Milton Friedman, Champion of Liberty?

Today’s Gazette has their lead editorial starting out chirping away with “Milton Friedman- Champion of freedom passes away”. Oh come now, you guys! This economist was known more for being the economic theorist that inspired Chile’s Dictator Pinochet, and you lame brains heil him as being a champion of liberty? Oh well, this is typical of the nutty Right Wing Libertarian nitwits running that paper.

What Milton Friedman was noted for, was his desire to remove all government regulating of the multinational corporations that run the world, “arguing for freer markets” in the words of the Gazette editorial. Ironically, the Gazette has another story today that gruesomely shows the Milton Gazette mentality in its most extreme form. Page A3- China admits to using executed prisoners’ organs for transplants. In this story, we discover that American citizens have been travelling to China to buy and get these parts of butchered Chinese prisoners sewed inside of them. China certainly is a part of the rather unregulated world ‘free market’ in body parts that has become truly Friedmanesque in scope. And can we forget the Friedmanesque ‘free market’ of Argentina, where babies stolen from the wombs of political prisoners went to the high rollers of that country.

Milton Friedman, a real champion of freedom? Sure he is, Gazette. You guys are economic visionaries for sure. Is it any wonder that countries like Guatemala and Saudi Arabia have had major internal scandals around the issue of stolen body parts, where many in the population believe that Americans are stealing body parts from Guatemalan children, or stealing them from dead Iraqis murdered by the US army? That’s as wild a believing that Mickey Mantle is still alive, isn’t it? Remember his go to the head of the line liver transplant? But when a country’s leaders champion the likes of economic butcher Milton Friedman, then we can expect the rest of the world to be just a little leary of it. That’s Friedman’s real legacy. Neoliberlal ghoul.

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4 Responses to Milton Friedman, Champion of Liberty?

  1. Avatar bobby says:

    what a waste of life you are

  2. Avatar Tony says:

    What an inarticulate twit you are, Bobby. Nothing to say, one way or the other about Milton, that you have the confidence to write about, Buddy?

  3. And what do YOU have to say about Milton, Mr. Logan, other than in some way his defense of free markets leads to the sale of body parts from prisoners in third world countries? Talk about inarticulate twits!

    It’s easy to argue from “floating abstractions”, that aren’t tied to any concrete existants, isn’t it?

  4. Avatar Tony says:

    Actually, I mentioned that his economic theories were tied in with the Pinochet dictatorship. Care to respond to that, Michael? Care to defend Milton Friedman’s push of neoliberalism and how it has not worked in Africa and Latin America, but instead has led to poverty, totolitarianism, and despair?

    What will it take to get the lawyer to discuss the issues?

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