Justice delayed, denied, for now

Not to worry, not to worry. The Bush and GOP plan to indemnify themselves from responsibility for their war crimes will be to scant avail. Let them pass whatever bill they want.

It’s true, justice delayed is justice denied. And it is depressingly ungratifying to see criminals legislate themselves legitimacy. But the representatives at the United Nations have settled for this delay before.

Not long ago our nation was at war with the people of Vietnam. Our imperialist interventions eventually turned toward the people of Cambodia and Laos in illegal acts of aggression. There was absolutely no other nation powerful enough to bring us to account, and because of our veto power on the Security Council, any number of Nations United could not condemn us or stop us.

The U.N. delegates settled for delayed justice. They said, in effect, we may not stop you now, but that doesn’t make what you are doing right or legal. They agreed that there would be no statute of limitations for breaches of international law, neither should any nation be able to exclude itself from the law’s jurisdiction.

In 1968 the U.N. General Assembly made explicit the universal jurisdiction of the war crimes conventions. The Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity ensured that nobody could consider themselves beyond the reach of international rule of law.

Article 1, part (b) defines the universal illegality of war crimes, “even if such acts do not constitute a violation of the domestic law of the country in which they were committed.”

Article 4 reads that no nation’s laws can redefine what are understood to be war crimes, that “statutory or other limitations shall not apply to the prosecution and punishment of the crimes referred to in articles 1 and 2 of this Convention and that, where they exist, such limitations shall be abolished.”

The torturers and warmongers can delay their appointment with the hangman, but the scurryng around to jerrymander the law is a good sign. Bush and co are showing the discomfort of knowing that justice awaits.

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1 Response to Justice delayed, denied, for now

  1. Avatar Tony says:

    The ratty piece of trash that passes itself off as a local paper here in Colorado Springs has its top Sunday headline as “Terror threat higher since 9/11”. Well… DUH…..

    It is obvious that when our country intervenes in the internal affairs of foreign countries everywhere, that that had much to do with why the group that crashed the airplanes into the Pentagon formed. And since our supposed leaders, both Democratic and Republican, continue to direct continuous foreign intervention into other peoples’ affairs, the threat of terrorism has to yet increase more. Now, doesn’t it, dear geniuses at the NYT and Gazette??

    We sure have a country of dingbats with a country of dingbat leaders running the US today. As I remember from First Grade history class, the US was formed because our people hated foreign intervention into their affairs back then. Now, we as a people seem to support King George, not oppose him!

    History shows that the US rebels against England back then were terrorists (and patriots both). That’s why about 1/3 of the population fled to Canada. They fled to get away from those terrorists that used violent rebellion to fight off foreign intervention into their local affairs. The patriots terrorized those that remained allied with the foreign king. And the foreign king used terrrism against the patriots that fought him. No surprise here.

    But dingbats tend to forget history lessons, if they ever in fact learned them in the first place. THat’s the simple reason the US population is being led down a dark alley by our current crop of misleaders.

    Stop pointing the finger at Al Quaeda and Osama, Folks. It’s your own support for your DP and RP misleaders intervening in foregn countries that caused 9/11. Everyttime you pull the lever for these rats at the polls, you are in fact encouraging more terrorist attacks to happen on the US in the future.

    PS- Dear Witchhunters, I am not a professor at a US university. What next? A list by David Horowitchunter that targets all professions and jobs? Holy O’Reily!

    A population by thugs will produce violent reactions. And the US certainly has thugs everywhere one can look. Many in sheep’s clothing, too. And they like to talk about how they are against “terrorism” even as they encourage it, and engage in it themselves.

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