War on drug users

I support terrorists?

I do drugs, I fund crime, I help terrorism. Well, because there’s a war on drugs, my money goes to criminals, druglords and terrorists.

If drugs were not illegal, my money would go to legitimate sources. I do drugs, my government has declared war on me.

The war on drugs is part of the war against terrorism, nothing to do with people who think differently, who want to lead their lives differently, who don’t want to be oppressed by capitalism’s whims.

2 thoughts on “War on drug users

  1. Ah but WHAT IF drugs were legal? I’ve read marijuana is the United States’ largest cash crop. Think of the taxes it would generate for the country… thus making the U.S. a richer nation.

    And of course, it’s the excessive wealth (and its management) that attracts the terrorists. So… if drugs were legal, that too, would support terrorists.

    Sigh… you just can’t fight the dyslogic of megalomania anymore.

    Right after 9/11 I read a Yahoo news blurp that suggested mp3s supported terrorists.

    Meanwhile as the terrorists get all this great support, Walmart (and the likes) conquers another city. Bin Laden loves the happy shopper. But let’s not limit the picking to Walmart. Citibank sponsors both consumer and merchant with the convenience of debt (slavery).

    The war is wherever the dollar floats that is not into the pockets of the greedy.

    Fight inflation now! Pass the buck and toke it. Or if you prefer something healthier, recycle plastic bags by tying them on the heads of CEOs.

    Spend less. Smile more.

  2. Most drugs are actually legal, there are a very small number that are strecht verboten. Heroin, LSD, Methamphetamine names most of them in one sentence. Others are tightly controlled, about 300 times that number are even regulated, but most are unrestricted, save through tariffs like on coffee and even (EGAD, considering American history) tea.

    A series on one of the Disney channels F B Eye, about a deaf agent who uses a dog and monitors the bad guys with lip-reading, and another series Law & Order, tied music and video piracy directly to al Qaeda.

    What is funnier than a dog squatting is (if one can find humor in violent crime) most crime in America and Europe including the vast number of murders, is done by NON-Muslims.

    Yeah, Rumsfeld and your successor, stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

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