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That creepy Pope’s new hire for PR

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I find that the Pope seems to be even creepier than ever now that he’s fired his butler and tried to get him jailed to boot. The man is hideous! From Nazi to now lover of Fox News and Opus Dei… He’s the pedophile church’s perfect monster. I’m sure that Greg Burke will have his work cut out for him when he begins his new job as Vatican PR Man. YUCK!!!!!!!!

Remember the horrendous scandal and the Media Blitz(es) That followed?

Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina… Used government money to finance Argentine Tryst. A full Seven Hours every day for a month analyzing the story and berating him…. woops didn’t happen… Sorry.

Senator Larry Craig, (R) Idaho (I da pimp! bad joke) practicing the unsafest of all Sex Acts, random anonymous sex, in a Mens Room at the Minneapolis Airport, Married, family man, cheating on his wife.

They followed him everywhere, then when he disappeared they staked out his boat, his house, his mom’s house and his kids school trying to get pictures of him… ooopsie… That didn’t happen either.

Bob Allen of Florida, State Representative, (R) in a men’s room repeatedly, so afraid of Black Dudes raping and robbing him that he followed them into the John and paid them 20 a piece to fellate them…
Married, Cheating on his wife…
When he went in to Sex Rehab the National Enquirer poked cameras into every opening in the fence looking to catch a picture of him. Nope, not that either…
My favorite, Vitter of Louisiana getting caught with his diapers down… He of “Family Values” and Unimpeachable Morals fame.
All of them, when they apologized, did so clearly, succinctly and humbly, then submitted themselves to the questions of the repor…

Wait a minute. None of them apologized, at all, ever. Since they were all members of the Bu’ush Regime and active supporters of the War Of Terror, their actions DID affect more than just their families and thus, they DID owe America an apology. Not merely for being Sexual Hypocrites, but for the God-Damn 8 year killing Spree “their” troops have been engaged in. That’s pretty damn major. All of them made a big hoo-hah over criminalizing Sex between Consenting Adults and de-criminalizing Hate Crimes. (not just the Hate Crimes against gay People either)

None of them bothered with Rehab, none of them hounded and their families hounded for what’s now 3 Freakin’ Months, mon… nothing at all like what a guy who plays the dorkiest game in existence for a living is subjected to.

People PAY the government officials for leadership and for being Role Models for their kids. It’s one of the Job REQUIREMENTS for Christ’s Sake.

But a guy who plays a game for a living, is really required to do nothing but smack a very small ball with a very crooked stick into a very small hole that’s anywhere between 75 and 200 yards away.

And do it consistently. It doesn’t matter if they have a messed up politicial, social or personal life. Some of the courses he plays on had never had a Black golfer in any of their tournaments EVER when he started. Some of them at the time still forbad blacks to actually play there, pay to play there, with no chance at winning money. So why the anger? Are they really such shitty parents that they need a middle aged black man who they’ve never met to be a Role Model for their piglets?

Since WHEN? Would they walk into the Midnight Rose or the Brass Ass (for our international audience, those are local casino establishments) and march up to the Penny Slots machines, demand that in order to win (more like, LOSE) money at the One Armed Bandit they first have to pledge to be Morally Superior, saints in fact, and to raise the children of Millions of really lazy parents who don’t have the skill or ambition to do it themselves?

Shit, they don’t even do it for Professional Leaders like Politicians and Preachers (I bet Haggard thought he was sliding on this score)

P.S. all of them, except the Golf Player, are back at their chosen professions. And probably their favorite hobbies. The only one else who had a serious chance of losing his career is the preacher.

Ted Haggard is less shifty than New Life Church

COLORADO SPRINGS- Ted Haggard’s inconvenient sex life surfaces again! And this time the scandal is all New Life’s. Ted Haggard’s PR talk show onslaught to remake his image has prompted an altar boy to go public. But it seems this violates an agreement the young man made with New Life in the aftermath of the Haggard prostitute meth-habit scandal.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, New Life Church leader Brady “Boyd said the church reached a legal settlement to pay the man for counseling and college tuition, with one condition being that none of the parties involved discuss the matter publicly.”

