Holy Hell! It’s Holy Huggables!

Blue eyes goatie and braidsI just got off the phone talking to the United States Marine Corp about their ‘Toys for Tots’ program. “How dare you try to shut up Jesus”, I told them. Damn, if they didn’t listen to the peace loving public and have decided to distribute the Talking Jesus dolls to kids this Christmas after all. If you are not sufficiently impoverished from paying war taxes to get one free from the Pentagon, well why not just order one online. I’m getting my daughter a free Takling Esther one myself. And there’s Talking Moses, too.
Sorry, Damned Satan dolls not available at this time. Order now! Holy Huggables!

1 thought on “Holy Hell! It’s Holy Huggables!

  1. Ok. This is truly wrong.

    Do these people not understand the term “Thou shalt not make for thyselves an graven image, to worship it”?

    A huggable talking Moses doll too? Don’t they know that Jewish people don’t make any image of Moses at all end of sentence period >.

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