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The case of turning your 9 y/o kid into a Coca Cola whore and US Police State madness

The news from America just keeps on getting worse and worse and worser. The Massachusetts Child Protective Services is investigating the dad of this 9 y/o kid because of how he has his kid performing in a ‘joke’ video for youtube! Rapper ‘Lil Poopy’ sings ‘Coke ain’t a bad word’ …’Coke ain’t a bad word’? Oh YES it is, Coca Cola.

Shame on you, Massachusetts CPS and State government, for not admitting that the Coca Cola Company itself DOES abuse children, much more than this kid’s dad might be also doing. Go after the big company and not his dad, Pig Force America!

In America, the big wigs get constant praise while the common folk get ‘investigations’, jail time, and their kids possibly taken away by the police. What a shame. The ‘drug war’ madness of the US Police State apparatus just keeps getting crazier and crazier. When will it end?

US gov supported ‘disappearing’ people in Colombia and now runs Mexican ‘drug war’ killings out of Peterson AFB

The US currently intervenes inside Mexico by running Mexico’s ‘drug war’ out of Peterson AFB, located right here in Colorado Springs where NORTHCOM is located. What track record do the US government and military have in their bloody Made-in-the-USA ‘drug wars’ in the Americas? See Killing in The Name of… Death Squads, Murder and U.S. Corruption in Colombia.

US Troops Out of Guatemala Now!

One cannot think of a more disgusting military in the Americas than that of the country of Guatemala for the US to be cooperating with in joint operations! US Out of Guatemala Now! Marines vs. Zetas: U.S. Hunts Drug Cartels in Guatemala. The internal journals of the US Marine Corps have been bragging recently about their training of the Kaibiles, an elite Guatemalan military squad that committed a genocide in the ’80s against Guatemala’s own Highland indigenous Mayan populations. Shame on the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party for doing what they are doing now. Shame on you ‘liberal’ voters who turn the other way pretending to not know what’s going on!

More troops, more ‘drug war’, more bloodshed to be result of recent rigged Mexican presidential election

This picture depict 750 more Mexican troops arriving this week with grand public display to Torreon, a metropolitan area of about 1,500,000 south of Chihuahua on the route north to Ciudad Juarez-El Paso. The newly selected Presidente Nieto is going to continue the US government’s ‘drug war’ in Mexico that the previous presidente, Felipe Calderon, was known for implementing. More death and more horror for Mexico, all forcibly imported from the Pentagon, NORTHCOM Mexican ‘drug war’ command center, Peterson AFB located just outside of Colorado Springs. See America's Mexico Blog for more info about NORTHCOM.

Arriba PRD!

____In Mexico, the people want the corruption exposed! Go PRD! Arriba Natalia Juarez!

The presidential candidate of the PRD, AMLO, is certainly a preferable choice over the other 2 running against him, also. One more week to go to the Mexican elections.

Me? I’d certainly vote for Natalia if I could. She wants to expose it all and a PRD victory certainly would help do that. It might punch a hole in the US mandated ‘drug war’ as well. López Obrador presidential campaign headquarters It might help bring about some CHANGE. ….Gulp… a scary thought for many… in Mexico as well as in the US.

‘Dare to construct for yourself the national alternative without compromises or corruption! In the name of all women- We are for a very real CHANGE!’ … That Natalia sure knows how to put it! Too bad our US DP-RP campaigns seem so dull in comparison. They are.

Mega Agro-industry US style has helped destroy Mexico’s countryside and led to ‘Drug War’ battlefield deaths

US style mega- corporate agriculture has been pushed onto Mexico rural area for decades now, and as a result tens of millions upon tens of millions of Mexicans have been left destitute in areas that once flourished with small agricultural towns. The rural poverty is much more severe than what these policies led to in rural USA, which certainly also were left devastated in many cases. Where to turn to to make a living?