First let’s clarify what New Life has failed to make clear. The young man was in his “early twenties” when he approached the church about the relations between he and Haggard. According to Boyd, the “inappropriate, consensual sexual relationship” had gone on for “a long period of time.” The church denies that the young man might have been a minor when it began.

Second, according to a letter sent to its congregation members as a result of the new revelations, New Life Church admits now that it has “received reports of a number of incidents of inappropriate behavior.”

In light of Ted Haggard trying to repaint himself as a victim in an HBO documetary, and on Oprah Winfrey, and an upcoming Larry King Live, the New Life ex-volunteer now wants to go public with his story.

While the church told the public, and its congregation, that Haggard’s impropriety did not extend beyond the Denver prostitute, it looks like New Life Church deliberately kept this story under wraps, despite an “overwhelming pool of evidence” to indicate otherwise. In the face of the hush-up coming to light, their official response is even more duplicitous.

“It wasn’t at all a settlement to make him be quiet or not tell his story,” Boyd said. “Our desire was to help him. Here was a young man who wanted to get on with his life. We considered it more compassionate assistance – certainly not hush money. I know that’s what everyone will want to say because that’s the most salacious thing to say, but that’s not at all what it was.”

An agreement to keep quiet appears to have been what New Life Church thought “it was.” Asked whether the church will pursue legal procedures against the young man, Boyd replied:

“We have legal standing to do that, but not the desire to.”

Elliot Spitzer plays role model Democrat

Elliot Spitzer resigns having discredited the New York Governor’s Office with unsavory impropriety. No sooner had phone taps revealed his financial exchanges with a prostitute, than Republicans were calling for Spitzer’s resignation or he would face impeachment. Where do his political opponents get those kind of balls?

Are the articles of impeachment only for Republicans to charge? Is impeachment like a filibuster, only Republicans need apply? In fact, Republicans need only IMPLY they’ll do it and Democrats cave. How many Republican lawmakers and office holders have faced scandal yet clung tenaciously to fulfill their term? Why am I using the past tense?

The nation’s highest office, criminal by any standard of international law, beyond the severity of an intern blow-job, and impeachment is declared off the table by the senior Democrat? What are Democrats not telling the public about the real pecking order in Washington?

People like to say there’s no difference between the two parties. Of course that’s true. It’s the same Greek Fraternity. Except the Dems are the Pledges being rushed and hazed, to remain Plebes, never to graduate to the senior positions of the Republicans. Oh they can have their Bill Clinton, a moment on the hot seat, all the while being razzed and stymied by the Repugs who own the whole damn college.

Destroying the evidence of military crimes

Gang-raped then locked in van, Iraq worker says. That’s what happened to Jamie Leigh Jones, a worker for Halliburton (KBR), the same firm that Dick Cheney headed up before taking over the Vice Presidency of the US. The same firm that killed off its workers with asbestos which subsequently Dick Cheney as CEO helped limit liability for the company for these crimes of killing off its own workforce.

Jamie Leigh Jones says that Halliburton destroyed the medical evidence of its doctor that showed that she had been raped. It mysteriously disappeared? Where did Halliburton learn that it was OK to destroy evidence of criminality inside the US military and inside its principal side kick contractor?

Well, it seems that destroying evidence was learned from the Commander in Chief of the entire US military establishment himself. Halliburton learned it from George W. Bush. Or maybe it was the other way around? George W. Bush learned that destroying evidence of criminal conduct was OK from Dick Cheney, ex Hallibuton CEO?

At either rate, the destroying of the CIA tapes of where it tortured POWs in US military custody is one and the same criminal act as Halliburton committed when it destroyed the Doctor notes of the MD that treated Jamie Leigh Jones when she was raped and locked into a van afterwards. Both are evidence tampering crimes.

This rape of Ms. Jones mirrors the rapes that have also occurred over at ‘our’ Air Force Academy, a military institute highly infiltrated by the nutty religious Right Wing, the religious people that think that they are our moral guardians. Have we heard anything from these suppsedly Christian folk about how it is a crime to destroy criminal evidence? No, and we won’t.

