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Should US torturers of 15-year-old combatant Omar Khadir stay unnamed?

Extending the jurisdiction of military tribunals to civilians and adversaries is not simply unpopular, it’s illegal, and America’s kangaroo courts in Guantanamo mock even self respect. Right now we’re prosecuting Afghanistan combatant Omar Khadr, captured when he was age 15, for lobbing a grenade toward US invaders (are any of our GIs guilty of less?) meanwhile obscuring the identity of American soldiers culpable of torture and murder. Last week four key reporters were banned from Guantanamo proceedings for having revealed the name of “Interrogator #1” guilty of past episodes for abuse of detainees including a death. His name: US Army Specialist Joshua Claus.

How many of these anonymity-seeking torturers can we out on the web? From mercenaries to repentant vets, the least we can do for the memories of their victims and their captives’ loved ones is to publish their identities in public.

You might see the wisdom in protecting the confidentiality of witnesses who were victims of sexual abuse, but perps? Of course a chief problem of military tribunals in addition to permitting testimony obtained through torture is the use of unnamed accusers. Convictions obtained through tribunals will stand up so long as the USA reigns omniscient, but in the eyes of international justice, the US and its torturers remain criminals at large.

Operation Lead Ass Cast

israeli military court
‘The Israel Defense Forces announced on Wednesday that an internal investigation has determined that no civilians were purposefully harmed by IDF troops during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. The inquiries were performed by five IDF colonels who were not involved in the fighting in Cast Lead’, but are now dug deep in the trenches of Operation Lead Ass Cast.

Pentagon tortures 15 y/o POW, loses ‘confession’ tape, but still wants to enter it into ‘trial’!

Former Gitmo prosecutor rips military trials, calling interrogators’ practices ‘despicable’ The 15 y/o taken as POW in Afghanistan was tortured, his torture obtained ‘confession’ video taped by his interrogators, and yet now ‘the confession’ is being entered in by the US government-military as supposed evidence against the juvenile POW at their military procedures. All this taking place at its own illegal US government sponsored Kangaroo Court trial for the young man, though the US military claims that they have actually lost the taped confession!

Even Kafka couldn’t have come up with this totalitarian scenario and yet this is the standard of ‘Military Justice’ that will be used to try yet more US soldiers being brought into Fort Carson for ‘trials’. They don’t seem to be planning to charge anybody for crimes of torturing POWs, Barack or no Barack? How is that the case in our alleged democracy?

Free the US GIs that have resisted taking part in these wars waged in such illegal manner. Mohamed was tortured repeatedly at Gitmo, post his Afghanistan taped ‘confession’ obtained from torture. What were they hoping to find from this kid POW? Some Americans that mistakenly entered into the US military don’t want to take part in this sort of illegalities. That’s a crime? They should be honored for helping chip away at this Pentagon torture machine.

Ralph in Kangaroo Land

Kangaroo courtshipRalph Kohlmann presides over Kangaroo Land, Cuba (Guantanamo). Try finding anything much about this Marine Colonel though? He’s top secret!

Recently, Judge Marine Colonel Kohlmann has been warning Kangaroo Land captives that, even as their own lawyers, they can’t see or challenge classified evidence until their trial. Hard to defend oneself from getting the death penalty without knowing what the Pentagon claims is ‘evidence’ if you can’t actually see the ‘evidence’ against you, one would think? But this is military law (JAG) and that is the law of the land in Kangaroo Land, Cuba.

For more info on Kangaroo Land. Strangely, the Miami newspaper has pulled the complete article! I wonder if the Pentagon had anything to do with that? The Pentagon does run happenings in Kangaroo Land, Cuba after all.

Try 9/11 plotters tell Guantanamo judge of legal woes over at the LA Times perhaps? Interesting place, this Kangaroo Land… where torture is law, and law is torture.

Judge Coronel Ralph has been at work in Kangaroo Land for some time. Strange though, there is hardly any info about the guy on the INTERNET. Go figure? Here in this article, read what ‘Muhammad’ had to say about the Ralph back in 2006 ...Lawyer pleads Fifth in dramatic hearing at Guantanamo Bay

And that’s about it in info for this shadow ‘judge’, Marine Coronel Ralph, executioner, judge, and jury of Kangaroo Land, Cuba. Wikipedia can’t find nothing on the guy either! Does it make you proud to be an American?

Take a close look at Kangaroo Land! This is how our country runs ‘legally’
with shadow ‘judges’ , shadow law, and Kafka on hand, in Kangaroo Land, Cuba.