The Taco Bell Fourth Meal gambit

for insomniac fatsosIn case we’re not getting fat quickly enough. Taco Bell is trying to schedule a fourth daily meal -the 24 hour day that is- somewhere in the vicinity of MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.
And a meal of junk food at that. What do they take us for- big fat idiots?

As if we need to break up our sleep time (bad health and weight-loss planning), stick a meal immediately between sleep times (very very bad for digestion and weight-loss), add another full meal (three full meals a day is already unwise nutrition, better to eat small meals between activities), and again it’s high-fat, high-colesterol, hi-sodium fast food.

When Morgan Spurlock of SUPERSIZE ME took a wide-ranging survey of nutritionists to ask what would be a safe percentage of fast food meals which could be incorporated into a balanced diet, the consensus was: “ZERO.”

Go to Hell.

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  1. Avatar Mosdaf says:

    funny, we already think americans are big fat idiots, soon the whole world will with the uncontroled export of fast food

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