We can only expect more cover ups of US military criminality in the years ahead. The US military and its commanders and religious gurus think that they alone are above having to follow any laws. We have to stop them before they commit yet more crimes and attempt to cover them up afterwards. They will always pretend to a higher morality, but they must tear up and destroy the evidence of their own criminality it seems. We cannot let them get away with it.

Post-dead canoeist found on Google Pics

How did they trip up the Hartlepool canoeist who paddled out to sea five years ago, leaving his widow with life insurance money, only to surface this week in a London police station claiming amnesia? A snapshot of John Darwin and his wife in their new Panamanian condo, confronted with which his wife confessed “well it explains a lot, doesn’t it?”
How the photo came to light is an inspiration to all amateur internet sleuths. An ordinary UK housewife googled John and Anne in Panama. Google Images came p with the picture on the real estate website of their Panamanian broker. Try this at home!

Destroying the evidence of US government torture of POWs

Our despicable national government has just admitted that it destroyed the video taping of its use of torture on prisoners held at the Guantanamo concentration camp for US captured POWs. See article… CIA destroyed video of ‘waterboarding’ al-Qaida detainees

What a group of liars and hypocrites the Bush Administration has assembled at the head of power in the US. First they deny that torture is being advocated, then they say that certain torture methods are in their eyes not actual torture, and then they destroy the evidence of the torture actually already being used on POWs in their hands.

And our local governments follow this type of misleadership straight on down the line. Don’t believe that? Then go and try to get a municipal resolution passed stating local opposition to the US use of torture in our domestic jails and military concentration camps. See what the reaction would be like down at the city council meetings here in Colorado Springs?

Speaking of torture…. do you know that the El Paso County has its school police force equipped with taser guns at middle schools and high schools? Do you know that the city police of Colorado Springs has used these devices on people already, even as some divisions of the United Nations says there is strong evidence that these weapons are being used as instruments of torture in an increasing manner?

Just recently I saw the downtown post office flying the black POW/MIA flag that became so promoted by the US Right Wing post Vietnam War. Apparently the concern about POWs is pretty damn selective in the US.

When is the US public going to say enough is enough about our government using torture on US held POWs, as it has been doing? Are we all too damn scared now to have POW/MIA bumperstickers on our cars and/ or a flag that demands that all human beings have rights to ethical treatment… even if the US government authorities presume them guilty of some crime or other?

We need some symbols like this, and they need to be flown from government buildings in place of that garbage accusing the Vietnam government of torturing US soldiers in secret. The Right Wingers in charge of our municipality prefer to promote war and the use of torture on US held POWs instead of speaking out for human decency though. And currently this city hasn’t had enough local citizens oppose this city government-military-industrial complex led by Mayor Lionel Rivera and his corporate backers like Lockheed, et al.

The people who ordered destroyed the tapes of the water boarding of POWs held by the US military are war criminals and need to be jailed and tried for their crime of destroying evidence. And then they need to be jailed for ordering the torture of POWs in the first place. Are Americans proud to have a government like this? All of us should be deeply ashamed for not doing more to stop these thugs. Get out and make your voice heard! Go to the local government meetings held downtown and put some pressure on the local officials to stop going along with it all.

United Nations pedophile ‘peacekeepers’

Everywhere in the US liberals want the United Nations to get involved and send in the ‘UN peacekeepers’, even though the UN Security Council is totally controlled by the American government.

And let’s face it, at times the UN troops act in some ways like the US troops do in Afghanistan and Iraq. And in some ways even worse! Like many of the ‘peacekeepers’ having sex with minors in areas under their control.

This has happened over and over in Liberia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Haiti, East Timor, Bosnia, Kosovo,and yes, Sudan, too. See UN Child Sex Slave Scandals Continue and the latest S Lanka troops ‘abused Haitians’ .