Well it is apparent that only drug trafficking cartels are offering much employment for rural people these days, as racist US immigration laws have put the squeeze on income from going North into the US. As the US also turns to forcing a ‘drug war’ scenario on these rural areas, tens of thousands of people are losing their lives due to Made in US economic and political policies. All this is getting played out in the Mexican elections for president once again, as the vote comes this July 1. See al jazeera- Mexican farmers feel forgotten by politicians for a brief report about the rural campaigning.

Mexican voters increasingly feel locked out by election choices given them

Mexico’s presidential selection is just one month away, and voters feel increasingly like the supposedly democratic system there is locking out of any consideration their often voiced desires to end the US pushed ‘war on drugs’ that is tearing up their country. The US and Mexican business communities want to merely give voters a choice of selecting either the PRI or PAN honchos, who both will continue to push more warfare supplied by US dollars and Mexican blood.

The ‘Left’ light choice of PRD has been elected twice before in presidential elections during the last 30 years, both times with the election result nullified by fraud backed up by international players such as the US government who gave their stamps of approval on robbing the elections from their natural winners. What’s to be gained by going that route again, many must be asking themselves? Why vote AMLO of the PRD when even when he wins, he loses! So who can the voters turn to?

The results of this election in Mexico will strongly determine the way the US will propagandize their continued drug wars in Latin America. That alone is the reason American citizens should pay some attention to what’s happening south of the USA. Mexico's Pena Nieto feels the heat with finish in sight ___How overt will the fraud be this itme around?

US military working with Honduran dictatorship according to The New York Times

‘Lessons from Iraq and the War Against Drugs in Honduras- The New York Times in its May 5th edition published an article that stated in its first paragraph: “The United States military has brought lessons from the past decade of conflict to the drug war being fought in the wilderness of Miskito Indian country, constructing this remote base camp with little public notice…

…but with the support of the Honduran government.” The Iraqization of Honduras is more evident than ever: the induced failed state has a script fabricated in the U.S. Southern Command, having among other results, a Honduras submerged in violence to the point of occupying the denigrating first place in homicides in the world, in addition the unstoppable arms trafficking, an example of which is the Castaway Operation, promoted by the Department of Justice.’

Complete analysis can be found at http://quotha.net/node/2256 where much good information about US military involvement in Central America can be found.

US military out of Honduras now!

The US has spread its drug war killings from its own inner cities into Peru and Colombia and then north into Mexico and now back once again into Central America as well. The US military is not going to stop drug trafficking and should get out of all of Latin America now. Why are Americans silent about these wars and supportive of military interventionism? Americans get what they sow…. which is a Police and Military State society everywhere. Honduras protest over (US DEA agent) shootings (of Hondurans inside Honduras)

‘Liberal’ Obama supports no change to continuing to fight failed and failing US-made ‘Drug War’

‘It was now-disgraced President Richard Nixon who coined the term “war on drugs” in 1971. Since then, the drug war has cost more than one trillion dollars, the Associated Press reported in 2010. Hundreds of thousands of lives have also been lost. Observers are split on whether the goal of the programme was actually battling drug cultivation, or if the real aim was the projection of US military power in the region.’

See the full al jazeera article US allies call for drug legalisation about the backward and lost, Obama-led US drug warrior contingent in Cartagena, Colombia, as they hunt for drunken times, more killing, and young prostitutes there. Barack is about the poorest excuse for a CHANGE agent one can imagine!

Mexico set to ditch the political party (PAN) most identified with carrying out the bloody US war on drugs

The Made-in-the-US, so called Mexican drug war has led to the deaths of over 60,000 in recent years and Mexicans are fed up with the increasing national insecurity arising from this war. As a result, the country is set to return the old PRI ‘dinosaurs’ back into Los Pinos, which is the Mexican White House come July this year. It is selection time Mexico style, and the PRI presidential candidate now has an insurmountable double digit lead according to all polls. The man to beat As the presidential campaign officially begins, time is running out to catch up with Enrique Peña Nieto.

