Exit 41 on the road to Mumbai via New Hampshire

So what is the fast food management mindset that has led to Taco Hell having to close 4 restaurants, this week, in response to an E Coli outbreak? Well, take Exit 41 in New Hampshire to find out, but first, let this company’s website load. It takes just a couple of seconds. Exit 41

Yes, Big Dave, your company has gone totally mad since you passed away from an excess of fat. Wendy’s management is now outsourcing skilled labor, lol, to New Hampshire! But I doubt that it will stop here. Why not follow Dell Computers and others, and outsorce to India as well?

“Hi, this is Patel. That will be one Holy Cow square burger and a Mango Lassi. Will that be all?”

Can capitalism get any more efficient at alienating the Hell out of us all? Are you still listening to the.. uh.. music at Exit 41 and watching the little cars drive thru? Kind of captures the Milton Friedman essence of the thing, doesn’t it? And global warming be damned, too! Let’s get them cars moving, shall we? We need to speed up labor, and speed up consumption! Let’s turn people into little programmed consumer machines!

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