Why are liberals so enchanted about having UN troops being sent into a country? The UN is a total mess and totally under the control of the US. Isn’t it time to stop calling or desiring for the UN to do the US’s mop up operations?

The Kangaroo Trial of Lieutenant Colonel William Steele

Saddam’s US jailer goes on trial What’s this about? Who is this man, Lieutenant Colonel William Steele, who now faces life in prison? What did he do?

Wikipedia gives us some basic information about the charges this man faces. William H. Steele We learn what the legal charges consist of here, and what we find is that this man, like Guantanamo military chaplain James Yee before him, has done absolutely nothing worthy of being made into a criminal offense. James Yee was let go after a torturing Kafkaesque experience where the military threatened to destroy his life completely. William Steele will not be so lucky it appears.

So what did he supposedly do, this Lieutenant Colonel? It turns out that he gave Saddam Hussein a cigar and some hair color to cover up the gray hair while he was in jail! For this he is charged with aiding an enemy of the United States and was threatened originally with the death penalty!

Oh yes, there are other charges they used to stack the deck for conviction against this career officer. He was charged with flirting some with a female interpreter! And get this! He was charged with having porn on his computer! Oh, and it gets much worse…. He allowed some kids, that were thrown into this military prison, to call out on his own personal cell phone to notify family members of their arrest by the US storm troopers! What a beast!

I think we can see now why people like Yee and Steele have to be imprisoned. They are to be made into an example for others in the US military, that no compassion must be allowed with Muslim prisoners. Muslim prisoners are to be tortured, humiliated, and murdered, and not coddled as Steele is made out to have been doing.

What a contrast! Under the Bush Administration with active Democratic Party help, the US has put thousands of POWs in Afghanistan in air tight containers where they were suffocated, choked, and shot to death. They have hooded and tortured POWs at Guantanamo using isolation techniques of sensory deprivation. They have raped and sexually humiliated POWs at Abu Ghraib, along with using other forms of physical and psychological tortures. They have moved (‘rendered’) POWs to hidden torture centers around the globe using a hidden fleet of unmarked aircraft. But giving a cigar to Saddam Hussein in jail is now to be made into a capital offense, which in the infinite mercy of these Christian Crusaders will be turned into a mere life sentence in prison. All minds off Donald Rumsfield and Dickey Cheney… Who’s the guy who gave the cigar to Saddam? Get him! Give him LIFE!

This whole trial is an indecent charade, and shows how little support the government really does give the troops. Instead of support, they threaten and bully them just like they wish to do with the rest of the whole world. When you sign up with the military, you truly do sign a deal with the Devil. This is the real mistake that Lieutenant Colonel William Steele has made. Now he is to be scapegoated and made into an example for the other troops.

Bad guy! You showed a drop of compassion for our official enemy, the Muslims. For this you must be punished but good.

George W. Bush, Holocaust denier?!?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, according to much of the US press, supposedly has denied that there was a Jewish holocaust. In some countries of Europe, that can get you a jail sentence even.

In fact, the whole US House (minus only 2 Congressmen) voted to get the UN to go after Ahmadinejad for being a Holocaust denier. They want the UN to jail him! But what about President George W. Bush? This BBC report just in

Yes, it turns out that our very own US president is a Holocaust denier. He seems so honest and educated, but there you have it. He is asking the very same US Congress that wants Ahmadinejad punished for supposedly denying the existence of the Jewish Holocaust, he wants that very same Congress to deny the existence of the Armenian holocaust of WW1!

Can you stoop any lower than this? Can you be any dumber than this? I think not. Jail George W. Bush for being a Holocaust denier! Jail him now!

Taps for Larry Craig? Maybe not.

Officer Dave Karsnia
My 9-year-old twins learned about stereotypes in school last week. Ever eager to share social messages they receive while in the hands of the state, knowing that hours of rollicking fun will result, they vomited the latest rhetoric gleefully into my lap.

