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I took umbrage with the INDEPENDENT reader last week who responded to a call for more public input into public radio station KRCC news programming with the cry “Get your own radio station!”

Isn’t that the old “love it or leave it” retort?

While efforts to develop a community owned radio station are underway, let’s not ignore that the Colorado Springs public already has its own radio station: KRCC. We love it, and we’d love for it to be better.

No one wants to politicize KRCC. Rather, we’d prefer to see more balance in its news coverage. If NPR is your idea of non-partisan news reporting you are mistaken. Last week’s Indy “white wash” issue was full of stories you didn’t hear even on NPR. What does anybody have against hearing the real news?

NPR beat the war drums like every other corporate mouthpiece. Even this summer they under-reported the half million turn-out at the RNC peace march. NPR’s political agenda is I believe unforgivable.

The traditional obstruction to public input at KRCC is always exasperating. A Prairie Home Companion would not be on KRCC but for the lobbying efforts of KRCC listeners. Imagine that! The Thomas Jefferson Hour as well.

The KRCC managers are not neutral, they are obstinate. Let’s get them to air some real grassroots news and see how much more popular the station will become, again thanks to its listeners.

If you’d like your programming opinions to be heard, The Pike Peak Media Alliance has set up a website to gather your ideas. At we can accumulate public input into a groundswell KRCC management will no longer be able to deny. Let’s reclaim KRCC for the public radio station it is supposed to be. The music’s fine. Who’s afraid of a little informative news?

Reprinted from The Independent

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