Ted Haggard crucified

If today’s bombshell doesn’t prove the existence of God, nothing will. Perhaps Pastor Ted should have listened to God’s inerrant words a tad more closely. Maybe he should’ve spent some time memorizing the verse clearly stating that “pride goeth before a fall.” Biblically, pride is considered arrogance. And I’d say there is something inherently arrogant about a man who claims to speak for God on a daily basis, to millions of people. Yet this same man can very conveniently ignore many of Jesus’ words, you know those that are written in red, like “blessed are the peacemakers…”

Now we find that there may be a whole slew of God’s inerrant words that Pastor Ted conveniently ignored. For shame.
I expect to see all of you heathens in church on Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Ted Haggard crucified

  1. The question now is whether New Life Church candidate for Colorado House of Congress, associate pastor Kyle Fisk, is going to suffer by association.

    Was 24 year-old Kyle Fisk the Boy Robin to Ted Haggard’s Bruce Wayne? And was it a paid position?

  2. I just love how you guys just sit around waiting to prey on others faults. People who actually are making a difference in peoples lives.

    Nobody knows notmytribe, nor cares.

    Nobody knows Eric Verlo, nor cares to bring him down. Not important enough.

    So keep on hiding behind your columns and being the cowards that you all are.

    If there wasn’t a war, what would HE have to march about? If people in the public eye were perfect, what would HE have to write about?

    That is a REAL coward. Congratulations!

  3. Trixie said:
    Nobody knows notmytribe, nor cares.
    Nobody knows Eric Verlo, nor cares to bring him down. Not important enough.
    Well, let’s see if we can change that a bit Trixie my dear. How about a link on one of Colorado Springs’ more popular blogs? Will that help them get a few more hits… and fry your feathers?
    I’ll be adding notmytribe to my link section at News Blab.
    Have a great day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. ‘If there wasn’t a war, what would He have to march for?’ asks Trixie.

    Good grief, do you really think that that is the only issue, Trixie? Do you feel that you are living in a perfected society, even as the news all around you is consistently bad?

    What aobut the lack of decent health care being made available to Americans? What about the hordes of poor and homeless everywhere?
    What about the mistreatment of our elderly as they are given a pittance to live on in their retirement years, and are abused and NEGLECTED in America’s nursing homes? What about the destruction of our natural areas, and the murdering off of entire species everywhere?

    We could go on and on, but the fact that you couldn’t even begin to see other issues other than ‘Iraq’ as reflecting badly on American society says it all, I think. Open your eyes and ears a little, please. Positive thinking about folk when they are doing negative is not a virtue. Stop your cheeleading for that type.

  5. Marie, good to meet you at the “gala” Friday night. Thank you for turning me on to your website.

    After watching documentaries all day long on so many “American tragedies,” Pastor Ted’s plight hardly makes a ripple in my heart. War, hatred, addiction, homelessness, loneliness, isolation … all have a bit more gravitis to me than Ted’s dalliances. Yes, of course, I feel so sorry for his family, but it is somehow fitting that one who judged others so harshly is now being judged by his own.

    It is interesting to me that the folks who may be the most sympathetic to his plight are the very people he demonized. Who better than the gay and lesbian community to know what it feels like to be reviled and ostracized? It’s all so ironic.

  6. Jonna! Yes, it was so nice to meet you as well!

    I completely agree with your sentiments. Very nicely put. The maturity and compassion behind your comments make me feel childish and vindictive indeed!

    The RMWFF always opens my eyes to the grim realities faced by individuals, families, countries. Things I’ve never contemplated and am completely ignorant of. I generally feel rather wrecked for a couple of weeks afterward. The power of the documentary.

    Fortunately, this year I was too busy to attend many of the films so I’m feeling just as insulated and cheerful as ever!

    Stay in touch!

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