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E-Coli testing to rise, say regulators

Or, to be more precise, they’re “considering” broadening the testing. Yeah, wonderful dichotomy in the previous sentence, being more precise by stating the vague phrases. “Regulators” is kind of a nonsense job description too. Since their powers have steadily declined … Continue reading

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Louvre knows art from food from rot

A little birdie traveler confirms the recently reported outrage about a McDonalds franchise in the Louvre. The good news: McDs was not permitted to adjoin the international food court where concessioners serve varieties of real meals. Instead the Happy Meals … Continue reading

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Comfort food for the sugar-fat addict

Comfort food is what? The food addict’s fix? The salve of eating disorders that is also the poison? Is McDonalds concerned that out of sight in the bag, a fat-eater might forget what designs he had on his impulse/compulsive purchase? … Continue reading

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The Taco Bell Fourth Meal gambit

In case we’re not getting fat quickly enough. Taco Bell is trying to schedule a fourth daily meal -the 24 hour day that is- somewhere in the vicinity of MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.   And a meal of junk food … Continue reading

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Micky Ds Token house

Here’s an unfortuante byproduct to what may have begun as an earnest environmental action. McDonalds was encouraging the recycling of aluminum cans. To offer credit for each can, to calculate a donation they intend for the Ronald McDonald House, McDonalds … Continue reading

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MacDonalds Funplace Transmogrifiers

McDonalds has giant kid-transmogrifiers, in big glass FUNPLACES where all the too-skinny kids can see them from the car.   Rival fast food companies have learned that really it only takes greasy high calorie fast-food to induce weight gain in … Continue reading

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