Another victim of the Drug Wars shot down by police

Yet another victim of givng a mandate to the police to behave like an occupation army in our inner cities. All under the guise of ‘waging war on drugs’. This time the victim who died was a 92 year old woman, dead after the police break into her home. When you go to this aol article, vote in the poll and note the vote. Do we live in a sick country, or what? The majority of the voters say that the police were actually justified!

1 thought on “Another victim of the Drug Wars shot down by police

  1. Looking at this news item again, I wondered what it was that made it so hard for people reading the AOLl material to blame the police in this killing? So I went to the Atlanta paper’s reporting of this event, and compared it to what was shown AOL readers.

    The AOL article did not mention that this was a ‘no knock’ warrant to be served on a ‘John Doe’. What that is essentially, is blatant permission to break down just about anybody’s door and enter guns drawn before they can even come to the door to open it. The aol article just refers to the police as having a warrant, but does not give readers the relevent facts of it being a ‘no knock’ warrant.

    Further, the AOL article does not mention that public law requires that this warrant be shown to the public and to the press when request is made. The police were in fact refusing to do just that, last I read.

    And one might suspect, too, that a cop supposedly shot 5 times was OK in the hospital? It is doubtful that this cop was injured at all, and might just be sitting in that room for press reasons, I would think? Most people do not do so good if shot 5 times. However, it certainly looks good as a supposed reason to murder down a 92 year old lady. The press reported that this cop was doing just fine despite supposedly having 5 bullet holes in him!

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