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This is FABULOUS! We find out tomorrow when his accuser takes a polygraph test live on a Denver radio talk show, but the preliminary report is that Ted Haggard, fundamentalist scourge of lesser sinners, will be borrowing a page that wasn’t even in Brother Swaggart’s play book.
It’s not that Ted Haggard is gay. Who isn’t? Or, who says it’s wrong to be gay?
It’s not that Ted Haggard paid for sex. For some that’s the only sex they want. Who says it’s wrong to pay someone to have sex with you?
It’s not that Ted Haggard did/does methamphetamine. Who hasn’t or wouldn’t if they were stupid enough?
It IS that Ted Haggard has been condemning gays and standing in the way of their equal partnership rights, all the while being gay. For me there is absolutely not much worse than a gay bastard!

That may sound a little strong, but it’s a curiously universal prejudice, isn’t it? Evil enhanced by being gay evil?

To celebrate, I’m going to have a second look at a documentary that came out earlier this year called Conviction, about three Dominican Sisters who were convicted and sentenced for the Plowshares action they took against a Colorado nuclear missile silo.

In particular, the documentary features a splendid interview of Ted Haggard, critical of the sisters’ actions, gloating about the prospects of them serving time in federal prison. He brags about the hand-in-glove relationship of church and military in Colorado Springs, frothing at the mouth to condemn the sisters. “This is just inappropriate, it’s bad bible interpretation, it’s bad Christianity…”

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  1. My favorite ‘Christian’ sex scandal of all time was the Billy Hargis one. That’s when a couple on their honeymoon both confessed to each other that they were not the virgins they had been pretending they were. Both had had sex with Billy! And later, as the scandal unfolded, it became rather apparent that Billy was a good ol’ country boy who would have had sex probably with a goat. Either sex, too. Others of both sexes came forth, and they too said that Billy had been active with them. Like Swaggart, his ‘ministry’ never quite recovered, and the ‘anticommunist crusade’ lost its general.

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