Fingerprint of the American Chickenhawk

Common response to antiwar protestorsOops, almost didn’t recognize The Finger from this angle because I’m used to it being pointed at me. Hundreds of people drove by as I protested against the war last year (in another city, and the Middle Finger came to symbolize the ‘Fingerprint of the American Coward’ to me.

Remember all those Right Wing bumperstickers of the past with the peace symbol being called the ‘footprint of the American chicken’? These inarticulate dopes now seem to just prefer shooting people-they-don’t-even-know their middle finger! Their veins would pop, and they would usually shout some sort of stupidity like “Get a job”, “Get out of my country”, etc. Often to protesters in their ’60s and ’70s! Comical. Most of these Rightist twits were often quite a bit younger those they were shooting the bird at. Did they care? No….

And they would never get out of their cars and try to hold an intelligent conversation, simply because they were too cowardly and scared to do so. The Middle Finger was simply all they had. Apparently listening to O’Reily, Rush, Boortz, Coulter, etc. just doesn’t prepare the typical American Coward to do much more than insult other folk with that Middle Finger of theirs. Go figure? But what can one expect of those cowards so ready to support killing innocent folk on the other side of the planet?

Yes, the middle finger is truly the modern day Fingerprint of the American Cowardly Chicken. Despite all the urban legends the Right Wing dopers like to repeat, antiwar protesters never ever heaped this sort of abuse on returning Vietnam vets. It was Right Wingers then who physically assauted peaceful protesters that is the true history of what happened Vietnam era. And today, none of us would ever be out there shooting other folk the middle finger like pro-war Rightists often will do today.

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