This is a picture of Dave Karsnia, the Minneapolis cop who took down Larry Craig. He received the Officer of the Year award in 2003 from none other than Dick Cheney, which somehow seems appropriate. Karsnia has, based on my limited exposure to all things gay, the look of a cute young, uh, gay guy. Without the adorable personality no doubt. I wonder what would’ve transpired if the officer had resembled Dennis Franz in NYPD Blue?

Why isn’t the gay community outraged that the state has hijacked its image and used it for nefarious purposes against them? Aren’t we shielded from self-incrimination by the Constitution? Perhaps the Constitution was what Larry Craig was reaching for on the floor of the bathroom stall. To wipe his lyin’ heinie. Thank god he didn’t flush. Whatever.

I actually wanted to post the transcript of a call made, before the big press conference announcing the intended resignation, by Craig to his attorney Billy Martin. Craig accidentally left the message on a complete stranger’s phone. Mother of God. If I were his wife I would be so pissed. Larry! Good Lord, pull your head out now and then!

“Yes, Billy, this is Larry Craig calling. You can reach me on my cell. Arlen Specter is now willing to come out in my defense, arguing that it appears by all that he knows that I have been railroaded and all that.

“Having all of that, we have reshaped my statement a little bit to say it is my intent to resign on Sept. 30. I think it is important for you to make as bold a statement as you are comfortable with this afternoon, and I would hope you could make it in front of the cameras.

“I think it would help drive the story that I’m willing to fight, that I’ve got quality people out there fighting in my defense, and that this thing could take a new turn or a new shape, it has that potential. Anyway, give me a buzz or give Mike a buzz on that. We’re headed to my press conference now. “Thank you. Bye.”

Go figure. I can’t imagine that Arlen Specter is supporting Larry Craig for altruistic reasons. It certainly can’t be indignation about civil liberties under fire, nor state-sponsored stereotyping. It must have something to do with partisan House politics. As usual. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Afghanistan, the word the ‘peace’ troops never seem to mention

In Afghanistan, the US is consistently bombing civilian areas with large loss of life, and yet the US Peace Movement hardly seems to take notice. There’s next to no mention of the US Occupation of Afghanistan at all, with one notable exception being antiwar.com, a Libertarian run site. And the main antiwar coalitions call for peace in Iraq, but do not really mention Afghanistan on their web sites, their lit, or their banners. The reason is quite simple.

Many US citizens supposedly wanting an end to the Iraq War in the peace camp actually continue to support their government having invaded and occupied Afghanistan, so the peace movement, both local and national, has tended to say not a word about ending the US war against Afghanistan.

It’s high time to start changing that silence. It is a matter of showing solidarity or not? It is a matter of being seriously opposed to US militarism or not? It is a matter of being decent, or not? Which will American antiwar activists choose? More silence, or beginning to call for an end to this war against a downtrodden people in a downtrodden region of the world?

Creepylocks and the three blondes

Petit family as media would have you see them- Natalee, JonBenet, Nicole and STRAW DOGS emasculated husband Dustin Hoffman.
The spectacular triple-murder-rape invasion of the Petit family home in Cheshire Connecticut drew comparison to the brutality of the supersexed ruffians from A Clockwork Orange. Sam Peckinpaw’s Straw Dogs was released the same year, banned in the UK until only recently, and depicted the similar rapist bogeyman but focused on cultured man’s incapacity to safe-keep his house and blonde.

Failing as a protector is a timeless phobia which has driven such memorable protagonists as Braveheart, Rob Roy, Josey Wales, the Coward of the County, ad manipulatum. So well explored in fiction and fantasy, why must the media exploit those unlucky victims in real life?

We already know legions still vicariously work over the ritual assault of little JonBenet. Our whole populace displayed an embarrassingly unhealthy curiosity about the ease with which an unaccompanied young white girl could vanish in Aruba. And then there’s the slut fetish, aimed at Nicole Simpson, defiler of America’s Hertz sweetheart, given her due, where we got to stalk her sexual promiscuity and cut it quick. Those ugly national predilections are known. Why then parade the Petit cadavers through the grinder?

