Let OJ say he did it

OJ ponders what if the gloves fitMy favorite argument of Michael Moore’s was in his book Downsize This. He had a chapter about the OJ trial. Moore’s conclusion? OJ didn’t do it because the rich can’t be bothered to do anything themselves. OJ couldn’t pick up late night drive-through burgers. Was he going to traverse Brentwood to give the time of day to a blonde who was sleeping with someone else, actually a waiter?

The ownership class does no labor. It even lives off the labor of its money, the interest of wealth. Michael Moore made points too about the racism of the LAPD, as well as the scavenger nature of the media, also racist.

Now OJ wants to exploit his own notoriety. He flat beat the case in court, but he simply can’t convince the American public. He has to live everyday with the accusations. Maybe OJ has nowhere to go but to give the people what they want. If they’re going to insist he killed Nicole, certainly he should deliver. That would be poetic justice.

For the historic record, I have no problem with learning what really happened. The American people were subjected to endless speculation, their morbid appetite was fed and developed. Let them get a dose of the answers. What’s OJ going to say, he didn’t do it again?

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  1. Avatar Tony says:

    Oh dear. Fox has just pulled out of doing this promotion. I feel so sad. We will never get the true answers now. I was hoping to see OJ and O’Reilly together at last.

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