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E-Coli testing to rise, say regulators

Or, to be more precise, they're "considering" broadening the testing. Yeah, wonderful dichotomy in the previous sentence, being more precise by stating the vague phrases. "Regulators" is kind of a nonsense job description too. Since their powers have steadily declined from the last two years of the Carter administration. The stink raised about Single Payer Health Coverage, which didn't even pass, is no doubt going to cloud this issue as well. Already we have some Female in Denver screaming that Obamacare, not even implemented yet, is causing the trillion dollar deficit. As many have pointed out, the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress haven't actually DONE anything yet. Meanwhile, E-Coli, once only seen in poorly slaughtered and butchered animal remains, then not burnt up enough while cooking, is now turning up in Peanut products, lettuce, tomatoes, chili peppers, vegetable kingdom organisms that aren't natively susceptible to E-Coli or Salmonella (also increasing the same way). Saving money on health care by actually PREVENTING massive outbreaks of food-related diseases is going to be called "Bolshevik attempts to take over America", look for it at a Tea Party or many more soon.

Louvre knows art from food from rot

A little birdie traveler confirms the recently reported outrage about a McDonalds franchise in the Louvre. The good news: McDs was not permitted to adjoin the international food court where concessioners serve varieties of real meals. Instead the Happy Meals are consigned to the end of a long hallway, without advantage of a sign, except for the signature yellow arches to show the way. Familiar also will be the width of the fast food estuary, to accommodate the distinctly un-European girths of American patriots jonesing for their poison fix.

Comfort food for the sugar-fat addict

Comfort food is what? The food addict's fix? The salve of eating disorders that is also the poison? Is McDonalds concerned that out of sight in the bag, a fat-eater might forget what designs he had on his impulse/compulsive purchase?   McDonalds would seem to have quite a grasp of its customers. McFatties may have heard about "comfort food" but may not remember whether it denoted something bad or good. The McDonalds marketing department is employing a linguistic maneuver: own up to the accusation, then pervert what it means.   This bag promotes McDonalds' World Children's Day, urging us to give comfort. A search of their linked website about helping children yields not a single mention of "comfort." When Microsoft was confronted with Java, the Sun Microsystems product that offered to reduce our dependence on client-side software, what did Microsoft do? They jumped on the Java bandwagon, used their dominant market position to spread their own version of Java, but injected some broken code. Thus for the majority of users, Java was a disappointment. And Microsoft and Sun Microsystems settled out of court.

The Taco Bell Fourth Meal gambit

In case we're not getting fat quickly enough. Taco Bell is trying to schedule a fourth daily meal -the 24 hour day that is- somewhere in the vicinity of MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.   And a meal of junk food at that. What do they take us for- big fat idiots? As if we need to break up our sleep time (bad health and weight-loss planning), stick a meal immediately between sleep times (very very bad for digestion and weight-loss), add another full meal (three full meals a day is already unwise nutrition, better to eat small meals between activities), and again it's high-fat, high-colesterol, hi-sodium fast food. When Morgan Spurlock of SUPERSIZE ME took a wide-ranging survey of nutritionists to ask what would be a safe percentage of fast food meals which could be incorporated into a balanced diet, the consensus was: "ZERO." Go to Hell.

Micky Ds Token house

Here's an unfortuante byproduct to what may have begun as an earnest environmental action. McDonalds was encouraging the recycling of aluminum cans. To offer credit for each can, to calculate a donation they intend for the Ronald McDonald House, McDonalds asks that you detach the flip-tops and collect them in a cute Ronald McDonald cardboard house.   Here's what happened. People began recycling just the flip-tops. "They're more important to recycle than the cans, apparently. Must be something about the density of the aluminum in the flip-top." Uhuh.

MacDonalds Funplace Transmogrifiers

McDonalds has giant kid-transmogrifiers, in big glass FUNPLACES where all the too-skinny kids can see them from the car.   Rival fast food companies have learned that really it only takes greasy high calorie fast-food to induce weight gain in their young customers. Who knew that today's children have a genetic predisposition to obesity and diabetes? Helping kids discover their inner fat selves is not Ronald's only motive. Manufacturing big children not only increases corporate profits, but bulks up the market share for ALL the greasy purveyors of crap. What percentage of the shelves in your local supermarket is left over for real food? Come Biggie-Size your Kid! Reprinted from