The Petit blondes were murdered, their house burned, the perpetrators apprehended. Already the story sows fear and drives firearm sales and home alarm upgrades. Why dwell further into the grim of their grisly deaths? Can we not resist hearing that mother and daughters were tied to beds, raped, etc, tormented, revisited, etc? The two joy-rapists are going to be celebrated in prison. Not only for despoiling the rich man’s white women, but for Goldielocks taste testing womanhood from a controlled sample: supple experience, freshly husked, and Media’s favorite fixation the forbidden fruit. And though the news pretends a hushed reverential tone, a voyeur America along for the ride.

I had to say something

James Harris has a great interview on Alternet with Mike Jones, friend and counselor of Ted Haggard. It is about his book, the one rejected by local lizard small shop keeper Poor Richard, and is titled, ‘I had to say something’. Thank good he did say something, too.

Jones is quite a contrast to many in America, who turn their back on the issues and turn their back on their own liberal communities and constituencies in cowardly, defeatist, and self serving manners. Leadership on issues and causes often can come from stranger quarters, while those who stand as leaders often or not leading.

If you get this book ordered from elsewhere, be sure to go into Poor Richards, and let the employees know that their owner, Richard Skorman is a pathetic nitwit for not carrying the book in his bookstore. With Democratic Party tied ‘liberals’ like Skorman all over America, rest assured that their call to reform that political party is as weightless as the multitude of advocates for that political orientation themselves.

Dragging antiwar vets through the mud

Here below is the case of an antiwar vet being dragged through the mud.
Ron: What are the potential punishments if they bust you?

Liam: It is basically a black eye on my record that makes it difficult to obtain future employment, particularly government employment.
To read full article about Liam Madden’s case, see Ron Jacobs’, Intimidation of a Vet. There is a similar effort to drag a local antiwar vet through the mud here in Colorado Springs and we’ll write about it later. Stay tuned…

And here’s more about Marine Sgt. Liam Madden from Common Dreams… Vets: Military is Attacking Free Speech

The woman from Hell

Every so often a story in the news sort of grabs out at the reader. My first wife used to occasionally call me an ‘aguafiestas’, or a ‘rainer on the party’. Hey, that’s nothing compared to being an ‘mordidafiestas’, or ‘party biter’. Beware the woman from Hell! ‘Testicle attack

‘That’s yours’! lol… Well what else could the friend say?

Top Democrat admits that he lied to cover for Bush’s lies

Senator Richard Durbin, the #2 Democratic Party leader in the Senate, certainly takes the cake. He has confessed to deliberately passing Republican Administration lies to the American people, and actually has the nerve to state that he legally had to do such! He says that he was sworn to secrecy as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Let’s see now? At the time when the lies that were sold to the American people by Bush to justify an attack and invasion Iraq, there was actually a majority of 1 by Democrats on that committee. There were 9 Democrats in all, and 8 Republicans. Senator Richard Durbin now wants Americans to believe that somehow they were legally obligated back then to help Bush spread deliberate lies to go to war! That’s preposterous, Mr. Durbin.

Your party, as well as the Republicans on that committee, were actually duty bound NOT TO LIE to the world, but chose instead, not to tell the truth. You are complicit in the international crime of attacking another nation under false pretenses, and so is the entire political party you help lead, The Democrats. Shame on you, and the fact that you now openly admit your guilt is hardly to your credit at all. It shows that still, neither you nor the Democrat Party as a whole, actually understands where your responsibilities lie, both legal ones and moral ones. Shame on you as your actions show that your group of Democratic Party politicians are actually a group of lying murderers same as the Republicans as a whole are, with only an exception or two amongst the sorry lot of both parties’ political leaderships.

Until our political system is fundamentally altered, there is no peace that lies ahead , neither for America or the world. This is not a democracy in any real sense of the word at all. We need an overthrow of this rotten and corrupt con game of a system that rules over us all, where polticians will no longer swear each other to secrecy cross parties when they lie to the public as a group. Two party system your DP ass! You are just one united poltical party of liars and murderers, that’s all.

