Wallaroo courts you say?

Wallaby wants no part of GitmoBush’s attempts to try his “unlawful combatants” in military tribunals were cut down, finally, by the Supreme Court. So what’s our Judge Roy “Dubya” Bean to do?
Bush wants to have Congress redesignate his kangaroo courts as something other. As what? Wallaby courts? Wallaroos?

Wikipedia defines a Kangaroo Court as:

A kangaroo court is a ‘judicial’ proceeding that denies proper procedure in the name of expediency; a fraudulent or unjust trial where the decision has essentially been made in advance, usually for the purpose of providing a conviction, either going through the motions of manipulated procedure or allowing no defence at all.

Wallabies are just short kangaroos. But that won’t do, will it? Wallabies and wallaroos can leap over bothersome barriers, just like Kangaroos. But minor prerequisites like Habeas Corpus and Due Process do not require shorter leaps. If the Gitmo kangaroo tribunals couldn’t do it, why does Bush think another marsupial can?

Is there no penalty for assailing our constitution with the same challenge? There are laws against frivolous lawsuits, why not frivolous laws? And by frivolous I do not mean inconsequential. Civil rights are abridged, innocent people are imprisoned and laws are effectively flouted.

Thus do Bush & Co laugh all the way to the bank, and back, filling their pockets to and fro. Laws do not protect anyone if the perps have all the lawyers.

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