Thanks to the US and Mexican business communities, Mexico has now successfully established a ‘2 party system’ there, where two corporate based political parties pretend to the public to be in perpetual opposition, yet ally themselves to smother out any possible uprising from the Left via a third party of the People. The model for this, of course, is the DP-RP game played against us in the US.

What is little known about the drug war battles inside Mexico, is that the direction for the Mexican government’s strategy actually comes by way of the US’s Pentagon, or more specifically, it comes from right here in Colorado Springs at Peterson Air Force Base! That’s where the US run military command center of North America (NORTHCOM) is head quartered.

Don’t want ‘illegal aliens from Mexico inside ‘your’ USA? Then take your complaints to Peterson and the Pentagon. We’re in Mexico, therefore Mexico will be somewhat inside the US as well. You helped bloody Mexico by your ‘support for the soldiers’ …then perhaps you owe some impoverished Mexican nationals at least a job???

High Priest Felipe Calderon’s great human sacrifice to Drug War God Obama

human sacrificeObama and Mexico’s Presidente Felipe Calderon got themselves together at the big house, Los Pinos, to celebrate their blood lust for more militarization of both Mexico and the US disguised as a so-called war on drugs.

Calderon, like some blood thirsty Aztec god of the past, insured that the international press would take due note of this big time pow wow, by having the Mexican Army do a human sacrifice of 16 nubile virgins… no I am sorry… one heroic soldier of the patria, and 15 ‘sicarios’ in honor of the visit by the Drug War God Obama. See Obama pledges support in Mexico’s drug-trade war

Nobody questioned the timing of this human sacrifice at all, and the world went about its business of watching sadly on as the Drug War God Obama requested yet more human sacrifice in the days ahead from his Mexican quisling, affectionately known by most as ‘Fecal’ (SHIT) Calderon.

See the initial press version about this human sacrifice- Mexico drug clash kills 16 ahead of Obama trip

Get out of Juarez, thieving abusive Mexican government soldiers!

Mexicans are increasingly getting fed up with ‘Fecal’ Calderon’s militarization of their country, an act that comes directive of Washington D.C. See Mexican protesters block bridges into Texas …How much bloodshed in the name of a ‘war on drugs’ will the US government enforce against the Mexican people? It comes, too, as the plunge of the American economy itself is destroying the Mexican economy alongside it. Bloodshed, violence, torture, mayhem, poverty? Thanks, Uncle Sam!

Ultra-Violent US Drug War creeping back North towards America

getting highThe US ‘Drug War’ is a spectacular international failure, whether it be Afghanistan, Colombia, Central America, or even the US-Mexico Border towns. In fact, the whole country of Mexico is being eaten alive by this so-called Drug War and the US population is hardly aware of what’s going on! How soon will it be before this newest bloodshed and carnage crosses to this side of the Border?

Fear keeps Americans out of Mexican sister city/ Nogales’ tourism-dependent economy paralyzed by gun, drug battles This is much worse than Prohibition ever was, and yet there is hardly a sign of a forthcoming intelligent decision to stop the carnage by stopping the ‘War’ now. Very sad. Will the US soon become a land of common beheadings and dumped bodies, too? Americans thought they had already seen Drug War violence, but what is headed our way soon will be much worse.

Why not win the ‘Drug War’ by creating a Peace with Drugs?

junkieAs a professional drug pusher, I have seen the worst abuse with drugs comes most often from the doctors. Society doesn’t seem to much mind that though, because these doctors are considered esteemed members of society. On the other hand our Christianity influenced hate filled world does despise ‘self abuse’, whether it be masturbation, self medication for depression (often called alcoholism), or filling prescriptions without a doctor’s order. As a result of this madhouse way of thinking, people’s heads are being decapitated (in Mexico and other countries) and little babies and small children are getting shot down through apartment building walls. Is there not another approach other than the ‘Christian’ one of punishment?

