Is this signature Rove spin?

Protesters looking too tidy
Short hair, oxford shirts,
not one extraneous banner,
did someone co-opt
this Move-on action?

Looks more like astroturf
than grass roots.

God bless ’em. The Republicans have joined MoveOn. Next time let’s see if they’d like to pose for the cameras with signs which explain exactly WHAT IS the Plame coverup. It’s one thing to tailor the message, it’s another to restrict it to a vocabulary which spells nothing.

And it is hard to believe that authentic MoveOn members would bother to get out of bed to call merely for Rove’s being FIRED. What is this? If we can reassemble this crew, let’s see them call for Rove’s prosecution, or better yet, hanging.

Can you spot any Republican ops who couldn’t stay out of the pictures?

I suspect that Rove is after two things: first, set up a straw man to suggest that he was behind the Plame leak, before the evidence is out, the sooner to dismiss the accusation as old news. Second, and most important, offer up his own ass, perhaps an irresistible target, to lure Democrats away from calling attention to the DOWNING STREET MEMO.

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