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Maybe the US should just make all those marriages illegal?

images-48___ The two sides are both lined up to shoot each other down as to who should all be allowed to marry in the US, which is the one form of prostitution now fully supported by religion if engaged in by a man and a woman. Sure too though, in the US prostitution is basically now illegal if you don’t film the act, distribute the porn film then for sales, and get that series of actions labeled as all being interpreted as ‘art’ by The State. No other idiocy in modern society quite like lawyers, cops, and judges telling us what is art and what is supposedly not, is there? …for lowball comedy, that is.

So some acts of prostitution are legal, while other types of prostitution are not. But why not just make all forms of marriage a form of prostitution that the state US Police State outlaws? After all, many marriages are acts of prostitution that often lead to child abuse and other crimes against humanity taking place. Especially so, when the marriages are of a man and a woman living together as economic unit blessed by The Church.

US Court today declares legal discrimination through marriage benefits denied to be wrong; but is that all there is to it?

Here it is, society was discriminating all along against the Gay community by denying Gays certain benefits allowed married heterosexuals, and the US courts are beginning to rule that as having been wrong. We should applaud that! However, now the courts should also begin to rule it wrong that children are forced into poverty by economic discrimination against their usually, quite heterosexual parents. That’s right! Just look some at the poverty statistics, Please.

Now will anybody give a hoot that this is actually so in the US? …that so many kids grow up now in impoverished households? The Christians that hate Gays so much should mobilize themselves to address the child poverty problem instead of continuing to try to fight Gays in order to maintain legal discrimination against the homosexual portion of our society.

Society should not just accept child poverty as a natural. It is not. Laws mandating that children be allowed to grow up with adequate incomes for their welfare would change that. Think of an America where children actually have decent childhoods instead of ones warped by living always in poverty! We should join forces with all that are willing to fight to make it a better world for our children. Capitalism right now is not creating a very nice world for youth to find themselves in.

See Appeals court: Denying federal benefits to same-sex couples is unconstitutional about the court ruling.

Obama pushes to return White House to the Republican Party by coming out for Gay Marriage to unite Republicans

At a time when the Republican Party was infighting at every level, Barack Obama and Joe Biden with the 2 Clintons found a unique way to unite the Republican Party behind a weak and universally disliked Mitt Romney. They decided to make the dividing line between the two corporate parties Gay Marriage! Will it work? Will the Democrats once again be successful at returning themselves into the position of being the pretend oppositional party, where they can safely keep the Democratic Party’s ‘liberal’ community thinking of themselves as some sort of dissidents instead of the milquetoast pro corporate class 1%-ers they really are?

It is hard for the Democratic Party leadership to be in the White House pretending to be fighters for change, when every bit of the party leadership is actually Big Money Big Business made. Easier to pretend to be fighting the Republicans even as they cooperate with them on every major issue. Easier to take a loser issue in the US and LOSE! Gay Marriage is that issue…

Look for a resurgent Republican Party to take the White House back in November. It will be hard to do because Romney is so completely nauseating. But then again, the Democratic Party leadership is so corrupt and stupid. Or is it that they just want the Republicans back in the White House and not themselves? Impossible you say? Are you really so sure of that though?

I saw the PRI, the world’s longest one party dictatorship, jettison their own ‘presidential’ possibilities in Mexico by running an incompetent and married gay male politician, and letting the PAN beat up on that right before the selection/ election. Vicente Fox got in as a result. End of ‘dictatorship’ and Mexico’s bad reputation as having one.

The PRI did it for the betterment of the Mexican business elites and perhaps that’s what motivates the US Donkey Party Establishment as well? It’s not like the corporate world is going to demote the Democratic Party politicians when they lose the White House to the Republicans once again. No… never! There will always be a place for the donkey heads in the corporate world they help make up. None of them need to go and work down at the local Starbucks as barrista. Don’t cry for them, America.

Obama takes historic step on pop-top, endorses gay marriage again for you

What next? Is candidate Obama going to say he’s against war again too? I recall some event last week which was held to be the kickoff of President Obama’s presidential campaign, but today’s statement confirms it, Candidate Obama is in the house, he’s for whatever you’re for, until it turns out, any expectations you had were too damn high, a president is powerless to do anything but what you’re against. President Obama rededicating May Day to be Loyalty Day leaves no words.

