Pelosi sinks all hope of any change with Reyes appointment

It’s been almost a month since the election, and the liberal Democrats that celebrated what they thought was some sort of grand victory are just left looking foolish. What did they expect? The Democratic Party is a war party, it is a party of corporate corruption, it is a party that seeks to bury all hope of change being possible. So why on earth would you vote for them? Let’s take a peek at Nancy for a second. Nancy, it’s such a gentle name, isn’t it? Reminds me of the witch that Ronald was married to. But this Nancy is Nancy Pelosi, so she must be much sweeter. Right? Wrong.

So what is it about Nancy Pelosi that has me so disgusted? It’s her latest action, pointing the absolutely hideous Silvestre Reyes to the House Intelligence Committee. Talk about destroying all hope here. What next, appointing Janet Reno and Madelyn Albright to posts? Nothing has changed from this last election, that’s for damn sure!

Reyes is the guy that Clinton and Mr Environmental, Al Gore, went to to militarize the US-Mexican Border. We wouldn’t be pushing towards rebuilding the Berlin Wall on our southern border without this pig having done his dirty work. And I mean he really looks what I just called him, a pig. After all, he is a pig’s pig. What do you think La Migra is made of anyway? They are cops, aren’t they? And some of the sorriest since they run after people all day and night, people just trying to find work to support themselves and family.

So Tom DeLay move over. Sorry Newt. Silvestre has you beat on the pig farm by miles. He is cochino marrano in spades. And he’s a Democrat. Yes, just about like Joe Lieberman is. Not much difference between Republican, and Republican lite. Right, Salazar?

2 thoughts on “Pelosi sinks all hope of any change with Reyes appointment

  1. I’m guessing English isn’t your first language.

    That said, there’s a big difference between the Berlin Wall and the wall proposed on the border with Mexico. One was meant to keep people in, the other is meant to keep people out. See the diff?

  2. Yes, Cherpa, I see the diffference, but I see the similarities, too. That’s where you go blind I think.

    If you would open your eyes some you might even find that the Walls of gated communities, like our own southern border and Israel’s Jewish settler enclaves, are even more noxious than the Berlin Wall was. A gated community is essentially a fortress to defend the rich from the victims they are robbing. Get it?

    Or are you one of those simple folks that thinks that Third World nations run their own affairs alone and have only themselves to blame for their capitalist driven misery? If so, I guess the discussion is closed since you have your own gated community of sorts to tend to. A thick skull.

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