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KRCC thinks pro-corporate news is balanced, pro-people news is suspect

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What does “member-supported radio” mean? Friends don’t let friends air junk

It is that time again. Twice a year local public radio affiliate KRCC holds a fund drive during which it expects community support for its exclusively corporate programming. By what stretch of the imagination should listeners feel they need to … Continue reading

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Goddamnit! 100 years on, KRCC plays soldier to butcher Ludlow miners again

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- This is what happen when apolitical wits want to dribble their sardonic apathy on a subject of historic import. Or as they see it, unimport. The 100-year anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre passed in April, with considerable … Continue reading

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Democracy How?

Amy Goodman of the program Democracy Now was in Colorado Springs last night (Thursday) speaking to a small group of patrons of KRCC radio crowd which, along with Colorado College the owner of the station, did a royally piss poor … Continue reading

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Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – laughs at us

Corporate disinformation Ha ha ha ha ha Public media pretends to balance Ha ha ha ha ha Laughing at the newspeople laughing at us Ha ha ha ha ha NPR’s WAIT WAIT DON’T TELL ME trivializes being uniformed Ha ha … Continue reading

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Is NPR blocking health care reform?

If the corporation from which you get your news is NOT TELLING YOU that the US could give its citizens Universal Health Care for less than the cost of today’s system, and could do so tomorrow by expanding Medicare offering … Continue reading

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Tim DeChristopher on Democracy Now!

  Tim DeChristopher, a University of Utah disobedient civilian, was interviewed on Democracy Now! today. Amy Goodman asked him what relevance Edward Abbey had to his move to disrupt the bidding process for oil and gas leases in Utah’s red … Continue reading

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Psychedelic Air Force Academy Show and KRCC, Pentagon Kool Aid Stand

I told myself I just wasn’t going to comment anymore about the local Colorado Springs private radio station, KRCC. Yeah, I know they bill themselves as being ‘public radio’, but have you ever heard so many commercials in your life? … Continue reading

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World news and the everyday teenager

There wasn’t any conversation to speak of on the drive to school today, so I turned on the news. From the back a teen immediately interjected “Is that completely necessary?” I muted the sound and turned around, completely incredulous. “What?” … Continue reading

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Time for a little Texas Swing!

If you are sick and tired of that crap they play on KRCC, then try some music with a little Texas Swing old style! Live 365 Internet Radio has hundreds of stations of all types of music but for Texans … Continue reading

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Dave and 911 fail Dale Carnegie at KRCC

Believe what you want, but suffer the fate of Copernicus if you insist on trying to shake the system to its destruction. Copernicus tried to put the very infallibility of the church to flame. Hard to blame them for burning him. Continue reading

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Amy Goodman fliers for distribution

Help spread the word that journalist Amy Goodman will be making an appearance on Sunday 3pm. This is an opportunity to ask KRCC to give her show DEMOCRACY NOW a morning or afternoon drive time slot. Continue reading

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Autry Field KRCC Amy Goodman venue

AUTRY FIELD is a 1/2 block east from Shove Chapel on the CC campus.

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KRCC promoting Amy Goodman and DN!

Most radio listeners are in their cars. That AM stations retain their clout is because for the longest time most cars could only receive the AM signal. Older established technologies present critical links not just older generations but to lower socio-economic populations. Continue reading

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KRCC is mum about Amy Goodman visit

Democracy Now! heroine Amy Goodman will be visiting the Springs on Sunday April 20th, but you wouldn’t know from listening to DN!’s own local radio affiliate KRCC. Today, in the segue for the 7pm slot, “Coming up next, Democracy Now,” … Continue reading

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Democracy Now host to visit Springs

DEMOCRACY NOW (7-8pm weekdays on KRCC) radio news reporter Amy Goodman will be in Colorado Springs on SUNDAY April 20 AT 3:00PM between appearances in Salida and Denver. No word yet as to the local venue or arrangements. Call KRCC … Continue reading

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Springs Culture Cast has party for Craig Richardson and Klayton Elliot Kendall of Springs Culture Cast

The Smokebrush is feting the first anniversary of the Springs Culture Cast enterprise on Thursday night. I love the work Craig and Klayton are doing to illuminate our city’s culture scene. Every weekday the two assemble a four minute segment … Continue reading

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The Air Force Academy of Religious Intolerance

Why does the local community just sit back inattentively with big issues while the national examines the real issues and is all over a local situation? KRCC, Indy, where are you? Question is… should the Pentagon be sponsoring Right Wing … Continue reading

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Colorado Springs Mack the Knife

The Gazette reported this weekend that Alexander Pring-Wilson, now of Court TV fame, has won a second reprieve against accusations of knifing an Hispanic Boston teen in 2003. Pring-Wilson’s legal team has twice successfully confused juries by defaming the victim’s … Continue reading

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St Patricks Day denoument chronicled

Council must prevent parade pandemonium John Weiss INDY editorial, Dec 6 Largest US Civil Disobedience Movement Underway AfterDowningStreet.org, Dec 6 Ousted protesters unsure of trying luck at St. Patty’s parade ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, Dec 1 City attorney says prosecution is … Continue reading

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Jena, take your nooses down

John Mellencamp has put out a new video and new song in support of the Jena 6. I think it will be a hit, and hopefully KRCC will begin to play it on a regular basis. Call them up and … Continue reading

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Que Viva Colombia!

Pastor Lopez is my favorite religious leader. He was born in Venezuela, but has lived for years in Colombia, too. His religious teachings have inspired millions around the world! Here he is at his best in ‘La Tracionera‘. We need … Continue reading

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Democracy Now on KRCC

This week the Pacifica news program Democracy Now was added to the KRCC lineup on weekdays at 7pm. After listening this week when I could, I came away thinking: for the Colorado Springs community, the sudden juxtaposition of Democracy Now … Continue reading

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The virtual world of the global marketplace

Wow, look what’s moved in to a prime drive-time slot on our public radio station? National Public Media’s MARKETPLACE. Wow! Filled with corporate press releases designed to stimulate stock values, and commentary designed to give the stimulation a simulation of being in the investor’s interest. Continue reading

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NPR versus Habeas Corpus

Can you imagine an informed American populace without the media telling them what’s happening? Why are your friends and neighbors not able to hear Democracy Now on their radios? In Colorado Springs the gatekeeper is public radio station KRCC. Continue reading

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