Homosexuals that go moo

Buses that go mooDogs that go moo.
Are there such things, or is this an analogy? Let’s see, if animals vocalize in order to interact with like animals, isn’t a mooing dog likely to attract only other dogs that moo? And maybe dairy farmers. In any case, they are unlikely to procreate. Instead the dogs will run together in mooing herds.
Now where’s the harm in that?

This might be why people are confused by the ad campaign. Is it pro gay marriage? Against? I’d be on board with the gay marriage issue if Republicans weren’t using it to drive simpleton voters away from anti-war and class-war solutions.

What are they trying to say with a dog mooing? That homosexuality is an aberration of nature? That it’s not natural? A dog that moos? Taking it further, how would you explain a natural phenomenon that evolves non-evolving DNA. Seedless watermellon? Not natural.

I don’t think a dog that moos works. Now a dog that swishes? Fantastic. And natural.

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