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Maybe the US should just make all those marriages illegal?

___ The two sides are both lined up to shoot each other down as to who should all be allowed to marry in the US, which is the one form of prostitution now fully supported by religion if engaged in … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage, Right Winger ‘Christians’, and the fast food chicken sandwich

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US Court today declares legal discrimination through marriage benefits denied to be wrong; but is that all there is to it?

Here it is, society was discriminating all along against the Gay community by denying Gays certain benefits allowed married heterosexuals, and the US courts are beginning to rule that as having been wrong. We should applaud that! However, now the … Continue reading

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Obama pushes to return White House to the Republican Party by coming out for Gay Marriage to unite Republicans

At a time when the Republican Party was infighting at every level, Barack Obama and Joe Biden with the 2 Clintons found a unique way to unite the Republican Party behind a weak and universally disliked Mitt Romney. They decided … Continue reading

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Obama takes historic step on pop-top, endorses gay marriage again for you

What next? Is candidate Obama going to say he’s against war again too? I recall some event last week which was held to be the kickoff of President Obama’s presidential campaign, but today’s statement confirms it, Candidate Obama is in … Continue reading

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Is the Great American Divide whether to hate Gays or not?

The Great American Divide is whether to hate or not? Half the country is ready to hate Blacks in all ways and manner and then to call those who protest against that ‘racists’. Half the country wants to close off … Continue reading

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Exposed breast

US beauty queen could lose title because she exposed her breast. NOTE+++ We could only show you Carrie Prejean’s exposed leg since she exposed that breast while only 17 years old. Anybody putting online her exposed teenage breast could be … Continue reading

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Trinidad, Colorado is the place to go to if you really, really need a change!

Gay marriage might have had a temporary set back of sorts in California, but still there is a way for some Gay couples to get around that. They might want to head on out to Trinidad, Colorado for a vacation … Continue reading

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The Gay Marriage election year bugaboo

Some things come around every four years like leap years. The Olympics, US presidential elections, and the Gay Marriage wedge issue bugger-boo. I remember in the deluge of election 2004, feeling a nagging frustration that the preoccupation of gay and … Continue reading

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