Bush admits existence of own gulag archipelago

Cannot tell a lieBush lied. Is that news?
Bush admits to existence of clandestine extrajudicial prisons. Bush admits to condoning torture. Bush admits to authorizing domestic surveillance program. Bush admits Iraq had no WMDs. Bush admits Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
We knew all this already. That’s not the story. Bush lied. And we knew that all along too. That’s not the story.
Is there anything more to ask Mr. Bush? We’re only ever going to get a lie and we know that already. Was Bush complicit in 9/11? Is Bush running up the deficit on purpose? Are we in Iraq for oil, for Halliburton? We know it already.
The question needs to be posed to the media: why do we keep looking to the president to tell us what he’s doing?

The president is lying., not about having an affair in the White House, about everything. About everything to do with our civil rights, our treasury, the lives of our sons and daughters. Bush has his hands around the neck of our democracy and our media can only ask, are your intentions, sir, honorable?

Bush has got to laugh at our deferential timidity. Who do we think he is, Urkel? Bush has never portrayed himself as anything but the brush-clearing, fun loving frat boy. Asphyxiation, date rape, mumble, mumble, what an absurd accusation.

Only when the bruise marks are irrefutable will Bush admit he got a little rough. He might argue that calling attention to what he’s done will only impede his efforts to continue. He might argue that the assault was consensual. With regard to the media, he’d be right. I don’t believe Bush will admit what he and the Neocons are doing until the marks are permanent and the Grand American Experiment is a corpse, with its coin purse gone.

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