NotMyTribe drinking policy

We’ll spell it out just for the formality: this blog has a strictly enforced drinking policy.
Drink what you want — more on this in a moment — but if you’re going to drink and type, be nice. To what degree this means showing respect and decorum is really up to you. Remember to write as if your mother is going to read it, because in fact she is. There is also the possibility of impressionable children seeing it too.

Experience has taught us the need for extra vigilance in the face of mean drunks. On a public blog they can spoil the fun and camaraderie for everyone. If you find yourself under-capacitated for gauging what constitutes sufficient propriety, website admins will facilitate by restricting your authorship access until you can be trusted to behave. Not a problem, hopefully it will not be recurring.

In the meantime NOTMYTRIBE will continue to work with WordPress, Foxfire and Sun Microsystems to develop a sobriety-check browser-plugin laptop-attachment for validating a user’s lucidity before any data entry is permitted. This should provide discrete assistance if you prove unable to assess your own state of mind.

NOTMYTRIBE will also keep logs of all profane, inutterable drunken attempts at picking fights. These recorded comments and posts will be released privately to the offending user at a later time for their sober review.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Yes, about the recommendations: Newcastle Brown Ale, Isenbeck, Pilsner Urqel, the new Jamaican Microbrew, Irish Guinness draft; any Bordeau claret over $20, Pomerol, inexpensive Shiraz; Clocktower Port, Chateau Yquem, and of course Tokaj Aszu 6ptns; if you’re inclined a Cohiba or Romeo Y Julieta.

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  1. Avatar Marie says:

    Does this mean that Charles Bukowski won’t be contributing to the site any more? ‘Tis a pity.

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