Impeachment prospects

click here for more pictures of the COS Impeachment Teach-inThe problem with impeachment is that Republicans control the houses which possess the power to initiate articles of impeachment. There are a number of offenses for which Bush could be run out of office, there are 4 or 17 listed in various initiatives. Trouble is, what offense will be bad enough to alarm senators and congressmen?

When a president once got caught having sex with an intern, that upset a bunch of Republicans. Before that it was the bugging of the Democratic Party Headquarters. This president has admitted to conducting illegal wiretaps, starting a war without approval from Congress or the U.N., authorizing torture, and showing an unconstitutional disregard for the separation of power. Without raising the ire of his fellow politicians. What in heaven’s name does he have to do to upset them?

What if the president was caught sharing the Lincoln Bedroom with male-escort pretend-reporter Jeffrey Gannon-Guckert during the bald fellow’s numerous over-night White House visits, would that be objectionable?

What if the vice-president got drunk and shot a fellow Republican lawyer in the face, out of season, and without a license? Would that raise eyebrows?

Killing gobs of Iraqis, sanctioning the bombing of Lebanon, standing in the way of medical progress, denying global warming, spending most of his time on vacation, killing the US economy, what is it going to take?

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