Thank God our idiotic local selections are finally over

I have been purposely avoiding writing up to now about the embarrassing Colorado Springs elections where our corporate dictatorship offered up the worst of the worst for our supposed choosing. It was just too ugly for words. There was only one mayoral candidate that offered us much choice. For the city council I just wrote in- NONE of the above rats. What else could a sane person do?

I have seen more substance in high school elections for homecoming queen that what we got. Democracy cannot thrive or even begin to exist in a demobilized and demoralized society like currently exists in Coilorado Springs, and the overwhelming rest of the country, too. This is not a democracy we are living in. It is numbskull land. Our corporatized world is totally TV plastic 99 cent menu everywhere, and nowhere more so than in what passes as ‘elections’. Thank God it is over. I wish it were.

Torture en mass

Amnesty International says that the US government has been actually worsening conditions for POWs and other prisoners (many can’t even be called POWs, since they were basically sold to the US by mercenary forces) held at Guantanamo. That can be only with deliberate intent, too.

How does it feel to be part of a society led by a government that is deliberately torturing several hundreds of prisoners en mass? Good? This has been going on for 5 years now, and the American public acts as if they were a bunch of brain dead zombies. And not one leading Democratic Party presidential candidate has come out against this torture and has called for closing Guantanamo.

I am ashamed to be an American. We need to overthrow this two-faced one party dictatorship that rules over us and the world. Unfortunately most of our fellow citizens seem to be total chumps and chimps, out shopping and driving around in circles endlessly refusing to take the smallest steps to help liberate themselves. Luckily all this must eventually self destruct. There won’t be much left though.

Pleading guilty to end the torture

David Hicks, the only Guantanamo torture victim to plead guilty, did so to end 5 years of unlawful imprisonment and torture. What a mockery of any legal justice or due process this charade is. The whole world should be ashamed for us Americans for allowing this Orwellian kangeroo trial to be held by our illegal and totally rotten and corrupted government. This is about the most shameful moment in my lifetime to have witnessed such abuse being done publicly, and without any sense of mass American public indignation, too.

This is why I am against calling for impeachment of George W. Bush. That is much too little and much too late. The entire Bush torture team needs to be imprisoned for their crimes, and an organized national response of apology to those tortured without due cause needs to be issued following the immediate release of all POWs and other prisoners held without any evidence or charges against them having been made.

I have never been more ashamed to be an American.

Matt Sanchez, new star of the pornball Right

Liberalism is not the great refuge of the American homosexual, but rather it is the Far Right that is! All one has to do is get too old to sustain a Gay porn career, anounce that you regret your ‘liberal’ hedonistic past, and then it’s welcome open arms a head into a new life style with the nutster Christian Right, as a newly reformed ‘faggot’. God be praised!

Instead of sex with another man, you are now having sex with Ann Coulter and Condi Rice! Still a career whore at least… Check out Salon’s article on Matt Sanchez, new star of the pornball Right.

Now, to be a gay Christian you don’t need to even stay in the closet. In fact, it’s quite welcomed if you parade around town your sinful, and supposedly previous ‘liberalism’, in flamboyant drag. The drag show has never been more popular than it is now with conservatives. In fact, it seems to be the favorite act inside their Big Tent of sinners.

Vets have to battle nasty US medical system like the rest of us

The bad conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center has brought many US soldiers from killing Iraqis into a new battle with their own US government. Now they and their families are not waving US flags so much as they discover what many of the elderly and sick amongst us already knew. The US government doesn’t give much a damn about Afghans, Iraqis, nor the majority of US citizens either.

Did the youngsters signing up for the US killing machine think they would get something special? Some sort of privileged status for themselves for being hired killers for Dubya, Cheney, or whomever might come along whenever as their top officers?

