Kenneth Lay sightings

He may not turn up at Burger Kings or any of Elvis’s haunts, but I have no doubt that Enron CEO Kenneth Lay will turn up one of these days.

I offer no evidence at all except to speculate about what YOU might do if you had gobs and gobs of money, all the most powerful allies in the world, and had agreed never-the-less to serve as the scapegoat to an American public clamoring for some semblance of justice in the face of rampant corporate malfeasance.

How much money would it cost to arrange one’s demise from public life, sooner than face even one day of confinement, even in a minimum security country club for white collar criminals?

I’m not even suggesting that Kenny-Boy was threatened with linens of unacceptable thread-count. I’m sure there’s a boutique dentention facility to rival the luxuriousness of the network of boutique hotels about which common Americans know nothing. I’m simply thinking that a man of sixty, with the world leaders in his pocket, would not waste a moment of his life in confinement.

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