Colorado Springs plays role in Eldorado! Fake teen phone call linked to FLDS raid

Texas Rangers advanced on the YFZ ranch prepared for resistance
How embarrassing.
Colorado “Jesus Springs” finds itself in the news on the POLICE STATE ACTION in Eldorado!
33-year old Rozita Swinton
of Colorado Springs, was arrested last night for false reporting, for making a call posing as abused teenager “Sarah” to a rescue mission operated by an ex-FLDS member. It was the call which launched the Texas Ranger raid on the Yearning For Zion Ranch. The charges against Swinton are local, but Texas authorities were present at the arrest, and a judge has sealed the evidence…

To their credit, the Texas lawmen didn’t plant a dead “Sarah” at the scene to confirm the news reporters’ not-unspoken worst fears. What will become of the custody hearings now that the WMDs are proven to have been fabricated? If Iraq is any indication…

The photos linked above show how law enforcement advanced on the YFZ Ranch in Eldorado Tx, on the 400 plus children they were intent on repatriating into the state religious system.

For those of you twisted up about the apparent retro-feminist roles of the FLDS wives, I suggest you research polygamist societies. I remember seeing a documentary which showed their family dynamics are largely matriarchal. The women rule the households and the husband sperm-donor passes from each according to the wives’ schedules, which are dictated by their needs, chores, and appliances that need fixing.

1 thought on “Colorado Springs plays role in Eldorado! Fake teen phone call linked to FLDS raid

  1. Unbelievable! It seems that it was this sort of slim nonsense that started off this government witch hunt! ‘The anonymous phone call… we fell for it routine’. Good cover for use in backup when the government’s actions finally do come under some real scrutiny.

    Both these reports you linked to, Eric, were local news sources. I’m wondering if this will be totally ignored in the national press? Meanwhile, the Pope is on a US Crusade to clean up the Catholic Church’s image here in America…. with Laura and Dubya assisting. The presidential campaign is under way!

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