The whole military medical system has big nasty holes in it much as does the civilian medical system does, too. When you sign up and go abroad to fight people you haven’t a clue about you might want to think you are a big hero/ heroine, but you are not. You are somebody looking to get special treatment, that’s all. You want that spiffy uniform, the perks, the respect by the people in power and their suck ass supporters at the lower economic levels. But once you get hurt all that fades into the background. Now you become much more like the rest of us, and the rest of us have to deal with sorry, don’t give a damn, medical care. So tell any younger sisters and brothers, to deal with the real problems back home, before getting all psyched up to supposedly go solve the world’s problmes by high tech killing. Didn’t make any sense to begin with, but you let yourself get suckered, didn’ you?And now the chickens perhaps have come home to roost, right on top of your own lonesome shoulders?

When somebody tells you to jump off a cliff by joining up as hired killer, you don’t have to go along smirking and thinking how smart you are. Yes, many vets that previously played the fool have to eventually battle the nasty US for-private-don’t-give-a-damn- except-about profits medical system like the rest of us. You’ll not get quality care like the top dogs are sure to give themselves.

It was a dummy thing you did joining up, and we wish you now the best, just like we wish all of us the best in getting the decent medical care that is our human right…. one that our rulers ignore all the time. How many of the wounded vets wish they could frag the same people they signed up to blindly follow? After all, they fragged you did they not? If not yet, then you are one of the more fortunate. Thank your lucky stars up to now. Because the nasty sorry ass US medical system is more likely to kill you in the long run, far more likely than any ol’ Osama. That’s whether you or vet, or not? What you heroes going to do about it? When you fight back (if you do?), at least you’ll be on the right side this time.

Pueblo police steal baby from immigrant mom

One of the most unreported aspect of US immigration policy is how it breaks up immigrant families, oftentimes under the guise of saving children from abuse. The recent case of a undocumented mother in Pueblo accused of ‘selling’ her baby is case in point.

This young woman came to the US trying to find money to feed her 2 children left behind in Mexico with her grandmother. Instead, she ends up arrested on felony charges and her third child is taken away from her and put into Child Protective Service’s control. There it may well end up being put up for permanent adoption while the mother may end up behind bars for years unable to help provide for the other 2 children in Mexico!

In addition, a couple who tried to assist her, themselves were arrested and put into jail under felony charges! This couple has 4 kids that are also possibly up for grabs by the police, if there would be no other relatives to help to care for them.

What a total mess the police have made out of this situation. It’s not like any US government agency cares one wit about the children Involved. For all the US authorities care, this mother’s 2 children in Mexico could be allowed to starve to death. All the time mothers giving up their children to adoption in the US are offered financial incentives to do so. They are not charged with ‘selling’ their babies. But when an ‘illegal alien’ mother tries the best she can to work things out while being considered an animal that needs to be hunted down and deported, suddenly the terms of US law are altered. She is accused of traffic in babies, her own no less! If she had just handed it over to an adoption agency forever and away from her ever seeing the baby again, all would have been sweet and legal! Instead, she wanted to hold on the best she could to that baby.

The Pueblo police need to get their butts out of the baby theft business, and free this mother and the couple that she was living with that befriended her. What a travesty the US law is when it steals babies from their mothers, while accusing the mothers of ‘selling’ their own flesh and blood. Immigrants are human beings, and the US law degrades them instead of helping them. It is disgusting how the victims are blamed of crimes, while the government authorities are always hailed as being the decent folk involved. They most certainly are not. They are the real traffickers in human flesh.

One might want to think that this case is an exceptional mess up, and that it is not typical of how the US law is applied against the interests of undocumented parents and their children. However that is not the case, and this abuse of police power happens all the time, yet most cases never make it into the news. Immigrant children are constantly taken away form their parents while the parents are jailed and ultimately deported, leaving their children in protective custody within the US and placed into foster families.

Complex 2030- Are you buying this?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like we are not spending enough money on the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures. Here’s a good idea! Why not take all our perfectly good and functioning nuclear bombs and get rid of them? Hey, just kidding. This is America and there’s no money to steal from the US Treasury if we just get rid of the nuclear weapons. So why not get rid of these bombs and then replace them with more nuclear bombs for the bargain price of more than $150 billion? Or maybe $200 billion dollars? Or maybe $250 billion? Aw who cares? It sounds like a great idea and it’s called Complex 2030.