Is the Great American Divide whether to hate Gays or not?

The Great American Divide is whether to hate or not? Half the country is ready to hate Blacks in all ways and manner and then to call those who protest against that ‘racists’. Half the country wants to close off the borders and just stay stultifyingly WASP in mindset. Half the country is ready to allow the government to torture Pentagon held POWS, to kill people outside the borders of the US ad lib, and to wage permanent wars of occupation most anywhere while waving the US flag as if at a ball game. And half the country is full of hate towards homosexuals. Let’s admit this much, this country is divided on whether to hate others or not? And nowhere is that Hate Divide so large as with the so-called ‘Christians’ and their attitudes about Gay Marriage. These Right Wing ‘Christians’ simply hate Gays, and they hate almost everybody else other than themselves almost as much, too!

Instead of seeing Gays as mainly being victimized by their hatreds, the so-called Christians want to see themselves as some how being victims of a supposed assault on themselves! Like the cold hearted Norwegian thug, Anders Breivik, these Right Wingers want to see themselves as some how being victimized by those who they think beneath themselves in social stature. Breivik, the Assassin Terrorist, feels persecuted by people professing Islam as their religion, while the American split led by the Right Wing churches wants to see themselves as being persecuted by homosexuals. Both Breivik and the mainstream Right Wing church goer are demented and paranoid to an extreme. Let’s take measures to protect ourselves from this sick half of the sick society we live in. Let’s box them and their hatreds out of our society. Unfortunately teh Democratic Party is not the force that can do that, no matter how much liberals put faith in them to try to do so.

The Democratic Party is adept only at stirring up these hatreds to greater and greater levels. This is precisely what they are now doing with The Issue of Gay Marriage

The Democratic Party simply is not going to defend Gays from their persecutors. Time to ditch the DP, Everybody! Separated from the Democratic Party we win, United with them we fall, and fall hard at that.

Exposed breast

Carrie Prejean photoUS beauty queen could lose title because she exposed her breast. NOTE+++ We could only show you Carrie Prejean’s exposed leg since she exposed that breast while only 17 years old. Anybody putting online her exposed teenage breast could be handcuffed and hauled away as a pedophile! If you have downloaded a file of it you are in BIG, BIG trouble, Dude!

‘Ms Prejean says the publication of the pictures were an attempt to silence her for “defending traditional marriages”. She described the publication of the pictures as an attempt to “openly mock me for my Christian faith”.

“I am a Christian, and I am a model. Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos,” she said.’

Yes, Carrie, Christians everywhere are outraged about this, I can reassure you about that! Those damn Gays! They are always such trouble makers!

Trinidad, Colorado is the place to go to if you really, really need a change!

trinidadGay marriage might have had a temporary set back of sorts in California, but still there is a way for some Gay couples to get around that. They might want to head on out to Trinidad, Colorado for a vacation and change of pace?! They might want to do their honeymoon before the marriage and not after it? You see, Trinidad is The Sex Change Capital of The U.S.
More about planning your honeymoon or vacation in Trinidad, Colorado at Trinidad Colorado Voted a Top Ten Western Town for 2008

The Gay Marriage election year bugaboo

Some things come around every four years like leap years. The Olympics, US presidential elections, and the Gay Marriage wedge issue bugger-boo.

I remember in the deluge of election 2004, feeling a nagging frustration that the preoccupation of gay and lesbian Americans over the right to wed might have contributed to George W. Bush gaining his second term. As a heterosexual white male it was easy for me to consider their sexual equality struggle ill-timed. Was I right? Of course not. The quest to legitimize gay unions is doubtless as old as [gay] man and has been gathering steam in modern times just as its foes are running out of excuses. In America religious bigots against gay unions, abetted by insurance companies who don’t want to pay partner benerfits, catch their wind ON ELECTION YEARS apparently, and stage their outcry before November elections, whether the candidates at hand are divided on the issue or not.