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pictureWhen reporter Jill Carroll was released after being held hostage for 84 days, fellow reporters wanted to confirm: surely Carroll had been coerced to say the things she did on a video interview made by her captors.
They accused Carroll of Stockholm Syndrom, of showing too much sympathy for her captors, and ultimately of being in a “Fragile” mental state.

What was it that Jill Carroll said which was met with such disbelief?

Tens of thousands . . . have lost their lives here because of the occupation.
I think Americans need to think about that and realize day-to-day how difficult life is here.
[Iraqis are] only trying to defend their country . . . to stop an illegal and dangerous and deadly occupation.
The mujahideen are the ones who will win, in the end, in this war.

1. Try 25 x ten thousand, according to the latest Lancet study. 2. Shouldn’t Americans think about that? 3. & 4. These hard truths are getting harder for the media to deny.

pictureThis is more candid than anything Carroll was ever “forced” to report for the Christian Science Monitor.
In the end Jill Carroll was brought back to the fold. Here she is shown being escorted by an American commander, even though the U.S. military had everything to do with impeding her release. Note too the coat she is wearing. Carroll traded her head scarf for the occupier’s camouflage jacket.

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