, and 1/2 a seeded fresh japa-leno.

Heat some olive oil in a deepish pan of appropriate size and press the garlic into the oil. Saute til golden.

Add onions, leeks, and ‘shrooms if you’re using any, and saute til the onions are caramelized. You’ll have to figure the timing of any unmentioned items on your own.

Add a buncha’ good fatty milk, the chicken, tarragon, oregano, a generous gob of decent chicken stock, (don’t be skimpy with any of this crap), scallions, jalapenos, salt, (watch don’t get carried away if you’re using salty stock), ground pepper, Worsterchestershire, a little squirt of Sriracha, a pinch of rich, dark, ground coffee, and whatever I forgot about, or you figger might make it gooder.

Cook the shit out of it till the milk reduces and put it on some rice or ‘taters, or somethin’.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Forgot the can of organic chopped tomatoes in that chicken thing. It goes in with the milk, &c.

(Reprinted from Hipgnosis)

What was Amtrak Terrorist Ojore Lutalo reading that got him arrested?

Journal Turning the TideWas this among the Anarchist literature which provoked the arrest of Amtrak Terrorist Ojore Lutalo in La Junta last week? Until we get the detailed affidavit, NMT is soliciting input from the exhibitors of the LA Anarchist Book Fair of JAN 24, as to which of their publications Ojore might have picked up that so excited his accusers. Who among them for example, is recruiting terrorists or propagandizing against America?

We are inviting every participant of the book fair from which Ojore was returning to submit their best candidate for subversive message for which law officers of Southern Colorado, advised by the local FBI, determined to be propaganda for wrong side of their “War on Terror.” Contact us or append your suggestions below.

Former BLA POW Lutalo is being charged with endangering his fellow passengers with a cell phone conversation purportedly overheard and interpreted to forewarn of a terrorist act, but once that misunderstanding was cleared, the unarmed prison-rights activist could have been left to go on his way. Instead Ojore was detained because of suspicions aroused by reading material he was carrying. I’m not sure even the bomb-making instructions of the Anarchist Cookbook would be grounds to get anyone arrested. Clearly the subject matter of Ojore’s literature will be a critical factor in unmasking the police state which celebrates its service in protecting the American public from terror.

By coincidence, I’m familiar with the train station in La Junta, and with that Amtrack stop. Several years back I once intercepted my sister as she crossed the country my rail. It was her birthday and I had the time to walk hastily through more than half of the cars, find where she was sitting, deliver a cake, light some candles, have a conversation, take some pictures, hug at the door, and descend to the platform when the train had to get on its way. I’m not convinced that police officers didn’t have enough time to size up the 64-year-old Lutalo, diffused the misunderstanding, and let him go on his way, for being the non-threatening passenger he was, if of course his skin was admittedly darker than made his fellow passengers comfortable. At the MOST, officers could have ridden with him the twenty minutes to the next stop at Lamar, while they sorted things out with whoever was so spooked by what they overheard.

That Lutalo was taken from the train and arrested, owes quite a bit to what the police reported to have found on him. Not weapons, nor explosives, but literature. Recruiting material for terrorists, and troubling images of President Obama.

If the press won’t report what books Ojore was carrying, the better to characterize them as propaganda; attributing them only to “Afrikan Liberation Army” or “New Afrikan Anarchist” neither of which are actual organizations that might profit by receiving national focus, here is YOUR opportunity to receive media scrutiny.

Perhaps YOUR literature was what piqued the interest of the police. Perhaps it was a how-to on organic farming that La Junta police knew was aimed at subverting Big Agra’s domination of the heartland. Perhaps by their judgment any criticism of America’s political system can be considered too radical and seditious.

Even if your publications didn’t feature “images of Obama,” certainly you could step up and issue a press release to apologize in advance if your “Anarchist” title, for example about running community soup kitchens, was construed to be a recruiting tool for terrorism.

This is an ideal opportunity for YOU, as a purveyor of potentially dangerous literature, to announce what titles you feature that are so informative as to be considered so subversive of our system that Americans must be protected from them. If you are inclined, please write about your catalog and its potential to alarm law enforcement and send us the link!

Check out latest Popular Science, dude…

About right in the middle, a technique for refining Titanium at home… involving titanium dioxide powder, rust, in a flowerpot.

Although, really this should NOT be tried at home, kids. At least not without your Parental Units giving permission.

Unless they’re dumbasses who would get off to burning down the neighborhood. Then, it’s still NO.

Check out the “warnings” about it, and the pictures associated…

This is for informational purposes, mainly because it puts the lie to the Pentagon assertion that certain insurgency weapons were “too sophisticated” to be made by the same Iraqi army they had accused earlier of developing things that are a bit more complex, like atom bombs, and Designer Germs.

They were pushing for an invasion of Iran and using the same stale bullshit they had used to “justify” going in to Iraq. And said that some of the best insurgency weapons were being made in Iran because the Ay-rabs in Iraq wuz jes’ too damn dumb to figger out complex stuff”

Of course that’s a Racist attitude. And the Pentagoons know it too.

It’s just more fun and suits their underlying purpose better to simply LIE about it.

My thought was “Damn, If we put that on this site we’d be skeletal remains discovered on the site of Guantanamo a couple hundred years from now.” leaps to mind.