Yes there is, and Vancouver, BC seems to be at least partially taking a different route toward winning the ‘Drug War’. It has declared Peace! Vancouver’s Radical Approach to Drugs: Let Junkies Be Junkies Good for them! For their approach to truly win the ‘War’ though, it must be made national, and not just local. Otherwise junkies in Canada will just migrate West until they reach Vancouver. Hey, they did that for years even before the change in local law! Even junkies like good scenery, it seems. And good Chinese food, too!

Mexico fed up with results on their country of US imposed drug war

Eleven headless bodies were dumped in a small town in the Yucatan peninsula on Thursday and another decapitated corpse was found nearby. Police suspect the Gulf cartel, and Mexican media say the victims were likely alive when their heads were cut off. On Saturday Over 150,000 march in Mexico against crime
The government of the rich in Mexico took the US money to help militarize further their own country. The results are in, Mexico is becoming another Colombia North. The people pay the price for the corruption of their government of misleaders tied to the Yankees of DC.

The latest Drug War news from the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area

At last count, Ciudad Juarez has had 840 people murdered there this year, most of them Drug War victims. Severed head The entire US-Mexican Border area has been turned into a killing battlefield by the US campaign to militarize Latin America as well as our own country. Here is the Narco News report on the latest violence in the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area Masked Gunmen Unleash AK-47s on Drug-Rehab Center; Mexican Soldiers Parked 50 Yards Away Do Nothing

For further recent US-Mexico Drug War news from a little further inside Mexico see Suspected drug hit men dump head in Mexican city

The US role in Mexico’s ‘Drug War’

Mexican Army
That’s the Mexican army running amok. Unknown to most Americans the US government is promoting and funding Mexican military terrorism across Mexico. In fact this militarization of our Southern neighbor threatens to turn Mexico into Colombia Part 2.

There are 3 components to the US-made militarization process of Mexico; guns, labor, and drugs, all of which are directed by dysfunctional US government approaches to these 3 human products.

1) Guns The US refuses to limit or control access to high powered arms, which is fed by the militarization of the US itself as the government pushes for continual worldwide warfare to feed the US war and police supply industries.

2) Labor The US plays immigrants both ways, Satanizing immigrants when convenient, and then all the while exploiting the cheap labor bought from these desperate people for next to nothing. In doing so, it encourages an abusive Police State and a corporate traffic in cheap labor.

30) Drugs The US government, by making most drugs and medicines illegal, actually encourages the growth of a gargantuan prison and police industry, a phony so-called National Security Department, and an ongoing brutalization of all US citizens as legal protections against State abuse are thrown to the wind.

Al jazeera has an excellent recent commentary on what is being done to Mexico by the US government as it funds and organizes Mexican military and police terrorism. Video Newsreel: The Drug War and Plan Mexico Check it out!

Mexico tires of US paid Mexican military abuses

The US is funding a ‘drug war’ campaign by the Mexican military that has gotten increasingly every bit as abusive as the drug traffickers themselves, who often times are ex-Mexican military and police. As a result, the Mexican public is trading in their previous support for this campaign and is pushing for the Mexican military to get out of their towns and cities. The Associate Press reports Mexican military losing drug war support

Meanwhile, the US politicians and press continue their campaign against Mexican immigrant workers, who instead of trafficking drugs, just try to make a living off their own labor. The politicians and press do little talking about the violence that US drug laws and the US ‘drug war’ push of into other peoples’ lands though. That is a rather forbidden subject. Even more forbidden is to report on the US funding for these foreign military atrocities, whether it be in Colombia or Mexico, or points in between.

Instead of hearing about how Mexico is becoming militarized for the worse by US funds for such purpose, we, the American public, are fed disinformation that leads us to think that all is getting much better just South of our border. Actually, the scene so nearby makes Al Capone’s Chicago reign look like a tea party for old ladies.

We need to abolish this pseudo war against drugs just like we need to end all the other wars that are used to justify militarizing our own country even further than it already is. If not, more of this violence will eventually spill over to this side of The Border. We ened to stop our government from torturing Mexicans and from torturing Americans inside US prisons.