And it’s published in a National Magazine.

I can think of a certain statue of a certain “city founder’ which is sitting in the middle of a certain intersection of Platte and Nevada which truly might possibly deserve to be “recycled”….

The dude killed more people with his statue over the years than he did with his gun.

Or (much better idea, nobody gets any kind of danger) get 50 volunteers, some long poles, we can pick it up and put it in the middle of the nearby park where statues USUALLY go, in a civilized society of course.

I saw it in the Popular Science magazine itself while waiting for a prescription last night.

It’s awesome to behold, they had a still photograph of it in action.

Seems structural titanium, like you make the thousand dollar wrench sets from, is hard to make. Because it burns about the same temperature it melts.

Like aluminum does.

Powdered titanium is cheap to make, cheaper than copper. it’s the raw ore for it, titanium dioxide.

if you put it with iron, all of which has a patina of rust on it even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, it transfers the extra oxygen from the rust to the titanium, as soon as you light it.

The still photograph showed the shit burning through the clay flowerpot and tossing chunks of melt-through-concrete burning titanium and molten steel everywhere.

The Anarchists Cookbook had a lot of “recipes” for these things. and for similar reasons to mine.

To show just how easy it is to mess things up, AND, kids, doing darkside shit like that can get you yourself seriously not only dead but there wouldn’t be any burial of the cremains.

Just like when they teach you about explosive reactions in High School chemistry lab… it’s done so you know better than to mix certain chemicals accidentally.

Sliding in to the motivations of destroying people for either fun, profit or ideology, is a fast way to find Karma.

Life, Love, Liberty and Lunch

graduation cheyenne mountain high school julia marie walden
I’m taking over the Bachelor Nutrition Series. Yes, Eric is a bachelor. But he’s my bachelor; as such, he’s carefully tended and well fed. The Simple Nutrition Series (its new name) should be geared toward those who know something about the body and, as such, desire nutritious fare but who, for whatever reason, find themselves culinarily challenged for a spell.

Proper equipment, fresh ingredients, adaptable recipes, sufficient time and talent — all components of good nutrition — are in short supply when one finds herself alone, in a dorm room, on a big college campus, hungry for both food and companionship. Yes, the hot pot is small consolation, and stands in the way of starvation. But wouldn’t it be great if a moveable feast was a genuine possibility? If the way to the heart is truly through the stomach, shouldn’t a girl come prepared for the journey?

My lovely Julia graduated from Cheyenne Mountain High School this weekend. Voted Most Likely to Win the Nobel Prize for Literature, and Best Sense of Humor — both make me so happy! — she did not win the Next Rachael Ray title. So begins my Fifteen Freshman Recipes Cookbook.

Freshman Fifteen #1 — Tortilla pizzas
I will not sing the praises of the lard/bleached-flour combo known as the tortilla. Pure dreck if you ask me. But, in a pinch, it can be the foundation for a nutritious gourmet pizza.

The PRESTO Pizzazz Pizza Oven is a stand-alone device that can cook a fresh or frozen pizza in minutes. We experimented with it tonight and discovered a few nutritious alternatives to Totino’s, using flour tortillas as our crust.

I placed the following items along the counter:
marinara sauce
olive oil
chopped fresh garlic
chopped fresh cilantro
chopped fresh basil
chopped fresh spinach
black beans
sliced black olives
turkey pepperoni
sliced roma tomatoes
sliced green pepper
sliced green onions
pineapple tidbits
shredded cheddar
shredded mozzarella
shredded swiss

We used the above ingredients in various tasty combinations and had a really lovely time of it.

A few combinations we discovered:
-black beans, tomatoes, cilantro, green onions, cheddar
-olive oil, spinach, garlic, basil, swiss
-marinara, pepperoni, pineapple, black olives, mozzarella

Each pizza took about six minutes, and ended up crisp and delicious. Not exactly haute cuisine, but definitely a step up from the ramen noodles of my era!
julia walden cheyenne mountain high school

Bullshit making instructions

Writing an column for Crank Magazine some years ago, I announced my intention to describe how to make a bomb. Crank Magazine took out a newspaper ad in the local daily to publicize the upcoming issue , mentioning the forthcoming bomb recipe. As a result we received letters and legal threats warning us not to reveal bomb-making secrets to the public at large.

The point of my article was not just to dispel the impression that bomb making was easy, but to argue the importance of the public’s access to that information. Several publishers had been hounded for their efforts to keep THE ANARCHIST’S COOKBOOK in print. The instructions are relatively simple to understand, but to execute them is another matter.

My point was illustrated by last week’s fantasy bomb plot. British and American authorities scared us with descriptions of dark skinned operatives sneaking aboard transatlantic flights armed with bottles of liquid bomb ingredients. If enough of us were conversant in basic chemistry, we could debunk such sky-is-falling wolf-crying. The Register has sorted out what it would take to successfully make an explosive from liquids smuggled aboard by airline passengers.

Several American columnists have now alluded to the Register article, but without the customary hyperlink. Perhaps they are still fearing to call attention to explicit chemistry instruction. I think that’s still playing gatekeeper with knowledge. Let the poorly-educated American public, too hung-over in highschool to have gotten anything out of early morning chemistry lab, understand what is required to make a bomb in an airplane lavatory: a miracle.